3 Interesting Books to Read While on Nofap

You are on nofap and you are looking for books to read? Finding good books to read is obviously not easy.

Reading does not mean you pick any book and start going through the pages. Imagine if you are on nofap and you decide to read a romance novel.

The result of your reading will be worse than if you never read anything at all. Picking the right book to read matters a lot.

The short list of books that I will talk about in this article are books that I have personally read. I read several other books but these are the ones I enjoyed reading.

All the three books played a huge role in helping me beat porn and masturbation addiction. Just by reading these books, your chance of overcoming porn and fapping will shoot to over 80%.

I’m not kidding you. The result of reading and implementing what I found in these three books lifted me out of the pornography addiction pit. It took me very little effort to break free from watching pornography after reading these three books.

Each book had a specific impact which I will talk about below. Two of the books on my list are available on Amazon but then I will give you a link to a website where you can get a pdf of the books free of charge.

The other book is quite familiar. You probably have it already or one of your friends has it.

Let’s dive into the list.

Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud

The first time I came across this book by Dr. Henry cloud, I was reluctant to read it. Partly because I never thought boundaries were a big issue in my life.

But since I had been given this book by a close friend of mine, I decided to read it so that I don’t disappoint her.

Shortly after I started to read the book, I realized just how important its content was to me. The book is all about teaching us what boundaries are, why we need them and how to form them.

For someone working to beat porn addiction, this book may seem pointless to read. But then the issues that this book addresses are critical for anyone who wants to beat porn addiction.

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If you have been keen about your addiction to porn, you should have realized that the urges to watch porn and fap often come at specific times.

In my case, it was whenever I felt low. Anytime I would have a disappointment, I would end up watching porn as a way to cheer up.

I never realized that I had weak boundaries. People would walk all over me and it would cause me to feel low then I would watch porn to try and feel better.

When I began reading this book about boundaries, I never knew this pattern. But while reading, the author explained the effects of not having good boundaries and I began getting clues of the source of my urges to watch porn.

After reading the book, I began implementing the strategies I had learned. The author goes into detail on how to set boundaries with specific groups of people; the hardest group being your family members.

It wasn’t easy to get my boundaries in place but I began seeing progress and great benefits of having healthy boundaries.

After a while, I began feeling a lot better about myself. Anytime I would successfully stop an attack against my boundaries, I would feel thrilled.

With fewer people trespassing my boundaries, feelings of hopelessness were far apart. That meant that I didn’t get urges to watch porn and fap as often.

It became easy for me to go for several weeks without watching pornography and masturbating. Among all the self-help books I have read so far, this is by far my best.

The impact you get from reading this book is far more than you can expect. I understand that nofap is a community inclined towards the self-help niche.

With such a great self-help book, your nofap experience should be a lot easier. Get a free copy.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Watching pornography and masturbation are habits. There is hardly any chance of beating your addiction if you don’t understand how it works.

That is why this book by Charles Duhigg is important. I read this book about a year and a half after reading Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud.

It was a perfect combination that helped me draw closer quitting porn addiction.

The big take away from this book was the three step process of habits. The first is the cue, followed by action then the reward.

In other words, there is always something that triggers your mind to engage in a habit. It might be what you smell, what you touch, what you hear or what you taste.

Once you are exposed to a trigger, your mind automatically engages body parts that are responsible for carrying out the habit.

This is why you may be absolutely fine with your nofap plan but then you accidentally hear a woman moaning like what you normally hear in adult films.

Immediately, your mind engages your hands to get into your pants because that is what normally happens when you hear such kind of sound.

I usually have a disagreement with nofap on this point. Nofap teaches that people avoid triggers that may lead them to watch porn and fap which is a good idea.

But the problem with that advice is that triggers can’t be controlled. You can be innocently minding your own business and you stumble upon a trigger.

That means that success in nofap is heavily depended on avoiding triggers which is impractical. You’ll always see girls in tight trousers on the street.

There is no way you can get rid of all triggers. That is why I recommend this other method when it comes to fighting against porn and masturbation.

The last step in the addiction cycle is the reward. Once you have taken the action, the habit is strengthened by the reward you get at the end.

In fact, the reward is what makes a habit addictive. You always know that watching porn is bad before you start watching but then you can’t help yourself but watch.

The reason is that the thrill you get while watching porn is what keeps you going back despite your resolve not to watch.

Get a free copy of this book and read the deeper details of how an addiction works to stand a better chance of beating porn.

The Bible

Apart from the first two books I have mentioned above, the Bible played a major role in helping me quit porn addiction.

While the Bible barely addresses the issue of porn addiction, it builds a good foundation for beating the addiction.

The big role that the Bible played was teaching me to see porn as a dirty thing. Trust me there are people who are fine with watching porn and masturbating.

But then if you are a frequent reader of the Bible, you will get a conviction to get rid of watching pornography and masturbating.

The more Bible you read, the stronger the conviction to get rid of porn will be. The strong desire to get rid of the dirty addiction will push you to find a solution.

For someone on nofap, I would recommend they read the letters of Paul in the Bible. Paul often addressed issues of purity in the church.

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The more you read verses in the Bible that advocate for purity, the stronger your desire to be pure will be.

Then the Bible is also important once you overcome porn addiction. It helps you build a strong foundation of purity.

For instance, the Bible teaches about one man marrying one woman. It goes into details of how a husband should treat his wife and how a marriage should work.

Once you are over the issues of porn addiction, these guidelines in matters of relationships and marriage will help you set your life up for success.

It is pointless to stop watching porn then in future you have a rocky marriage that forces you back into watching porn because of stress and not getting enough bed time with your partner.

It is also pointless to quit watching porn but you have multiple partners. This is also something I don’t like about nofap.

It teaches people that they will attract girls. While it doesn’t explicitly advocate for having multiple partners, it points towards that direction.

In the end, men end up mistreating their partners all in the name of nofap. The Bible has a very good balance on how a woman should be treated.

Make sure you live by the standards of the Bible.

She Almost Killed Me (Bonus)

This is my own eBook that I wrote after successfully beating porn and masturbation addiction. It is basically my story of how I began watching porn, how it felt, interesting incidences during my addiction period and much more.

I go into details on how I used to masturbate and other crazy stuff that I did. My intention for writing this eBook was to encourage people who are stuck in the addiction.

When you read the eBook, you will see just how deep I was in the addiction and that should help you be confident that you can still come out no matter how far you think you have fallen.

I would advise you to get this eBook especially if you often doubt if you can actually come out of pornography addiction.

The eBook is a real life story of someone who was deep in porn and fapping but managed to come out. You will also learn of the many strategies I tried in an attempt to get rid of the addiction.

You won’t waste time trying out some of those strategies because I prove that they actually don’t work. If you want a copy of this eBook, use this link.

How to read books during nofap

I have listed for you great books that played a major role in setting me up for victory over porn addiction. It is important that I guide you on how to read them or else you may not get the best out of them.

The first book I will recommend you start with is Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud. Read through it slowly and take notes of the recommendations given.

After reading it, start implementing some of the instructions given. Make sure you start seeing some change in your confidence before picking up another book to read.

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Don’t be in a hurry to go to the next book.

After you have established healthy boundaries, you can now move to the next book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. In reading this book, focus on understanding how your mind works when it comes to addictions.

Once you have a good understanding of how addictions work, start implementing the steps given for breaking an addiction.

It should be easy work once you have finished reading the book.

The Bible should be a frequent read. You can come up with a simple schedule where you read it three times a week or so.

Read specifically about the letters of Paul.

Lastly, read my eBook She Almost Killed Me whenever you feel overwhelmed. Times will come where everything seems so hard. Use my little eBook to encourage yourself in such situations.

With these books, you can easily break free from your addiction to porn and masturbation. Be diligent in reading them and see the success you get.

All the best!