Why Watching Pornography is Bad for You

Let me not lie to you, porn addiction is terrible. I have been addicted myself and at first it was fun. A few years into it, I tried to stop it but I couldn’t.

It stopped being fun and became a habit I had to indulge in even when I didn’t want to. Just like any other addiction, it is not an addiction until when you want to stop it.

Some say you never know how hooked you are to an addiction until you try to stop it. In my eBook, I have written extensively about my journey to overcoming porn.

Once you read my story, you won’t need an explanation why porn addiction is bad.

Right now you are most likely in the early stages. When I say early stages I don’t necessarily mean you began watching porn recently but rather that you are yet to see the true colors of porn addiction.

I once read a story of a married man who was addicted to watching porn. At first, it was a good place to ‘learn’ bedroom matters. He copied a few things in the hope that they would improve his intimate time with his wife.

However, he didn’t tell his wife that he was watching porn. I guess he was unsure of her reaction and didn’t want to risk his marriage.

What began as an innocent ‘research center’ turned into a full time prison. Not long after he had begun watching porn, he lost taste for his wife.

He began seeing flaws in his wife that he had never seen before. All of a sudden, his wife became fat and was not moaning in bed as he wanted.

What he didn’t realize was that his wife was not changing but it was actually him who was changing. He craved to see his wife moaning like the girls on the adult shows.

If she didn’t make strong facial expressions, he would feel he was not ‘man enough’. On the other hand, his wife began noticing the increasing aggressiveness from his husband.

At first she tolerated it hoping it was a one-time thing. But as it progressed, she protested. When she raised her concerns, the husband became more aggressive forcing her to ‘submit’ to him because she was his wife.

The disagreement escalated and the wife completely refused to sleep with him. The frustration led the man into hiring escorts.

The wife found out and decided that enough was enough and she filed for divorce.

Porn eats you slowly

Porn is not that kind of monster that devours you immediately it catches you. Rather, porn is a monster that feeds you until you are fat enough for a thanksgiving dinner.

It may take you several months or even years before you start seeing the dark side of porn. Just like the man in the story above, he began watching porn with the right motives; to learn.

Why should a good husband not learn how to be better in bed? But then, he went to the wrong teacher.

Likewise, I don’t know where you are currently in life but I can assure you that porn is in your life to destroy everything you are building.

Porn may not be a problem until the day your HR catches you watching porn in the office. You may be fine watching one porn video before going to bed but it won’t be fun when you can’t sleep early enough because you are compelled to watch two hours of adult content.

When you waste two hours of your night watching porn, your productivity during the day will definitely take a hit. There is no question about it.

With your productivity going down, it is just a matter of time before you find yourself in debt and struggling to make ends meet.

I’m only trying to show you a few ways in which porn can destroy your career. There are many other ways.

Whether you like it or not, porn will teach you that being rough to your partner is the way to go. Woe unto your girl. And the worst part is that you may not even notice that porn is teaching you to be rough on her.

Our guy above whose marriage ended because of porn never realized that he was changing until it was too late. I’m sure if I told him that porn is bad for his marriage just as I am telling you, he would deny.

To him, porn was just a form of entertainment and a bit of learning. I have come to make it clear to you that you can’t have the thrill of watching porn and miss the demons that devour you.

You either have none of it or all of it. No matter how hard you try, you can’t separate the two. Therefore, don’t fool yourself anymore.

Justifying Porn

I can give it a good guess that right now you are seeing a little bit of the negative effects of porn and you are looking for assurance that all is well.

I’m sorry to tell you that you are in big trouble. You can start working on solving your problem now or keep hesitating and making it worse.

The earlier you accept that porn is bad for you, the greater the chance you stand to beat it.

What you are experiencing is a psychological effect whereby your mind tries to justify something wrong to avoid taking responsibility.

Deep down you know that porn is bad but because you fear that it will be a lot of work overcoming porn, you want to justify it.

I want you to convince your mind that porn is bad. Accept that porn is bad and that you are an addict. Once you are clear with that, you can then start figuring out how to overcome it.

Thank God I am here to help you with direction on how to approach the battle against porn. When I was at your point in the addiction, I barely had any resources that would give me direction.

Everything I did was trial and error and that is why it took me so long to get over the addiction. For you, I have written a comprehensive article on how to stop porn addiction which I’m sure will be helpful.


Porn addiction is bad. It is as simple as that. Forget all the scientific explanations you’ve read around the internet stating otherwise. I have been addicted to porn and I know what I am talking about.

Read through the article I have suggested above to get direction on how to approach the fight against porn. Make sure you embark on the recovery journey as soon as now.

The more time you spend debating whether porn is bad or not, the tighter porn will grip you and the harder it will be for you to come out.

I wish you all the best in your journey!