Hey there,

My name is Augustine Nyongesa. Here is information about me you may want to know.

Augustine Nyongesa

My Faith

I am a believer of Jesus Christ. Over the years I have studied Jesus and come to a conclusion that He was no ordinary man. My faith in Him has grown stronger by the day. I am not ashamed to be associated with Him.

My life is surrendered to Jesus and there are no plans to change this decision. I have found life in Jesus. By believing Him, I have understood deep mysteries that I would never have a clue about without God’s revelation.

Being a disciple of Jesus, I am filled by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God is mysterious. He is like the wind. I have learned over the years to listen to Him and allow Him to work through me.

It is a great joy to have the Holy Spirit as my helper. He has enabled me to understand how to fellowship with God and understand many attributes about Him.

I do my best to share the faith and hope that I have in Jesus with anyone who cares to listen. This blog is an extension of the effort I put in to get many people to come to the light of salvation.

The world we live in is not our home. We are here to glorify God by defeating sin and the ruler of this world. Everything else we do comes second.

My Favorite Bible Books

The Bible is the word of God. Every book is equally important. Since I began reading the Bible, I have found myself inclined to a few books. It is not that these are the only important books but these are books that I relate with more than the others.

One of my most read books is the book of Proverbs. I love the proverbs and I train myself to memorize as many as I can. The wisdom that oozes from the book of proverbs is unimaginable.

The book of proverbs has played a huge role in enabling me plan out my life to be what it is today.

Closely following the book of Proverbs on my list of favorite Bible books is Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes balances out the wisdom of Proverbs. When you get wisdom, there is a tendency to be arrogant. Ecclesiastes reminds you that despite all the wisdom you have, you are a human being who needs God.

Ecclesiastes is also my anti-depressant. Gaining wisdom has taught me that I need constant therapy. This world has more than enough reasons to be depressed. The book of Job helps me out in therapy too once in a while.

Apart from the wisdom books, I love the book of Genesis. I am curious about the origin of everything that exists. Time and again I have found myself reading the book of Genesis and I keep discovering mysteries about life.

Genesis is loaded with mysteries. The concepts discussed in Genesis help me to understand patterns of life to this present day.

My last book on the list of my favorite Bible books is the book of John. This is a darling of a book. It oozes love and compassion from my love, Jesus. John brings out the Messiah in a divine way.

The book of John is full of the words of Jesus and His words are spirit and they are life. Whenever I need to feel alive, I go through the book of John. It makes me feel loved.

My Ideal Day

Wake up at dawn and spend time in prayer. I love communing with God first thing in the morning. If I had dreams, I analyze them and decode any messages that God sent me.

After time with God, taking a shower and a bit of working out is in order. I don’t intend to build muscles. I just want to be above average when it comes to physical fitness. This physical body is a gift from God that needs to be taken care of.

Breakfast follows the workouts and shower.

Immediately after breakfast, I love going over statistics of my projects. I have this blog and a few other projects that I track. Seeing the changes that have happened overnight is always a joy.

The statistics also help me know what needs to be worked on for each of the projects.

After the statistics I embark on my day activities. Of course these activities vary from day to day. But they are normally divided into three; work that brings me fulfillment, building wealth and having time with other people.

I’m normally worn out by evening and mostly I resort to watching documentaries.

My Age

I definitely look older than my age. I attribute this to the knowledge I have gained. For a long time, I have associated with people that are older than me. I do that so that I can learn what to expect when I get to their age.

But the association with people who are older than me has made me look like them. My dressing, thinking patterns, composure and much more are copied from them.

I was born on June 20th 1998, a Saturday. My late mom told me it was around 11pm. At first, I used to celebrate my birthday on June 21st until the day I saw my birth certificate.

My Ideal Life

I think a lot about the kind of life I want to live. Despite figuring out an ideal life being a life-long journey, I have managed to get direction on some aspects.

First, I would love to have a solid relationship with God all through my life. This spans from spending my personal time with Him to helping others know Him. Without this, life is pointless.

In terms of career, I would love to write much of the knowledge that God has given me. I find writing to be fulfilling.

My Education

I dropped out of University once. Attending University seemed pointless to me but I went back.

My performance in school is one step below excellent. I am not so keen about having the best grades. I care more about having a good life and great fun.

Before I dropped out of University, I was pursuing finance. When I went back, I pursued IT.

My Citizenship

I am a Kenyan citizen by birth. I have lived in Kenya since birth. Do I intend to live outside Kenya? I’m not keen on that. I am free to travel the world but Kenya will always be home.

I love the tropical sun and the endless beauty of the natural scenery in Kenya. I have dozens of mountains to climb, a beach to sun bathe on, wildlife to watch and a heritage of cultures to learn.

Have I mentioned about the exotic foods we eat? I especially love chapati and minji (Peas)

The Goal of this Blog

I created this blog primarily to find fulfillment. As I mentioned before, I find fulfillment through writing.

I want this blog to provide answers to as many life problems as possible. I do not limit myself to writing about Spiritual topics but definitely out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.

I also intend to make money from this blog. Why not?

I hope you know me better now. Enjoy your visit!