Signs that a Godly Man is Pursuing you

If you suspect a godly man is pursuing you, your character must be that of a good woman. Godly men only fall in love with godly women.

Being certain about a godly man’s interest in you is not easy. Sometimes you may be feeling what you want to feel but not the reality. Signs don’t mean the interest is certain.

In this post, I want to help you decode if the godly man you suspect is pursuing you actually likes you. And if indeed he likes you, it makes sense for me to help you know what you need to do to encourage him to get you.

I have picked three signs that will always show up when a godly man likes you. It is impossible for a godly man who likes you to fail to show these three signs.

Signs a Godly Man is Pursuing you

1. He Finds Reasons to be Around You

If a godly man is pursuing you, chances are that you are a frequent church goer. Upright godly men look for partners in church.

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The first sign that a godly man likes you is if he constantly tries to get close to you. He will try to get close to you in all ways possible because of the attraction he has for you.

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If you serve in a given department in church, he may join the department. Other times, he may involve himself with activities in your department in an attempt to get a reason to be close to you.

If he is just a member in church, he will try to find a seat that is close to you. It may not be clear at first but you may realize that almost every time you are in church, he tries his best to get a seat that is close to you.

If he can’t get a good seat close to you, he will sit at a place that he can see you during the service. Godly men, just as normal men, are visually attracted to women they love.

He will want to glance at your glamorous dress every now and then during the service. It may not be easy for you to notice him glancing at you every time but he will.

Other godly men will find a way into your circle of friends if they like you. A godly man knows that if he can win the approval of your friends, it will be easy for him to win your approval too.

To be sure the godly man has come into your circle of friends for you, he will always start by talking to your friends and then talk to you last.

While talking to your friends, he will be watching for an opportunity to talk to you.

A godly man will go as far as setting up unnecessary situations to get close to you. His main agenda is to make himself visible to you.

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2. He Talks to you on a Variety of Topics

It is normal for godly men to have chit chats with ladies in church. They may talk about how the choir was, how the building feels hot and other random stuff around.

But when a godly man is in love with you, he will go further than talking about the immediate environment. He will talk about his personal life to you in detail.

If the godly man talks to you and you feel a little uncomfortable with the depth of his details, it is a clear indicator that he likes you.

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Apart from mentioning how great the sermon was, he will also talk to you about the personal issues he knows about the pastor.

Of course a godly man will not walk up to you on the first day and start pouring out secrets in his heart to you but be assured that the secrets will come flying in soon.

The more a godly man strays from church topics while talking to you, the more likely he is in love with you.

3. The Godly Man Prefers to be with you in Isolation

A godly man who likes you will not want to share you; not even with your friends. If he insists on talking to you while no one else is around, he likes you.

Such a man will do everything possible to isolate you. Some godly men isolate you subtly but others do it openly. Whatever the case, a godly man who likes you will isolate you.

If you accept to talk to him privately, you will notice that his conversation with you is endless. He will jump from one topic to the next in an attempt to keep your attention for long.

A conversation with a godly man who likes you will only end when you decide to end it.

The isolation is not only physical but even psychological. If the godly man realizes you know a certain topic that others don’t know, he will start talking to you about that topic in an attempt to discourage others from participating in the conversation.

Anytime a godly man goes out of his way to talk to you privately, chances are that he likes you.

How to be Sure a Godly Man is Pursuing you

No number of signs is ever enough; you will always want more. No matter how many signs that a godly man is pursuing you, certainty of his interest in you comes if you go a step further.

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To be certain if he is pursuing you, casually ask him the following question:

Ask the man if he is in love with Someone

There is no better way to be sure of a godly man’s interest in you other than to plainly ask him. When you inquire about his relationship status, he may open up about his attraction to you.

If he is only a friend to you, he will let you know. Make sure you ask in the middle of a conversation with him so that you don’t look needy.

A confident godly man may answer this question by saying he is in love with you. If you are interested in dating a godly man you suspect is pursuing you, make his work easy by asking him this question.

A godly man often waits for you to show readiness to date him for him to open up. Asking about his relationship status is a good way to set him up to tell you his true intentions.

Ask God to Confirm if the Man Pursuing you is the One

If you care about getting married to the man that God ordained for you, then it is not enough for a godly man to show interest in you.

If it looks like he is genuinely interested in you, then ask him to allow you to seek God about it. I have written in this article how you can know if the man who is approaching you is sent by God.

Being in the will of God when finding a husband will lay a good foundation for your marriage. Seek it.

If you find out that the godly man you thought was interested in you isn’t interested in you, go to God and ask for a husband.

I have witnessed a number of ladies I know get to know their husbands when they prayed to God. God is our father and if we ask Him to lead us in finding our spouses, He will help us.

Here is a step by step guide on how to pray to God if you want a husband.

Do not live in uncertainty anymore. If you suspect a godly man is pursuing you, take the necessary steps to confirm his interest in you.

Give the matter to God and let Him build a solid relationship for you. Devote your time to prayer concerning your marriage.

We are followers of Christ and we are asked to pray without ceasing.

Go for it!