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Making a Godly Man Fall in Love with You in One Simple Move

Some godly men act as if they can’t fall in love. Anytime you sit with them, all they talk about is how God has been good.

As a single Christian woman, getting such a man to fall in love with you may seem hard. You may be advised to do a million things to win him over but all you need is one thing.

Yes, just one simple move and the godly man of your dreams will pursue you.

I’m going to tell you in detail what that move is in this article. But before I get there, I want you to have the right mindset first.

God has ordained a Godly Man to Marry you

I know you may have your eyes on a specific godly man whom you want to get married to. That man might be the one God ordained for you.

But the most important thing you need to know is that God has a man that perfectly fits you. Therefore, as you trust to get taken by a godly man, don’t fix your mind on one.

I have written an article about praying for a specific man to be your husband. In the article, I explain why it is not a good idea to pray for a specific man to be your husband and the best approach to take when praying for a husband.

Once your mind is convinced that there is a godly man just for you and that no other girl can satisfy him, you will be at peace to work on getting him.

Therefore, even if the godly man you currently want to fall in love with doesn’t fall in love with you, know that the perfect man for you will.

As a woman you may be carried away by the outward appearance of a man but only God knows who is best for you. It is pointless to get a godly man to fall in love with you only for you to realize you are terribly incompatible.

You will then be forced to choose between ending the relationship or staying in a relationship with a man you don’t love.

After all the struggle of getting the godly man, you will find yourself at where you are right now looking to make another godly man fall in love with you.

There is a better way of finding a godly man once and for all.

The Man God has for you will Pursue You

the man God has for you quoteIn your attempt to make a godly man fall in love with you, don’t fall into the trap of pursuing the man. You are a treasure and it is the work of treasure hunters to look for treasure.

God has put the desire to find a godly wife in every godly man. In the specific man that God has ordained for you, there is your blueprint.

His heart will only rest after he finds you. If he falls for another girl, he will know within him that she is not the right one for him.

You don’t have to worry about the godly man ordained to marry you failing to get you.

I assure you that the man God has ordained for you is restlessly looking for you. When he finds you, he will pursue you.

Surprisingly, your God-ordained husband may be the one you are trying to get to fall in love with you. If he is the one God has for you, why is he not pursuing you?

The answer to this question is what will make him fall in love with you.

Winning the Heart of a Godly Man

The heart of a godly man is easy to win if you understand how it interprets love. Godly men have a different interpretation of love from heathen men.

Once the heart of a godly man notices a woman that matches the interpretation of love, just like any other man’s heart, he will fall in love with you.

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Let’s begin by understanding how a godly man interprets love.

Love According to a Godly Man

Godly men interpret their love based on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Jesus stated that there is no greater love than for a friend to lay down his life for his friends.

For a godly man, true love is when he finds a woman whom he can lay down his life for and not regret it.

Therefore, to win the heart of a godly man, you must be a woman that a godly man can lay down his life for and not regret his decision.

To become that woman, you need to work on your character.

A godly man knows what a godly woman looks like. Right from a woman’s dressing, a godly man can tell whether she is fit to be a wife according to the standards of the bible or not.

Immediately a godly man establishes that a woman fits the description of a good wife, the natural instincts to pursue her will kick in.

A good wife cannot escape the watchful eye of a godly man. Never!

The Character a Godly Man Looks for in a Woman

A man that God has groomed can only approach a woman with godly character. Godly character in a woman is summed up with her understanding of submission.

The most attractive woman in the eyes of a godly man is one who understands submission. In fact, if you ask God to teach you to be a good wife, He will teach you submission.

I have explained in this article how God prepares women to be good wives. By the time you complete the training to become a godly wife, a godly man will have already taken you.

The beauty of godly character in a woman is too attractive for a godly man to overlook.

Therefore, if you want to make a godly man fall in love with you, allow God to train you to be a good wife.

Invest in Prayer

The one move you need to make to cause all the pieces of the puzzle to fall in place is to pray. You need to start by praying that God molds your character.

As your character is pruned, you will naturally cause godly men to fall in love with you. In fact, you will have several of them dying to get you.

Then you will need to pray for God to tell you who among them is the right one for you.

After you know who the right one is, all you will have to do is let yourself sink deep in love.

The process of aligning yourself to make a godly man fall in love with you is easy. Provided you have the outline of the steps you need to take, getting yourself aligned is not hard.

I have outlined all the steps of praying for a godly husband in this eBook. Go through the steps carefully and watch as God matches you with the right man.

All the best!