When God Sends you a Man (How to Know He is The One)

When God sends you a husband, you have to recognize him or else he will slip through your fingers. Recognizing your future husband takes more effort than you can imagine.

Your future husband will not come with a banner over his head proclaiming he is your husband. He will be like most other men you know.

He may actually be a man you already know and have written off as your husband. If you are not careful, you may turn him down when he approaches you.

In the Bible, the Israelites had waited for a savior for several thousand years but when Jesus showed up, they rejected Him. Jesus is our husband and just as it was difficult for the Israelites to accept Him as their savior, many ladies struggle to accept the man God sends to them.

I am here to help you recognize your husband when God sends him to you. Watch out for the following factors when a man approaches you.

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When God Sends you the Man you are Called to be with


God will send a man to marry you at an appointed time just as He sent Jesus to the church at an appointed time. But I don’t want to leave this point open because you can easily misinterpret it.

The time that God has appointed to send you a man is based on factors that you have control over. In other words, you have the power to change the appointed time based on your actions.

God will take you through training to make you a godly woman able to take care of a man before He sends you a husband.

It is therefore important for you to know when God is training you and what to do to complete the training successfully.

By the time God sends you a husband, you will have matured enough to handle him.

Therefore, the first element to check when you suspect that a man has been sent by God is to confirm if you have passed the test of becoming a wife.

If you are yet to complete the training to become a wife, don’t expect God to send you a man.

The man who comes to you before you are ready to be a wife may actually be your husband but if you give in to him before completing God’s training to become a wife, you will struggle in your relationship.


A man that God sends your way will be compatible with you in many ways. You may not notice some of the aspects of his life that are compatible with you but the fact remains that he will be compatible with you than any other person you have ever met.

The man God sends you will be too good for you that you lose interest in spending time with other people. His compatibility with you will make you cut down the time you spend with your friends so that you spend it with him.

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His demeanor will make you prefer to spend time with him rather than with your parents. Every cell in your body will testify that surely he is the man who is to marry you.

But I must mention that when you first meet him, you may not feel anything at all. It may take time before you realize just how good he is.

The training God will take you through will help you know when you should turn down an offer from a man and when you should allow a man to pursue you.

The Goals of the Man God sends you

You may not realize it at first but if you flow with God’s leading, you will soon realize that the goals the man God sends you has are in line with your abilities.

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Since you are designed to be his helper, you will naturally fit in his vision. If he is called to be a teacher of the word, you will realize you have always loved learning the word since long ago.

If he is called to play instruments in church, you will find yourself drawn to singing in church. Whatever calling he has, you will have a calling that perfectly fits into his.

Pleasing the Man God sends you

Every man has a specific taste in a woman. The man God sends you will naturally be drawn to who you are.

He will love your dressing, your figure, your height and many other aspects about you. You won’t have to show him your good deeds because he will notice them by himself.

You will be surprised just how compatible you are with him.

I must also mention that the more aligned you are through God’s training, the more the man God sends you will notice you.

The wife God will reveal to him will be the version of you that God trained you to become. That is why if you fail the training of God, the man God sends you will fail to recognize you.

Your Responsibility when God sends you a Man

When God sends you a husband, it is your responsibility to allow him to do as God instructed him. But it is not easy to allow a man to pursue you if you are not sure if he is sent from God.

And since you may not see many signs when the man first approaches you, it is important to get your own confirmation from God.

God is ready to speak to you about your future husband if you ask Him. Just as He will instruct your future husband to come to you, He can instruct you to open up to him.

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The process of asking God about your future husband is not straight-forward. Some ladies make serious mistakes when they are praying for their husbands and end up waiting for a long time yet no husband turns up.

You might have been making mistakes in your prayer for a husband and that is why God has not sent you a man yet.

Society has led us to believe that we are supposed to get married when we are in our late twenties or even in our thirties but reality is different.

I witnessed God reveal to one of my female friends her husband when she was 21 years old. God looks at your maturity level when He wants to send a man your way.

Therefore, provided you are mature enough to know that you need a husband, you are fit to get one. The only hurdle preventing you from getting one is your preparation to receive him.

I have written a step by step guide to help you pray for a husband. It covers all the steps you need to walk through and the results you are to expect at each stage. Get a copy!

God is faithful to match you to the man of your dreams provided you remain obedient in His training.

May God lead you as you trust Him for a husband!