I can’t Find a Man to Love Me: What to do

I’m going to take a spiritual angle to explain to you why you can’t find a man to love you. I could have used a different approach but since love is primarily spiritual, I must explain it from a spiritual angle.

If you are not a super spiritual person, don’t worry. I will outline love in a simple way for you to understand regardless of your spiritual interest.

I hope you now have my attention. Let’s begin…

I can’t Find a Man: The cause

Our lives are controlled from the spiritual realm. All physical occurrences are only a shadow of what is going on in the spiritual world.

The fact that you can’t find a man who truly loves you is no exception. It springs from the spiritual realm and manifests in the physical.

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To solve it, you must start by investigating its cause in the spiritual realm. Don’t worry about how you will start finding out because I will lead you step by step on what you need to do.

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You will realize that it is actually easy to solve your problem of not finding a man to love you using the spiritual approach than the physical approach.

It costs way less to use the spiritual approach and the results are much better than if you use the physical approach.

Let’s begin by looking at the main reason why you can’t find a man to love you…

I can’t Find a Man: Laws of Love

The number one reason why you can’t find a man to love you is because you don’t fully understand the spiritual laws of love. As I mentioned earlier, love is first spiritual before it is physical.

If you don’t fully understand the laws that govern love, you can’t keep them. And if you can’t keep them, you can’t enjoy love.

I won’t go deep into the origin of love but I want you to get a blueprint of what love is…

God is the author of love. It is impossible for anyone to find love without God. While creating, God came up with laws that govern love.

God only reveals these laws to those who diligently seek Him. That way, only those who are obedient to Him will get to enjoy love.

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God does not intend to deny us love but rather He wants us to enjoy it. The laws are in place to make sure that we stay obedient to God even after we find love.

I know you are eager to know these spiritual laws of love. I will only mention the greatest one because all others spring from it…

Laying down your Life for One Another

‘There is no greater love than for a friend to lay down his life for his friends’. That is what the greatest law of love states.

But how does this relate to you not getting a man to love you?


You are not willing to lay down your life. That’s it!

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There is no love without laying down your life. Jesus, who is the greatest example of love, laid down His life for us.

I hear people talk about tips to show love to a man but all of them are only a summary of this law. At the end of the day, you will only attract a man if you willfully lay down your life for him.

I know saying ‘lay down your life for him’ is ambiguous but I’m going to explain it to you in detail what it is.

I can’t Find a Man: Solution

You now know that finding love is all about laying down your life. If you can’t find a man, your life is not laid down.

That is why God asks women to submit to their husbands. As a woman, you must lay down your vision and follow the lead of the man you want to receive love from.

You cannot have love and your life at the same time. Laying down your life is the price you pay to get a man to love you.

Let’s look at a few areas that you need to lay down for a man to love you…


As a woman, God designed you to depend on a man to provide for you. According to His perfect plan, a girl is to depend on her father until she gets married. After marriage, she is to depend on her husband for provision.

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In case her husband dies, God will become her provision. That is why God identifies Himself as the husband to the widow.

I know demons in your head are screaming at you that this is impossible in the current world. But the question remains, do you want to find a man to love you?

Men are designed to provide. They find fulfillment in providing for their girl. If a girl doesn’t need any provision, men will lose interest in her.

Therefore, as a woman, even if you are able to provide all you need for yourself, you must create a void in your life that needs provision.

When men see the provision void, they will come to fill it.

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Forget about the ‘independent woman’ philosophy. That is the surest way to keep men away from your life.


You can’t find a man to love you because you have security. The most attractive woman to a man is one who doesn’t have security.

Let me explain…

A girl may have men admiring her and willing to love her but they can’t approach her because she has a father who won’t let them approach her.

Other times, women put up security for themselves using their friends. Anytime a man approaches her, she exposes him to her friends.

When men realize you have strong security, they won’t approach you.

As a woman who wants to find a man to love you, your security must allow potential men to easily access you.


As a woman who can’t find a man, you must allow your emotions to show. Closing up your emotions and acting perfect won’t attract potential men.

I have heard a number of women swear that they will never cry because of love. But the truth is that love is a strong emotional affair.

You are ready for love only when you are ready to cry. Love in its nature makes us vulnerable to betrayal. There is no other way to love than to risk being betrayed.

It takes a big heart to love.

Back to the example of Jesus, He shed tears on several occasions and was bitterly betrayed by one of His disciples.

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If the Son of God experienced betrayal in love, why should you fear?

As a woman, you will find a man to love you when you are ready to emotionally connect to him and risk betrayal.

Find a Man to Love you

Stop saying you can’t find a man to love you even though finding a good man to love you is next to impossible. A man may appear friendly but only God knows what is hidden in his heart.

Good for us, God has provided a way for us to find spouses without worrying whether they will heart break us or not.

You may never have heard of it but do you know God can actually tell you who to get married to?

Not only can God tell you who the right man to get married to is but He can also create a situation for the two of you to meet, date and get married.

I have witnessed it happen more than once. I have been to several weddings where the partners began dating after God told them they were fit for one another. It’s not a mere claim.

If you want to know how to pray to God to help you meet your husband, get this eBook. In the eBook, I have outlined all the steps you need to take and how you need to pray at each stage in order to get a husband from God.

Many single women looking for husbands struggle for not knowing how to ask God to help them get husbands. Finding a man to love you is so simple when God directs you on what to do.

Go for it!