Why does God not Answer My Prayers for a Husband?

Why does God not answer my prayers for a husband? It is frustrating, right?

God answers all prayers. I’m sure you have heard of that statement before. Praying for a husband is a prayer like any other and if it is true that God answers all prayers, then you should get an answer, right?

Of course.

Even a no will be better than no answer at all.

That is true at a lower level. At a higher level, silence from God is also an answer. In fact, it is more common than the rest of the answers.

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Silence in itself is a good answer only that it is hard to interpret it. That is why in this article, I want to help you interpret the silence you have been receiving every time you pray for a husband.

Why does God not Answer My Prayers for a Husband?

1. Mistakes in Prayer

It is obvious that if God is not answering your prayers for a husband, the prayers are not in line with God’s requirements. Provided that is true, you won’t get an answer. God has made it clear how we should pray and has even given us the Holy Spirit to help us pray the right way.

When it comes to praying for a husband, the following are the mistakes you must avoid:

Praying for the man

Some ladies pray for their future husband by asking God to bless him, give him a caring heart, establish him financially etc.

While it is not wrong to pray for your future husband, the request in your prayer should be about yourself. Instead of asking God to give your future husband a caring heart, why not ask God to give you that caring heart?

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Remember the parable Jesus told of a man who sees a speck in the eye of another and fails to see a log in his own eye? That is exactly the case here.

Your aim should be to become the best possible version of a woman that a man can ever have. The rest of the work is God’s responsibility.

Think of gold; it has great value and though it is hidden deep in the ground, men are willing to die to get it. If you make yourself ‘gold’, do you think you will remain hidden for long?

Therefore, if you have been praying for the man instead of yourself, change how you pray.

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Asking God hard Questions

I have already discussed this in another article but I will repeat it. If you ask God if a specific person is your husband, you are putting God in a fix.

Questions that demand a Yes or No answer are difficult to answer. In most cases, the answer is neither a yes nor a no.

If you think a certain man is your husband, praying to God to mold you into a wife will automatically draw the man to you if he is your ordained husband.

Imagine a broke person looking at a bundle of money in a bank and asking God if that money is his or not. If you were God, what answer would you give him?

If the man stops staring at the money and goes to work, he will earn it.

Don’t be like that man!

Unfulfilled Conditions

‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God’ is an example of a principle. No matter how hard a believer prays to see God, provided his heart is not pure, he won’t see Him.

Praying to get a husband also has conditions that must be met. No matter how hard you pray, if you fail to fulfill those conditions, you can’t get a husband.

I would have loved to go into detail about those conditions but it won’t be possible in this article. If you are interested in knowing the conditions, you can get them here.
If you keep your heart pure, you will see God even without asking for it. That is also true with fulfilling conditions for getting a husband.

Immediately you fulfill them, even without your knowledge, you will get a husband. God is just and He rewards everyone according to what his deeds deserve.

If your deeds deserve a loving husband, God will give you a loving husband. If your deeds deserve that you be single, sadly, you will be single.

Therefore, before you pray any more prayers to God for a husband, make sure you know what God requires from you before He can give you a husband.

2. If God is not Answering your Prayers for a Husband, you Already Know the Answer

Sometimes we know the answer when we pray to God for a husband even if we think we don’t know. When God knows that we know the answer to the prayer we are making, He remains silent when we pray.

Other times, we may genuinely not know the answer to our prayers but God has provided it in His word. In such a case, God expects us to find that answer in His word.

The book of Proverbs makes it clear that it is the glory of God to conceal matters and it is the glory of kings to search them out. God may choose to conceal the identity of you husband so that you search it out.

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If you have prayed for a husband for a while yet you have not gotten any leading, try and search within yourself. The answer might be with you.

I once read a comment from a man who was bothered that the girl he was dating didn’t want to get married to him before she gets a confirmation from God.

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That was a good move from the girl but when you consider that God had already given them a go ahead, you realize that the girl was just stubborn.

In such cases, God has nothing more to tell the girl because she already knows the answer even though she may deny it.

For some ladies, God may have silently sent a man to pursue them. If they ask God if dating that man is His will, God won’t specify because He expects them to examine the man and know if he is God-sent.

3. When God is not answering your Prayers for a Husband, it is a Test

If God is not answering your prayers for a husband, it is most likely a test. God tests us time and again. The tests are meant to build our patience and perseverance. But they are not fun. They get to our nerves.

In the area of dating and marriage, there are plenty of tests that God subjects us to. For some ladies, God will allow them to know their husband but make it hard to get him.

For others, God won’t reveal who their husbands are and expect them to use what He has taught them to know their right man.

Still for others, God will bring a man before they are prepared for marriage. He will then require them to get into marriage and make it work.

Tests come in different shapes and sizes.

I’m sure you know at least one lady who got a husband without ever praying. God might have tested her in a different area other than praying for a husband.

Whatever the case, the truth remains that we will always be tested. We can’t choose when or in what way we are tested.

You may envy ladies who were not tested in the area of waiting for a husband but that will only land you in more trouble. Instead, focus on passing your test.

The good thing about tests is that the tougher your test is, the greater your reward will be if you pass it.

One thing I want you to be careful about is to know whether your prayers for a husband are not being answered because it is a test from God or you are making the mistakes I have mentioned above.

Here are some clues that your prayers for a husband not being answered is a test from God:

God promised you a Husband

The first sign that God is testing you is if He promised you a husband. God tests only after He has promised. The test is meant to verify your faith in what God said earlier.

Remember the story of Abraham? God first made a promise to him before subjecting him to a number of tests.

If you can’t pinpoint the day God promised to give you a husband, chances are that your delay to get a husband is caused by other reasons but it is not a test from God.

Your Relationship with God is good

God tests those who are His. He tests them to deepen their trust in Him. If your relationship with God is ailing, God will care more about working with you to stabilize it before He tests you.

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God knows that adding a husband in the mix of an ailing relationship with you will make it harder to stabilize it.

But if you are in good terms with God, then not getting a husband even after praying may be a test. If God is speaking to you about other areas of your life but ignoring the part of giving you a husband, then that is most likely a test.

You Still Love God

If you still truly love God despite the pain you are subjected to, chances are that God is testing you. Tests will often make you angry but in the anger you will still know that God remains to be God.

I’m sure you have heard the story of Job; he was in pain but when his wife asked him to curse God and die, he rebuked her.

God subjected Job to a tough test and though it made Job angry, he still acknowledged that God was still God.

If the cause of pain is not a test from God, you will curse God and even abandon Him. In this case of praying for a husband, you may remain born again but you opt to find a husband the worldly way.

If you are trying other methods of finding a husband such as going on dating sites while praying to God for a husband, you won’t get a husband from God.

God demands that you trust in Him alone.

Therefore, count it a test only if your love for God has not wavered.

It will End

Tests end. If you learn the patience that God intended for you to learn, the test will end and you will get your husband. If your situation prolongs unnecessarily, that is not a test from God.

Think of it the same way you would do a test in college; it has a clear start and end. You have a finite number of questions to tackle and once you are done, you are done.

You only repeat the test if you fail it.


If God is not answering your prayers for a husband, don’t give up. God is conversational. He doesn’t remain silent for no reason. If you put in effort to understand why God is silent, you will understand.

Once you figure out what is going on and respond to it in the right way, you will get a breakthrough. If you give up trying to get a good husband, you will have yourself to blame.

Keep seeking!