Praying for a Husband Mistakes you Should Avoid

Single ladies praying for husbands are prone to three mistakes in their prayers. Praying to get a husband is the right way of getting into marriage. But just like any other method, if poorly executed, it can’t produce the desired result.

It is common to come across comments by ladies on the internet who claim to have prayed everything possible but they haven’t found a husband yet.

In all the cases, three major mistakes stand out. If you have prayed for a while about getting your husband with no result, you might be affected by one or more of the three common mistakes.

If you correct the simple errors that most ladies make while praying for a husband, you will get what you are asking for. God is faithful.

Praying for a Husband Mistakes to Avoid

1. Praying for the man

There is nothing wrong with asking God to bless your future husband. If your prayers for his blessings are true, God will surely bless him.

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But there is a problem…

The problem was described by Jesus; how can you tell your neighbor let me remove a speck from your eye when you have a log in your own eye? Take the log out of your eye then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye.

When you pray for your future husband, you are taking a speck out of his eye. You are praying for a man who has his own personal walk with God.

It is also kind of throwing fists into the air since you don’t know the man yet. You may be praying that God will establish him financially when the man is already financially established.

Since you don’t know the man and what he really needs someone to pray for him, keep off praying for him.

Most ladies who spend their prayer time asking God to bless their future husbands are at risk of remaining single for a long time.

If you listen to what Jesus said and focus on removing the log in your own eye, you will see clearly. The clear vision will allow you to see who your husband is.

The log I am talking about here is majorly your character. You can read in this eBook how to work on your character step by step to become a godly wife.

I have also outlined signs that show God is preparing you to be a godly wife in this article.

When you start working on your character and focusing on becoming the best possible wife to your husband, you will get the husband you so much desire.

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2. Continuing in Prayer with no Feedback

King Solomon in the book of Proverbs advises that zeal without knowledge is not good. I have witnessed zealous Christian ladies who pray like generators and take all sorts of fasts.

From the outward, they seem to be doing really great in their prayer life. You would expect such ladies to get answers for their prayers instantly.

Surprisingly, many single Christian ladies who pray for husbands are fervent but they fail to get answers to their prayers.

The mistake most of them make is they continue to pray the same type of prayer even when they are receiving no feedback.

You may think it is normal to not get feedback for some of the prayers we make. But when a lady tells you she has been praying for 15 years for a husband with no answer, you realize it is a serious matter.

In the world, there is a quote that says ‘It is only fools who do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results’.

That is true in praying for a husband. If you pray for a while and you don’t get any feedback, common sense dictates that you find out why you are not getting any feedback.

I have written in a previous article reasons why God is not answering your prayers for a husband.  Most of the reasons are so simple.

If you don’t know where to begin your prayer analysis from, get this eBook; it explains step by step how to pray for a husband and what feedback to expect at each stage.

The steps of praying for a husband are so simple and if you follow them faithfully, you will have a husband by your side in no time.

God is conversational; continue praying only if you are getting feedback.

3. Asking Others to Pray

Your marriage is your responsibility. Asking other believers to join you in prayer for a husband is irresponsibility on your side. If your friends offer to help you pray for a husband, let them help you.

I say this because if your friends help you pray and you get a husband, you will need the same friends to keep praying to sustain your marriage.

In other words, your marriage will be built on the foundation of your friends’ prayers. God knows this and that is why even when your friends pray for you, it is needed that you pray for yourself.

You are to be a wife in that marriage. If you can’t pray to get into the marriage by yourself, how will you be able to sustain the marriage?

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I see many ladies who rely on men of God to pray for them. All they want is to say Amen to the prayers that the men of God make and get their husbands.

Others want their pastors to lay hands on them and then meet their future husbands on their way home. Sorry to say, but it doesn’t work that way.

Even if a prophet of God gives you a prophecy that you will get married, you will only get married when you take up responsibility.

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Single Christian ladies who run around men of God hoping to miraculously get a husband in the process are in for a rude shock. That is not how you get a husband from God.

Instead, learn to pray on your own. Build your intimacy with God to a point that you can converse with Him about your marriage.

At that point, it won’t take much to get a godly man.

Praying for a Husband Mistakes: Conclusion

God cares about your feelings. He made you knowing you have a desire for a husband. But you must align yourself for God to give you a husband.

The three mistakes I have mentioned above can delay your marriage for a long time. If you have been making any of them, stop and watch God turn your situation around.

Getting into marriage is a journey; you will make errors but if you humble yourself and correct them, you will eventually get married.

Don’t give up seeking God for a husband. No matter how late you may think you are, it is worth it.

God bless you!