God Preparing you to become a Godly Wife

God is a loving father. Before your time for marriage comes, He will prepare you to be a godly wife. The preparation to become a godly wife comes in different forms but there are basic steps that God will take you through.

Once you start going through the steps, know that your time to get married is around the corner. But I must also mention that as an individual, you can delay your own marriage if you shy away from the preparation.

The preparation is not always simple; sometimes you will be pushed to the limit. It is only after you successfully pass the tests that God will usher you into marriage.

Think of it the same way Jesus had to be prepared for His death on the cross. Remember the night He went to the garden of gethsemane? It was not easy but after His death and resurrection, He was ushered into glory.

Therefore, be prepared for a considerable degree of toughness.

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Preparing to be a Godly Wife

1. Submission as Preparation to become a Godly Wife

Anytime you talk about a godly wife, you must mention submission. Without submission, there is no wife. From God’s definition, a wife is a helper to a man. But if the woman cannot submit to the man, how can she be his helper?

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When God starts training you about submission, He does so in the following ways:

Submission to Him

The very first stage of teaching you submission that God will take you through is about submitting to Him. God knows that if you can’t submit to Him, you won’t be able to submit to anyone else.

James in the Bible asks how someone can claim to love God whom he does not see yet he hates his neighbor whom he can see.

The principle is the same here; you must learn to submit to God first before you are able to submit to anyone else.

When God is teaching you to submit to Him, He will often ask you to take up challenges that you wouldn’t take if you had an option.

He may ask you to do things like evangelize to a random person on the street, give a certain amount of money to your church or even reconcile with someone who hurt you really bad.

The common factor in all that God will ask you to do is your unwillingness to do it.

If you faithfully do as God instructs you, He will know you value His word more than your feelings and you would have passed the test of submission to God.

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Submission to Leaders in Church as Preparation to become a Godly Wife

In God’s hierarchy, church leaders come immediately after Him. That is why after passing the test of submission to God, the next test is submission to your church leaders.

God will prompt your leaders in church to ask you to take up tasks that you may not be comfortable with. Just as submission to God involved going against your will to obey God, so will submission to your church leaders involve going out of your comfort zone to do what they ask of you.

I have witnessed ladies refuse to submit to their church leaders. Some of them moved out of church and claimed church leaders were bullying them.

Submitting to your church leaders can be very difficult especially if you were not in good terms with the leaders before.

They may ask you not to dress in a particular manner, to take up unpleasant duties in church, not to associate with certain friends etc.

Whatever tests you are given, make sure you swallow your pride and do as you are asked.

Submission to Parents as Preparation to become a Godly Wife

The last step of teaching you submission is about submitting to your parents. If you have a great relationship with your parents, you will have an easy time.

But if your relationship with your parents is rocky, expect a tough experience.

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There is no alternative way of submitting to your parents other than doing what they ask you to do. Some parents might be abusive but still God will require that you give them the honor they deserve.

One thing you can be sure of is that God won’t demand that you submit to your parents in all they ask you to do. He will give them specific desires of you and those are the only ones God will expect you to do to pass the test.

If your relationship with your parents is so bad that you don’t talk at all, God may only require you to start talking to your parents. Sometimes He may only require you to ask for forgiveness from your parents for something nasty you did to them.

The request for you to submit may appear so terrifying but it is never as hard as you imagine.

2. Service when Preparing to be a Godly Wife

A wife is a servant. She serves God and her primary service is to help her husband fulfill the duty God has given him. That is why in preparing you for marriage, God must train you to serve.

Just like in teaching you submission, God will subject you to a series of assignments that will mold you to become a good servant.

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There will be duties for you in church, where God expects you to learn to serve Him and the people He sends you to.

God will push you to the limit in terms of assigning you work. You may notice that out of nowhere you are being assigned more duties than you think you can handle.

The duties are meant to bring out the servant spirit in you. You may also be assigned duties to serve people you don’t like serving.

All the resistance you have to serving must be destroyed as God prepares you to be a servant to your husband.

If you remain faithful and carry out all the duties without grumbling, you will pass the test of being a servant.

Apart from serving in church, you will also be tested in serving at home. If you live with your parents, you may notice that your parents are asking you to do more chores than you normally do.

If you live on your own, you will get an urge to be extra clean and organized. The desire for a more organized house is a sign that God is preparing you to be a wife.

Work hard and pass the test.

3. Maturity in your Relationships

When you start getting busy in the tests that God brings your way, you will become more serious with your relationships. The maturity is a sign that you are becoming a godly wife.

No longer will you be lazing around in your house watching cat videos on YouTube. The pressure you will be subjected to will make you mature in your relationships.


You will learn to say no to unnecessary friend invites. Hanging out with your friends will drastically reduce not because you have disagreements but you will just feel a desire to be alone and work on yourself.

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You will also notice a change in the type of friends you desire. As you learn submission and service, your character will start resembling that of married women. Before long, you will find relating with married women more enjoyable than your friends who are single.

You will also find yourself spending more time where married women spend their time. All these changes will happen because your character is changing; you will be turning into a wife.


In your family relationships, you will notice that you no longer feel like a child in the home. You will want your family to treat you as a grown up.

If your family members are keen, they will notice the maturity you will be developing and they may even mention it to you.

As you keep maturing, your desire to be with your family members will go down. You will feel a strong desire to have a home of your own.

All those changes are a sign that God is preparing you to be a wife. Embrace them.

Preparing to be a Godly Wife: Conclusion

As God prepares you to become a godly wife, you must allow yourself to be molded. The easier it is to mold you, the faster you will get married.

One important thing to remember in the process of God molding you is to pray. At some point, you will need to ask God to reveal your husband to you. It may get discouraging to keep taking tests without knowing whom you will get married to.

If you know whom you will get married to, even when the tests become tough, you will easily find motivation.

To learn how to pray for a husband read this eBook. Stick to the steps outlined in the eBook and God will reveal to you your husband.

All the best!