Praying for a Husband Scriptures (For Single Women)

These three praying for a husband scriptures are instrumental in helping you get a husband. When it comes to praying for a godly man, understanding scriptures will make the difference between getting a husband and aging while still single.

There are many scriptures about praying to get a husband but I have chosen these three because I find them key in helping you get a breakthrough.

Praying for a Husband Scriptures

1. John 1:10-11

He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive Him.

This is the first praying for a husband scripture. Are you surprised why I included this verse? Well, this verse reminds you that you may have already met your husband but you haven’t recognized him.

Jesus is the bridegroom and the church is the bride. When Jesus came to us with the message of love, we crucified Him.

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The religious leaders of that time should have welcomed Him but they were on the fore front to condemn Him. No matter how hard Jesus tried to show that He was the ‘husband’ of the church, the church denied Him.

The same denial happens when a man approaches a woman with a love proposal. We all know that a woman was made out of man just as the church was made through Jesus.

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Jesus knew the church was rightfully His because it was made through Him. Likewise, men are able to tell a woman was made for them and that is why they approach with love proposals.

But just like in the case of Jesus, the bride often denies that the groom is her God ordained husband. The bride hopes that a better looking, richer, taller man will come and take her as a wife.

It was difficult for those who saw Jesus to believe that a savior can be that poor. Many expected the savior to be born in the King’s palace not in a manger.

Ladies too wait for a kingly man to approach them. If an ordinary ‘carpenter’ approaches them and says he is her God ordained husband, she denies him.

Therefore, before you pile pressure on God to show you your godly husband, ask for faith to believe when he shows up.

You may be surprised that your ‘savior’ already showed up but you crucified him. Your future husband will not come from Mars. In most cases, he will be someone you already know or someone who has a close association with the people you know.

Just as Jesus, who brought salvation for the Jews, was a Jew, so will your husband be of your own descent.

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2. Praying for a Husband Scripture: 1st Peter 3:3-6

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to adorn themselves. They submitted themselves to their own husbands, like Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and called him her lord. You are her daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear.

This is the second praying for a husband scripture you need to know.

A woman is referred to as a wife not because she lives with a man but because she submits to a man. The submission is what translates into beauty.

In this current generation, beauty has been reduced to putting on designer clothes and wearing strong perfumes. Ladies who have a shiny outward appearance are deemed beautiful with little regard to their conduct.

But that is not what God uses to judge whether a woman is ready to be a wife or not. God uses the plain old system of character with little regard to outward appearance.

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Therefore, before you go to God to ask for a husband, make sure your character is that of a wife. God won’t entrust any of His sons to a woman who has Jezebel’s character.

There are many requirements when it comes to building character. I’m sure you have read Proverbs 31 many times before. The chapter gives a detailed description of good character in a woman.

Start your character-molding journey from there if you haven’t started. God won’t need a million prayers from you if your character is in order.

If your character meets the standards God has set for a wife, you will automatically get a husband from God.

I have outlined five specific areas of a woman’s character that God examines to gauge if she is ready for marriage in this eBook. Go through them and confirm if you are set for marriage.

3. Praying for a Husband Scripture: James 4:2-3

You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.

The third praying for a husband scripture is James 4:2-3.

Praying for a husband is technical. Not only does God consider the content of your prayer but He considers your motives too. And we all know that motives are hard to keep in check.

This verse addresses the actual act of praying for a husband. Many innocent ladies get stuck at this stage forever.

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Marriage is not only an assignment from God but it is also for our enjoyment. However, we are not supposed to view marriage as purely for our pleasure.

You need the right mindset when praying for a husband. To read more about the correct mindset you need to have while praying for a husband, check out this other article.

I must say that making a balanced prayer to God for a husband is not easy. Strong emotions are involved. Staying logical is hard.

Having watched a number of ladies pray the wrong prayers and get surprised why God was silent, I decided to write a step by step guide to help them pray for their future husbands the right way.

In the guide, I begin by addressing the common misconceptions that most ladies have about praying to get a husband.

The biggest misconception I observed was that of God’s time. Many Christian ladies are delaying to get married all in the name of waiting for God’s time.

God’s time is a mystery just as I explained in the guide. If a lady doesn’t understand it, she will miss her opportune time to get married and end up blaming God for not giving her a husband.

Therefore, make sure you understand the way God operates when it comes to giving ladies husbands for you to easily get a breakthrough in your prayers.

All the best!