Prayer to get Married Soon|How to Pray to get Married Soon

I know you have come here because you want a prayer to help you get married soon. I’ll show you how to pray to get married soon but I want to take a slightly different approach than what you were looking for.

Instead of giving you a simple prayer to get you married soon, I want you to help you analyze your situation so that you make the right prayer to get married.

From experience, no two ladies have the same hindrance to their marriage. Some are hindered by ancestral curses, others by their character and others by misalignment with God’s will.

All these ladies need different types of prayers. Reciting a written prayer to help you get married won’t help you unless the prayer addresses the specific hindrance you have against your marriage.

I hope you understand why I prefer to help you analyze hindrances to getting married rather than writing you a prayer that may not work.

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Here are the concepts you need to understand:

Miracle Prayers to get Married Soon

Getting married is not a miracle. For you to get married, you have to fulfill conditions given by God. Praying and expecting marriage to come as a miracle is fantasy.

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You have to learn how to be a wife. God expects you to be able to take care of a husband before He allows you to get married.

A husband won’t come to you as a miracle answer to your prayers. Instead, a husband will come when you attract him by your good character.

Therefore, get rid of the mindset of marriage happening as a miracle. If you have been making prayers and expecting God to help you get married miraculously, it’s time to change your approach.

A marriage is sustained by fulfilling the laws of God. Miracles are for making unbelievers come to the faith.

If an unbeliever hears a testimony of a believer who prayed to God and got a husband, the unbeliever will be interested in praying to God for a husband too.

But the unbeliever needs salvation first before a husband. The husband miracle is for drawing the unbeliever to God.

Once the unbeliever comes to the faith, God will teach her the biblical rules of marriage and when she is ready, she will receive her husband.

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Proper prayers to get married are about getting understanding of marriage not empty wishes.

This miracle prayer for marriage mindset can keep you single for a long time. God will only bring you a husband once you understand what marriage is intended for.

Warfare Prayers to get Married Soon

For some ladies, they need to wage war against the enemy for them to get married. Warfare prayers to get married make sense but there is a better approach.

Instead of using brute force in prayer to get married, you can use God’s simple principles to break free from bondage that are holding you back from getting married.

I have explained all the steps you need to take in breaking marriage curses in this article. If you know the law of God, it is easy to defeat the enemy.

Warfare prayers may work for you but it is hard to sustain that level of aggression. If you wage war in prayer until you get married, you will have to keep waging war to sustain your marriage.

But if you break the strongholds of the enemy against your marriage using the law of God, the strongholds will be permanently broken.

When waging war against strongholds hindering your marriage, make sure you understand the legal right that the dark powers have over your marriage.

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Once you know the legal right, it will be easy for you to defeat the powers of darkness.

Understanding the legal right of the enemy also helps you come up with a strategy that will break the power of darkness over your marriage once and for all.

We are called to share the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a waste of time to spend our lives waging war for our marriages.

Warfare prayers for our marriages should be done once. The result we get should be permanent.

Prayers for Alignment to get Married Soon

God is the giver of husbands. Marriage was ordained by God to serve His holy purpose. If you want to get married soon, there is no other way than to humble yourself before God.

People in the world try over and over to have fruitful marriages but they all end in divorce. The constant failure in marriage they experience has driven many into adultery and all manner of immorality.

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For you as a Christian, it is your alignment with God’s purpose that will get you married and keep you in the marriage.

Your prayers ought to be centered at aligning you with God’s will. I have written extensively about how to pray for alignment to get married in this eBook. Get a copy!

If your prayer is that you get married as soon as possible, then you must be ready to align yourself with God’s will as soon as possible.

God has no problem giving you a husband provided you meet the standards He has set.

The Nature of Prayers for Marriage

Many ladies assume that if you want to get married, you ask God for a husband. In reality, if you want to get married, you need to ask God to help you deal with areas in your life that disqualify you from getting married.

If your character does not fit that of a godly wife, you cannot get married. Spending your nights praying for a husband will only wear you out.

Your marriage breakthrough will only come the day you decide to ask God to show you the areas that disqualify you from getting a husband.

Prayer to get Married Soon

Dear Father, I have realized the error I have been making while praying to get a husband. I ask you to forgive me for seeking to get married soon instead of seeking you.

Right now, I know that without being aligned in your will, I cannot get a husband. I choose to surrender my desire for marriage to you. Help me lay down my life that you may align me.

Teach me how to be the person you created me to be. Lead me to the right people you ordained to guide me in your ways.

I open my heart to your guidance.


If you make this prayer in all honesty, God is faithful to guide you. When God starts guiding you, even if some instructions seem difficult, make sure you follow them faithfully.

You must be patient to walk with God in this journey. There are no two ways about it.

God will test you in key areas when He is preparing you for marriage. Make sure you know them.

May God guide you to find a Husband!