Pray to get a Husband: Why it is very Important

My dear, pray to get a husband. I have compiled three major reasons why you should pray to God for a husband. Follow my explanations keenly and never make the mistake of not praying to get a husband.

I know praying for a husband is not an easy route to use. Many ladies would prefer to jump right into the dating arena and get their husband. But as you already know, cheap is expensive.

In the moment, praying to get a husband feels daunting but it has great rewards in future. Seeking a husband without praying will cost you your future, don’t do it!

Here are the reasons…

Pray to get a Husband

1. God knows the Perfect Man for you

Every girl wants the perfect husband; it is not a mystery. But who knows what a perfect husband is except God?

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When God was designing life, He put a catch on every good thing. God knew that if human beings could get what they want without Him, they would never depend on Him.

God put the desire of a perfect husband in women. Then He kept to Himself the secret to finding the perfect husband.

That way, only women who humble themselves before Him get to enjoy the blessing of a perfect husband. Foolish women think they can outdo God by getting the perfect husband without Him.

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And even if you say you don’t need a perfect husband and all you want is just a normal husband, you’ll get what you want and pay for it. As God himself puts it in His word, ‘A man reaps what he sows’.

This case is simple; if you want a man of your dreams, ask God for him. Pray to get a husband.

Feeling Special to your Husband

A man can love you with all of his heart but you only feel a quarter of his love. I’m sure you’ve heard of the five love languages.

If you don’t match perfectly with a man, no matter what he does to show you love, it won’t get deep into your heart. It happens so many times in our current generation.

Nowadays, many married women complain that their husbands don’t love them enough and the married men complain that their wives don’t appreciate their love.

For you to find satisfaction in the love your husband shows you, he must be the perfect man God ordained for you. And the only way to find him is by praying.

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If you are skeptical if God actually has a special person ordained to be your husband, read in my eBook where I explain why there is one special man for each woman.

You are Complicated

I’m sure you already know this; sometimes you try to explain what love from a man is but you never seem to say exactly what you feel. And it seems like every day you have a new definition of love from a man.

That is exactly true. God made you so special and with that specialty comes complexity. If you can’t express exactly what love is in your world, how will a man know what to do to make you feel loved?

But God, as impossible as it seems, put the blueprint of what will make you feel loved in the perfect man He ordained for you.

This is why you should strive to get the perfect husband. He is the only one who will fully understand you. Why spend your life with a man who barely understands you when you can get one who fully understands you simply by praying?

2. Pray to get a Husband: Marriage is a Burden

I’m sure you have seen on the news how divorces are on the rise. There are so many complications with marriages nowadays that many are opting not to get married at all.

I agree with them that marriage is indeed a heavy burden but that people should not get married, I disagree. Marriage, despite being a burden, it is a sweet blessing.

The catch is that marriage will only be a sweet blessing if you get married to the right person. And how do you get that right person? Obviously, by praying to God.

God is the author of marriage and He is the only one who fully knows how it should be handled. You only represent half of the union. To have a fulfilling marriage, you must trust the author of marriage to tell you who is your husband. Pray to get a husband.

Right to Ask God for Help

If you get married to the man God revealed, you will have the right to ask God for help when your relationship with that man is ailing. But if you searched for the man yourself, God will have no business in your relationship.

I have seen many married women suffer in their marriages but when they pray to God, He is silent. God doesn’t remain silent because He doesn’t care about those women but He remains silent because He has no right in that marriage.

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If the two didn’t invite God from the very beginning, God won’t join them afterwards. The Bible begins with ‘In the beginning God…’

If God is not in the beginning, then the whole thing is none of His business.

Don’t make that mistake. Let God be at the beginning of you seeking for a husband.

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Keeping your man from Cheating

Men are always drawn to cheating. It is hard for a man to let an opportunity to take a woman to bed pass. This behavior weighs heavily on wives; they are constantly worried that their husbands will sleep with other women.

But that worry is only legit if you went looking for that man on your own. If God led you to a man, He will keep the man for you.

God will deal with the man should He attempt to cheat on you. That is how God helps you carry the burden of marriage when you go to Him for a husband.

There are many things that can go wrong in a marriage but if God started your marriage, He will help you carry the burden of your marriage.

This is why it is very important to pray to get a husband.

3. Pray to get a Husband: It is Honorable

Being a Christian means that your life must reflect the purity and holiness of God. Why should your marriage taint the perfect image of Christ in you?

As we know, there are ways of the world and the ways of God. Marriage can also be done according to the ways of the world or the ways of God.

By getting your husband through prayer, not only will you enjoy a fulfilling marriage but it will be honorable to talk about how you met.

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You will have an easy time teaching your children to marry in the ways of God if your marriage is founded on God.

Also, you will be at peace when you attend marriage conferences in the house of God. You will be confident because you got married the right way.

Inspiration for other Girls

By praying to God for a husband, you will be a role model for other young Christian girls to look up to. Jesus was our role model when He remained silent in the midst of pain and God asks us to follow His example.

Get your husband through prayer and show direction to the young girls who are looking up to you. Your own daughters will also want to know how you got married and use the same blueprint.


I have given you reasons why you should pray to get a husband but I know there is one more question that needs to be answered…Where do you start praying for a husband?

I have seen many ladies struggle to define ‘praying for a husband’. Some recommend taking a fast, others say pray but be on the lookout. Some say surrender completely to God.

It is because of this confusion that I wrote this comprehensive step by step guide on how to pray for a husband. All you have to do is read and blindly follow the steps.

I came up with the guide after observing several ladies I knew. They had different experiences hearing from God but the blueprint of their marriage journeys was the same.

That is what you’ll find in the eBook.

All the best!