When to Stop Praying for a Husband

Time comes when you have to stop praying to get a husband. Many ladies fall into the trap of praying to get a husband without stopping to think. Most of them never get a husband and by the time they realize they have prayed too much, it is already too late.

I don’t know for how long you have been praying for a husband but you have done well by choosing to read this article. I will help you know when to stop praying for a husband and what to do after you stop praying.

I know you desire to get married and it will be foolish of me to ask you to brush off your desire for a husband without giving you something better.

Not only will I tell you when to stop praying for a husband but I will also tell you how you can fast-track your way to marriage. The aim of writing this article is to give you direction and hopefully lead you to meet your husband God’s way.

When to Stop Praying for a Husband

1. If God asks you to Stop Praying

God is not a robot that can’t speak up when it is bothered. If you are bothering God with your unrelenting prayer to get a husband, God will let you know.

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This does not mean that if you have been praying for a long time for a husband then God is bothered by your prayer. God Himself encourages us to be persistent in our prayers. It would be ridiculous if He turned and said persistent prayers are a nuisance to Him.

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In most cases, God will tell a lady to stop praying for a husband if her prayers are pointless. If God has already heard her request and is working out His plan, it will be pointless for the lady to keep praying.

God will let you know in a gentle way that you don’t need to pray for a husband anymore.

There are several reasons that will make God to ask you to stop praying for a husband but knowing the reasons is a topic for another day. What you need to know right now is that God will be clear in His communication.

Do not assume God has asked you to stop praying for a husband. He rarely asks ladies to stop praying for a husband.

In most cases, God gives ladies a different approach to praying for a husband.

Therefore, only stop praying if God explicitly asks you to stop praying.

2. Stop Praying if you are Angry in your Prayers

If your prayers have turned into bitter demands from God, it is time to rethink praying for a husband. Asking God questions every time you pray is also a sign that you need to pause praying.

Anger in prayer is normally a sign that you don’t have sufficient understanding. Prayers made in anger won’t yield anything worthwhile. The Bible is very clear about the anger of men; it says it produces nothing good.

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Therefore, if you are increasingly becoming angry in your prayers, it is time to seek more understanding.

It is understandable for a lady to get angry after praying for months for a husband and seeing no result. Actually, the anger you feel is good but you should not direct it towards God.

That anger should help you seek to understand why you are not getting an answer.

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Brushing off your anger and completely stopping to pray about your marriage is not a good idea either. The best action to take is to analyze the cause of your frustration.

I’ll show you the best approach to take if you are frustrated later in the article.

3. If you have been ‘Praying for your Husband’

Before your future husband becomes your husband, you have no business praying for him. Let God deal with him as He knows best.

If the man is jobless, it is God’s and the man’s business to know how he will get a job before he gets you. With or without your prayers, God will fix the man if you prepare yourself to be a wife to him.

God will pressure the man to style up depending on the position he is in. Don’t waste your time asking for good things for your future husband. You’ll ask for those things for him once he has taken you as his wife.

Therefore, if you have been praying to God saying ‘Bless my future husband, give my future husband a good heart, teach my future husband to love kids…etc’ stop it.

Unless God has explicitly told you to pray for a specific thing about your future husband, don’t! It is none of your business.

The man has a relationship with God and God has been working on him even before you knew you needed a husband. Let them do their business. It’s beyond your control.

What to do after you Stop Praying

Pray for yourself

The right way to pray for a husband is by praying for yourself. Wives are given to husbands. If you pray for yourself to become a wife, God will hand you over to a husband. Where that husband comes from is none of your business.

I know it is hard to believe that you will be handed over to a man yet you have no clue about that man. But that is why God needs you to trust Him. He is God. Nothing is impossible for Him.

A girl will be taken to her father, a woman will be taken to her man and a wife will be taken to her husband. That is all you need to know.

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Some people call this the law of attraction but actually it is a principle that God set. It works even for people who don’t know God.

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If a woman who doesn’t know God at all curates herself to become a wife, God’s principle will make sure that she is handed over to her husband. God is just and His principles can never fail.

Seek Understanding

There are a million things that can hinder you from getting a husband. Even if you pray for a husband, you can still miss him if you have no understanding.

God has made it clear that His people perish for lacking knowledge. It is true; many ladies are single just because they are missing certain knowledge.

There is a lot I can teach you about aligning yourself for marriage but I will not go into detail about it in this article. If you want to learn step by step how to align yourself to meet your husband, get this eBook

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All the steps are based on God’s principles just like the one I have mentioned above.

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All the best!