Can I Pray for a Specific Man to be my Husband?

Praying to God to make a specific man to be your husband is a question of wills. Wondering what I mean by a question of wills? Well, the answer to that question involves merging of wills. And as you may already know, no one has authority over the will of another.

If that answer sounds complicated, don’t worry. I’m going to explain to you in detail what I mean and what you need to do to get a husband from God.

Can I Pray for a Specific Man to be My Husband?

The question you have comes in two forms:

1. Praying God to make a Specific Man your Husband

The Bible is very clear when it says ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door shall be opened to you. Based on this verse, we can ask for whatever we want.

There is another scripture that actually encourages us to ask anything in Jesus’ name and we will have it. Therefore, don’t feel guilty if you have asked God to make a specific man your husband.

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However, you are now graduating from the level of praying to God asking Him to make a specific man your husband to a new level.

I’m going to explain to you why this level of prayer is low and why you need to move to the next level.

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Disregard to Wills

I mentioned earlier that this is a question of wills. By question of wills I mean the answer of this prayer involves merging the wills of three; yours, God’s and the man’s.

From your question, it is already clear that you are in for marriage with a specific man. The next hurdle lies with God’s will.

God may have planned for you to get married to a different man but He might have still planned for you to get married to the man you are targeting; we don’t know for sure.

But one thing we know for sure is that God cannot violate people’s wills. Even if He intended for you to marry a different man but you insist on marrying another man, He will permit it.

Just because you don’t marry the man God had in plan for you doesn’t mean you completely fall out of God’s will. It’s more complicated than that. You can read more about it in the eBook I wrote.

Now that we have a better understanding of God’s will concerning this kind of prayer, it is time to think of the man’s will.

Whether a man is your God ordained husband or not, his will has the final say. If the man refuses to date you, there is little that can be done.

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As I mentioned before, this kind of prayer should be avoided. It can easily lead you into a terrible situation. You need a better approach.

2. Asking God if a Specific Man is your Husband

When ladies graduate from praying for a specific man to be their husband, most of them land here. This is a level where they have regard for God’s will as well as the will of the man, which is great.

But just like the previous level, this level has its shortcomings and it is advisable that ladies move to a higher level.

Let’s quickly examine this level of prayer.


If you ever pray for a specific man to be your husband, in most cases God will remain silent. Silence is the best answer for God to give in most cases. Here is why…

Asking if a specific man is your husband comes from a point of having little understanding of the dynamics involved in bringing two people together as husband and wife.

Since you have little understanding of the dynamics involved, it is hard for God to tell you a Yes or a No. Think of it the same way you would react if a random man on the street asked to be your husband.

Assuming he is a guy you could possibly marry, you will want him to take it slow. You won’t want to say a direct no because you may lose a potential husband and you won’t want to say a direct yes because you may end up in a terrible relationship.

You’ll obviously request for time that you may know each other so that you make an informed decision.

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Asking God directly if a specific man is your husband puts Him in a fix. And even if He tells you that a specific man is your husband, what next?

In the analogy I’ve used, if you accept to become a wife to the random guy on the street, what will he do next?

This type of prayer is too aggressive for God to answer. The best He can do is push you around with situations that will help you align yourself to meet the man if at all he is your ordained husband.

If he is not your ordained husband, you will hear only crickets.

3. Best Approach when Praying for a Husband

Praying for a specific man to be you husband is not wise. Praying for a husband is more than just saying what you want. There are hurdles in praying for a husband God will require you to overcome before He gives you one. Faith is one of the major hurdles.

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When it comes to dealing with God, faith has no substitute. It is clearly stated in the Bible that it is impossible to please God without faith.

You will only receive a husband from God once your faith has grown to a level that can receive such a precious gift.

But before you get to that level where you can receive such a precious gift, you must have been through other lower levels where you were taught to receive smaller gifts.

The only way to build faith is by gaining knowledge. If you know much, you will have much to believe.

Faith is a wide topic; I can talk about it till daybreak. But that will be too much for you to grasp in one sitting.

I have written a step by step procedure that you can follow when praying for a husband. It is balanced in all the five aspects of marriage. All you have to do is follow through. Get it here.

All the Best!