Christian Dating Questions to Ask a Guy

It is good to ask a guy these Christian dating questions. Assuming that a Christian guy has his character together is a lie. Christian men are still men and they have weaknesses.

It is okay to date and get married to a guy who has flaws but you must make sure that the flaws are manageable.

Just because you are dating a Christian guy doesn’t mean everything about your relationship will be perfect.

I have come up with three Christian dating questions that you must ask a guy when he takes you out. I’ll go into detail why I chose the three questions and also help you know when and how to ask them.

Then I’ll finish by giving you a tip on what you can do as a Christian girl to get the perfect husband.

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Christian Dating Questions to Ask a Guy

1. Are you Interested in another Girl Apart from Me?

This is the first Christian dating question you must ask a guy. I know it doesn’t sound godly but you must ask it. Here is the reason…

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In any Christian love relationship, the worst thing that can happen is for a partner to have an affair. While in the world girls can easily trash a man and move to the next, in Christianity, you are expected to stick to one man.

Therefore, you must make sure that his chances of ever having an affair are as low as possible. This question will help you get the stand of the Christian guy you are on a date with.

When to Ask

This is a question you must ask the Christian guy as soon as possible; preferably, on the very first date. There is no point of investing in a relationship when the guy has not committed to it.

The sooner you get a clear answer to this question, the easier it will be for you to decide whether a relationship with the guy is worth your time.

In Christian circles, wives are taught to submit to their husbands but if your husband is not faithful, you will find it hard to submit to him.

Therefore, ask this question before the end of your first date.

Answers to Expect

The most common answer is of course a straight no. If the guy tells you he is not interested in any other girl apart from you, ask him if he has ever had interest in another girl before meeting you.

Make sure you fact check the answer he gives you. Christian men who end up having extra marital affairs start cheating from the very first date.

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If you find out he is lying to you, don’t go on a second date with him. The Bible is clear when it says the devil is a liar from the beginning.

If the guy confesses to you that he has interest in another girl, ask him why he has not approached her yet. This question is a bit offensive but it will help you know the kind of guy you are dealing with.

A wise guy will keep quiet because he knows that it takes time to prove that pursuing you is better than pursuing any other girl.

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Don’t be hard on him if he doesn’t answer you or he gives you a vague answer.

The most important thing you want to get from asking this question is if the guy is ready to commit himself to you despite having interest in other girls.

If he implies to you that picking you is a conscious decision he made, he is worth dating.

2. How can I be a Good Girl to You?

Once you have established that the guy has chosen you among other girls, you can now focus on keeping him for yourself.

As a Christian girl, you are called to be a crown to your husband. Your man should see the goodness in you and praise God for it.

But knowing what the man you are dating values is hard. That is why you ask this question.

When to Ask

This is a question you are to ask after you feel comfortable being a girlfriend to your Christian guy. It may be on your second date, it may be your 15th date.

What matters most is that you know what your man considers good treatment from a girl.

The answer he gives to you will determine how compatible you are. If what he desires from you is natural to you, he’s a good fit for you.

This is one way in which God confirms to you that you are dating the right guy. I have written in detail how to confirm if the man you are dating is the one God sent to you in this other article.

If his desires are unnatural to you, there is reason to be concerned. It is either the guy is not meant for you or he is good for you but has not matured to the level God expects him to get to.

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In that case, it will be wise for you to give dating a break to seek God for further direction. It may be hard to pause your relationship with him but that is the best decision.

Only date a man whom you find easy to please. Your fulfillment as a lady is tied to how pleased your husband will be with you.

God expects you to submit to your man. Therefore, you must make sure that submitting to your man comes natural to you.

At no point should you assume that you will be more compatible once you get married. If you are not compatible while dating, you won’t be when you get married.

3. Who are your Leaders?

You are to ask the Christian guy who has taken you out on a date about his leaders. Do not accept an answer that God is his only leader.

An upright Christian man must have human leaders. Let him give you details of how submitted he is to his leaders.

It is important for the Christian man you date to have leaders so that you can report him to them in case he misbehaves. His leaders are your security in case your man fails to keep the vow he made to you.

A man with no leaders may be good while dating you but different after he marries you. Don’t settle for such a man.

When to Ask

This is a question you are to ask when your relationship with your man has grown and it appears like you will get married.

Only accept a Christian man’s proposal if he has introduced you to his leaders and you have approved that his leaders are upright men.

Christian Dating Questions to a Guy: Conclusion

Once you have asked a Christian guy these three questions and you are comfortable with the answers you have received, feel free to say yes to his proposal.

If you don’t have a man to date, you can pray to God to give you a husband using the procedure in this eBook.

When God sends a man to date you, all the three questions above will be answered perfectly. I have witnessed a number of my female friends get men whom they didn’t have to ask anything because the men perfectly fit their standards.

God has a special man prepared just for you but He will only let you know the man if you walk in his ways.

Therefore, if you are not the type of girl who has the confidence to ask guys questions on dates, pray to God to bring you a man that meets your standard.

All the best!