Soulmates in the Bible| What the Bible says about Soulmates

Soulmates in the Bible; do they exist?

After gathering  information about the existence of soulmates from the Bible, I am here to give you a complete answer on what the Bible says about soulmates.

When I say soulmate, I mean a preordained love partner for you. Such a partner is believed to be a perfect match only for you out of the billions of people on earth.

If you fail to get married to your soulmate, it is assumed that you can’t have a perfect marriage. In other words, believing in the existence of soulmates is believing in the existence of perfection.

In a perfect setting, which in the world is referred to as a unicorn setting, soulmates will meet and marry.

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Now that we know that soulmates are a matter of the existence of perfection, let’s look at what the Bible says about perfection.

Soulmates in the Bible: Perfection

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus asks us to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect. This is a clear sign that we can achieve perfection.

Of course it is hard to achieve perfection but it is definitely not impossible. Perfection in marriage will definitely be meeting our soulmate.

The Bible has rules on how a perfect marriage should be. Those rules are not mysteries to us. The only challenge is keeping all the rules when getting into marriage.

But the Holy Spirit came for that matter; to lead us into all the truth. We know that we can attain perfection through Jesus.

To us, living our entire lives without sinning is considered impossible but we know that it is only hard not impossible. Jesus proved that a man can live without sin throughout his life.

This also means a Christian can find a perfect partner for marriage and live without any quarrels throughout their years.

But just as we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit for us to live without sin, so we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit for us to find our soulmate.

The Bible may not refer to a marriage partner as a soulmate but the idea of a soulmate is definitely in line with scriptures.

Soulmates in the Bible: Does God bring them together?

Now that we know the Bible advocates for perfection not excluding finding a marriage partner, the big question is how can we find the perfect partner?

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God brings soulmates together. He creates circumstances that naturally draw two people who are meant to be with each other together. In our thinking, it may sound impossible but God has sufficient wisdom to bring soulmates together.

In my eBook about praying to get a husband, I dive deep into this discussion of how God causes soulmates to meet. I’ll not go into detail in this article because I’ve already talked about it in the eBook.

How God creates Soulmates

When God creates a man, He creates a helper for him. This is true when we read the creation story in the book of Genesis.

God created Adam. After a while, God saw that it was not good for man to be alone. Then, God looked for a suitable partner for man but didn’t find any in all He had created.

Let’s pause there…

God had made animals and each animal had a companion. Adam didn’t have a companion. When God wanted to give Adam a companion, He looked for a perfect companion for man but none was found.

We know that we can have pets as our companions but pets are not perfect companions for us. Pets can’t help us when we are emotionally distressed. Dogs can’t satisfy our desire for intimacy.

When no perfect partner was found for Adam, God took Adam’s rib and made Eve. Eve was a perfect match for Adam.

Today, there are billions of people on earth but we are not all the same. We vary in countless ways. No two people are exactly the same.

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This means that pairing up with some people may be good for us but not perfect. This is why we have family, friends, workmates, church-mates etc.

Church-mates are our companions in matters of our faith but we need workmates for companionship while at work.

Church-mates may not be good companions when we are at work. Workmates may not be good companions to talk to about our faith.

But we need both workmates and church-mates.

Your soulmate

A soulmate is the one person who perfectly suits your intimate needs. This is someone God designed to be by your side in everything you do under the sun.

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Your soulmate has understanding of you in every way possible. Marrying a workmate means you will easily relate when it comes to matters of work but things may not work out well when it comes to matters of faith.

Marrying a church-mate will make you at peace in terms of your faith but it may not work out well with your work.

It is only a soulmate who will be perfect for you in every way. A soulmate may be your church-mate but still perfectly suits you as a bed-mate, workmate and every other aspect.

There is no denying that there are people who have close resemblance with your soulmate but they are lacking is some aspect. They won’t perfectly meet your companionship needs as your soulmate would do.

Bible Condition for Meeting your Soulmate

If you want to meet your soulmate, you must align yourself perfectly with God’s purpose. It is only when you are perfectly aligned in God that you will meet your companion.

Your soulmate is not coming to be your companion in rebelling against God. The fact that the person is perfect for you means that you are meeting to do perfect work that God ordained you to do.

It is only God who has the wisdom to cause you and your soulmate to meet. God has also designed nature in such a way that only those who are in His will can recognize their soulmates.

For ladies, I have explained in this article how you can know if the man you have met is your soulmate.

Recognizing your perfect partner is easier than you imagine.

Soulmates in the Bible: Conclusion

There is a perfect partner for you; one who will meet all your needs. With your soulmate, it will also be easy for you to meet all his needs.

The condition for getting your perfect partner is to align yourself with God’s will. Since it is God who gave Eve to Adam, it is only God who can give you your soulmate.

The Bible doesn’t explicitly talk about soulmates but then the idea of soulmates is clearly brought out. God desires us to be perfect even in the person we get married to.

Therefore, seek God’s will and you will meet your perfect partner.

All the best!