5 Ways God can Show you your Husband

God can show you your husband is if you ask Him. He is a loving Father. Don’t earthly fathers help their daughters get married in whatever way they can? Why should you think your heavenly father won’t?

As James in the Bible puts it, many ladies fail to know their right husbands because they don’t ask and many of those who ask do it in a wrong way.

I have attended a number of weddings where God revealed a spouse to the other. It is a norm in my circle of friends. But I have to say that for God to reveal to you your husband, there are conditions that you must meet.

I have written extensively about those conditions in this eBook. I won’t repeat them in this article. In this article, I want to show you the common ways in which God reveals future husbands to ladies.

I hope this article will build your faith and motivate you to start seeking God for a husband. It is the best way to get a husband.

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1. God can show you your Husband through Dreams

By far the most common way God reveals future husbands to ladies is through dreams. Dreams are an easy way for God to speak to ladies.

When God shows dreams about spouses, they are normally unique. The following are the characteristics of dreams that God shows to ladies concerning their future spouses:


God is holy and so is everything He does. The dream that God sends you to reveal your spouse to you will always reflect His purity and holiness.

The purity of the dream will give you peace and you will wake up feeling refreshed. God will never show you a dream that leaves you feeling defiled.

Anytime you get a dream about a man and you suspect he is your future husband, check the purity of the dream. If it makes you feel defiled, it is an attack from the devil; pray against it.


God will only give you a dream that makes sense. How you react to whatever man God shows you in the dream will be exactly the way you would react if you met him in real life.

In other words, if your dream was to be reality, it would make perfect sense. If in reality you cannot hug a man you have met for the first time, neither will you hug him in the dream God shows you. The dream God sends you will reflect your values.

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God is not short of dreams to make you believe a man is your future husband. If you doubt one dream, He will bring other dreams.

The key thing in all the dreams that God will bring will be their logical order. If in the first dream you were in church talking with a man you suspect is your husband, the second dream will build on the first dream.

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You cannot have a dream where you are on honeymoon with the man followed by a dream where the man is proposing to you. God is orderly and so are the dreams He sends your way.

The dreams will also be with the same person. God will never show you a dream about one man then show you a different man in another dream.

2. God can show you your Husband through a Physical Meeting

God can reveal your husband to you by causing you to meet him physically. If God knows that you will fall in love with him when you see him, He may decide to cause the two of you to meet.

For you to know if the man you have met physically and fallen in love with is God’s doing, it will have the following characteristics:

Holy Place

A Holy God won’t plan for you to meet your husband in the devil’s backyard. Whatever place God chooses for you to meet your husband will always reflect His holiness.

In most cases, the meetings happen in the house of God, on evangelism missions, in church conferences or in home fellowships.

The common denominator of all the possible places you can meet with your husband is purity.

Holy Purpose

The purpose for which you went to the place where you meet your husband is significant. God will only reveal your husband to you physically if you went to the place with a noble purpose.

If you were on an evangelism mission with the purpose of winning souls, God will be pleased to give you a husband. If you were serving God in a conference, God may choose to reward you with a loving man.

Therefore, only count it a God ordained meeting if you meet a man and fall in love with him while you are pursuing a noble mission.

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Sufficient Time

If God plans that you meet your husband physically, He will provide sufficient time for you to interact with the man. God knows that it takes more than one meeting for you to fall in love.

If you were on an evangelism mission, God may plan that you end up in one team. Or He may plan that you sit on the same table for meals.

I have witnessed situations where God caused future spouses to serve in the same department until they began dating.

Whatever place you spend most of your time serving God, that is the place God will bring you your husband.

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You will have countless meetings with your future husband until you believe.

3. God can Show you your Husband Through His Servant

God has servants He can send to show you your husband. God mostly uses this approach if you are taking too long to believe the other signs He has given you.

With sending a servant to show you your husband, watch out for the following:

Uprightness of the Servant

God will only send an upright servant to tell you the news. Think of the case of Mary being told she would conceive baby Jesus; God sent Angel Gabriel.

God will make sure you have trust in that servant before He sends him with the news. It would be pointless for God to send a servant you don’t trust.

Marital Status

The servant God sends to you must be married and his marriage must be in order. Why would God entrust any of His servants with your marriage if they can’t handle their own?

For normal messages about marriage, God can use unmarried servants to convey it but when it comes to telling you who is your partner, only a married servant will be entrusted to tell you.

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The servants of God who tell you such and such a man is your husband must have authority over you and the man he is telling you is your husband.

God won’t ask any of His servants to handle issues that are outside their area of jurisdiction. God will require His servant to make sure that you two get together in marriage and He can only do so if he has authority over both of you.

4. God can show you your Husband by Direct Communication

I know a number of ladies that God spoke to directly about who their husbands were. Most of the ladies got the direct communication while they were in prayer but a few of them got the communication while minding their own business.

To some ladies, God will let them know a man is their husband once they give in to his advances. This normally happens when God wants to test the faith of the lady.

To know that God is communicating to you directly about your husband, check the following:

Your Stand with God

God will only reveal your husband to you if you are in a good relationship with Him. If there are any unsolved issues between you and God, He will address you concerning those issues rather than show you your husband.

Therefore, if you think God has spoken to you about your husband yet your relationship with Him is not streamlined, it’s not Him.

Choice of Words

God’s speech is peculiar. You know it by how similar it is to what is written in His word. One of the key aspects of God’s speech is His respect for people’s wills.

God never violates people’s wills. God can never say a statement such as ‘Marry this man’ rather He will say something like ‘This is your husband’.

In the first statement, your will is violated but in the second statement, you have a choice of either marrying the man or not.

Also, God won’t give you ultimatums or fix time for you. He can only go as far as making situations around you tough to push you to give in to the man’s advances.

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Your Stand with the Man

Most ladies fool themselves that God has shown them their future husband because they already love the man they claim is their future husband and they are desperately looking for a way to convince themselves they are right.

If you have already believed that a certain man is your husband, why should God show him to you?

In most cases, God speaks directly to ladies because they are struggling to believe a certain man is their husband. The direct communication is God’s vote of confidence.

Normally, you will struggle to believe that the man God is talking about is your husband because that is the reason God is speaking to you in the first place.

5. God can Show you your Husband Naturally

For some ladies, God will send a man but He won’t say a word to you. If you fall in love with the man and agree to get married to him, God will silently support you.

If God has chosen that you get married in this manner, even if you ask Him for confirmation, He won’t say anything.

God uses this approach to test ladies’ understanding of His ways. Provided you are in His ways, He will remain silent. He will only intervene if you stray from His ways.

The sign to watch out for here is your relationship with God. If your relationship with God remains strong while you date the man you believe is your husband, keep going.

A big number of ladies fall under this approach.

Observe the purity standards that God has set for marriage such as having no physical intimacy with the man before you get married and you will have a blessed marriage.

Can God show you your Husband? Conclusion

God is and will always be in the business of showing ladies their husbands. He has diverse ways of making it happen for ladies but the fact remains that He provides husbands.

Your duty is to align yourself and let God do His part. God may use any of the methods I have mentioned above to help you get a husband.

For some ladies, He will use a combination of several of the approaches. If you are very reluctant, God will use more ways to try and get you to your man.

If you don’t want to risk getting into a marriage with a wrong man, read the eBook I wrote on how to pray to God for a husband.

I have outlined the safety measures you are to abide by as you wait on God for the right man to take you.

All the best!