What Does The Bible Say About Online Dating?

What does the Bible say about online dating? It is important for every christian to know what the Bible recommends before starting dating online.

While I was doing my research on what the Bible says about online dating, I kept seeing some articles that claim it is okay and others that claim using online dating is not trusting God.

I have done extensive research and I am here to give you an answer to whether you should use online dating as a Christian or not.

What the Bible says about Online Dating

When you ask God if online dating is okay for Christians or not, you will be met with silence. But why does God remain silent on this important question?

The answer is simple; God remains silent on this question because we have free will. God made us with a free mind for us to make decisions.

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Some actions are outright wicked and God has made them known to us through His word. We all know that having affairs with multiple partners is evil.

But when it comes to questions that rely on the faith of individuals, God leaves them for individuals to decide.

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God will only let you know that ‘a man reaps what he sows’. Paul the apostle emphasized this point by stating that ‘whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully’.

If you dig deep into trusting God, you will reap the fruit of digging deep into trusting God. With the same measure you use, it shall be measured for you.

Therefore, online dating for Christians is dependent on what you want as an individual.

Is Online Dating not Trusting God?

If you trust God to give you the right partner, you won’t bother going to an online dating site. But if your faith is not sufficient to allow you wait on God for a husband, you will be tempted to look for a husband on online dating apps.

But whether online dating is right or wrong for Christians is not the big concern. The big question you should be asking yourself as a single Christian woman is do I want a husband from a dating site or from God?

If you say from God, then don’t go to a dating site. If you say from God through a dating site, you have limited God to giving you a husband from a dating site.

If the man God ordained for you is not on dating sites, you will miss him.

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The best approach is to Pray to God for a husband and let Him do what He knows best. It takes a huge dose of faith but it is the right thing to do.

I know a good number of Christian women avoid fully laying their need for a husband to God because they fear that God may not give them a husband.

The truth is that the fear of God failing to give you a husband is what will stop God from giving you a husband. The Bible is very clear when it says that whoever comes to God must believe that He is and that it is impossible to please Him without faith.

If you want God to give you a husband, you must fully leave the work of finding a husband to Him. The moment you start looking for a husband on online dating sites, God will sit back and let you struggle.

What the Bible says about Dating Online to get a Husband

I have witnessed a number of ladies get husbands from God. As far as I can recall, all the ladies met their husbands physically.

In fact, the ladies had spent quite some time around their future husbands before God revealed to them that those men were their husbands.

I have come to believe that if God wants two people to date and get married, He will cause them to meet physically. The physical meeting will naturally bring the love sparks that are needed to start a relationship.

I don’t know why God doesn’t use online dating to bring partners together but I know it is for good reasons.

Knowing the Steps to take to get a Husband from God

Faith comes from knowledge. The number one fear of surrendering your need for a husband to God is that God may never give you a husband. Other ladies fear that God may give them a man they don’t love.

I am here to assure you that God knows your taste of a man better than anyone else. How can the one who made your heart fail to know what it likes?

The first step in surrendering your need for a partner to God is convincing your heart that God knows a man who will fit you perfectly more than anyone else.

With this knowledge, it will be easy for you to lay up your need for a husband to God. Your heart will doubt God’s ability to provide a suitable man from time to time but you must discipline your heart to trust God.

Read testimonies of other women who have received husbands from God to strengthen your faith.

After convincing your heart that God actually provides husbands, you must convince your heart that the man God brings your way will be the best man you can ever find.

You can find a husband through online dating but he will be nowhere close to the man God will bring you if you trust Him.

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Finding a husband is hard. Very hard! If you want an easy way to find a husband, it is there. All you have to do is follow the guidelines.

What the Bible says about Online Dating: Conclusion

God watches Christian women who look for husbands through online dating sites struggle. Is there anything too hard for God? Of course not.

God chooses not to help Christians who use online dating because they prefer to be wise in their own eyes. It takes humility for you as a Christian woman to surrender your need for a husband to God.

If you want to struggle to get a husband, use online dating. If you want to get the best husband you can ever have, surrender to God.

It is all in your power.

Be wise!