Why is God Keeping Me Single for so Long?

God is not keeping you single. You are keeping yourself single and if you wish, you can keep yourself single forever.

What does God benefit by keeping you single and watching your poor soul waste away in loneliness? God is a caring father and just like an earthly father, He wants you to enjoy life.

If getting married will make you enjoy life more, God is more than willing to give you a husband.

But if that is the case, why hasn’t He given you a husband? What is He waiting for?

Well, that is what I want to help you understand in this article. I hope that by the end of this article you will have renewed hope in God giving you a husband.

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Why is God Keeping Me Single?

Why you are Still Single

Being single is a choice. Some say it is a blessing but it is not. Being single is a stage every lady must find a way out of.

If you sit back and wait to get out of singleness naturally, you will remain single forever. Good things come to those who look for them. Marriage is no exception.

But in your pursuit of marriage, you have to remember God. Going at it alone will land you in trouble.

How exactly should a lady who has been single for as long as she can remember find a husband and enjoy marriage?

I would have told you there is no right way to find a husband but that won’t help you. Instead, I will say you need a strategy.

As far as I know, there is no single lady I have witnessed get married who didn’t use a strategy to get a husband. The only difference is that some of those ladies didn’t know they were using a strategy.

There are worldly strategies of getting a husband but of course I don’t recommend such. I won’t even mention them lest you get curious and use one of them. Those worldly strategies of finding a husband lead your soul down into the pits of hell.

Thank God there are godly strategies of finding a husband. Each of the many strategies has its advantages and disadvantages.

They include praying to God to reveal your husband to you, serving in church to meet a husband, asking your pastor to help you find a husband etc.

I have attended a number of weddings and the common trend is that each of the girls that was getting married had followed one clear strategy.

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The problem that keeps many ladies single is constantly shifting from one strategy to another. Most strategies of getting a husband work but that is if you stick with them.

On this blog I recommend praying to God for Him to reveal your husband to you. I find this strategy the safest and best in the long run.

Therefore, you are still single either because you are not following any strategy to get a husband or you are jumping from one strategy to another.

Stick to one and watch your situation turn around.

God’s Will for Single Ladies

As I mentioned before, God gains nothing by keeping you single. What will He gain by seeing you struggle with loneliness? He doesn’t keep girls single.

Instead, He helps girls who seek Him find husbands. The keyword there is those who seek Him. To be more precise, those who seek Him for a Husband.

I have witnessed a number of very committed ladies struggle to get husbands not because they don’t serve God wholeheartedly but because they never ask Him for a husband.

Some of them don’t ask because they assume God does not care about their singleness. Others don’t ask because they think finding a husband is entirely their responsibility.

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The truth is that God gave you a desire for a husband. In fact, it is a curse that a woman cannot attain a certain level of contentment in life without a man. If you are doubting what I am saying, read the curses God pronounced to Eve again.

In God’s ideal plan, a girl is to get married in her youth. I’m sure you know that the beauty of girls peaks at a certain age and then fades as they age.

That beauty that comes natural to young girls is meant to attract a husband just as a flower attracts a bee. It takes wisdom for a young girl to discern her season for marriage.

If you fail to discern your peak season for marriage as a young girl, God can still give you another opportunity.

Most of the old couples of today met and got married when they were really young. The truth is that girls should get married at an age we consider too early today.

Our world has fallen far from God’s original plan.

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In every girl, God created a vacuum that only a husband can fill. Dedicating yourself to God will only fill the vacuum of God in your life but that of a husband will remain.

There is another vacuum of babies in every girl. That is why barrenness is a big deal in the Bible but that is a story for another day.

God is Keeping Me Single: How to Find a Spouse

Before I forget, finding a husband goes hand in hand with you working to become a godly wife. The more wife material you become, the more a godly husband will be attracted to you.

God also watches keenly how prepared you are to become a wife before He sends a man your way.

In other articles on this blog where I talk about finding a husband, I advocate for ladies to focus on being godly wives. That is the surest way of working to get a husband.

As a Christian lady, you should never pursue a man. Don’t ‘dress to kill’ an innocent man of God. If you end up attracting a husband by your dressing, you will have to sustain him with your dressing.

It also means that such a man can leave you if he finds another lady who dresses better than you. But attracting a husband through allowing God to prepare you to be a wife means you will keep the man for as long as you remain the wife God trained you to be.

Therefore, surrender yourself to God and let Him do the hard work for you. Stop fearing that you will be single forever because that is not God’s will for you.

Marriage is for you to enjoy and God is willing to give you a loving husband if you allow Him. Change your mindset about getting a husband and watch yourself get one.

Keep trusting God!