Regret Dropping out of College: What you need to know

I dropped out of college and had a difficult time coping with life after dropping out but I have no regrets at all. If you dropped out of college and you have regrets, I’m here to help you deal with your regrets once and for all.

You’ll be surprised that dropping out of college shouldn’t be a regret at all. In my case, if I were to go back to 2017, I would still drop out because it greatly improved my life even though it didn’t seem so at that time.

Read my full story about how I dropped out of college to get the full scope of how hard life became for me after I dropped out. I had every reason to regret my decision but I chose not to regret it.

Yes, you can choose to regret your decision or not to regret it. That is what I’m going to teach you in this article.

Today, you are on this blog because I chose to leave college and focus on becoming a blogger. I eventually went back to college but not because I had regrets; I went back because I found fulfillment in what I was doing.

Regrets after Dropping out of College

Regretting dropping out of college comes down to what you believe about it. If you believe you made the decision without proper thinking, you’ll definitely regret it.

However, if you believe the decision you made was properly thought out, you won’t have any regrets. How come I dropped out of college and I’m so glad I did it? You also dropped out, why should you regret it?

It is not about the result of your decision but rather what you believe about your decision. When I dropped out of University and life became difficult, I assured myself that the difficult life was still better than sitting in a University class that I didn’t like.

My College classmates were not struggling as I was but I knew my pain would not be in vain. Likewise for you, don’t interpret the pain you are feeling now as a sign that you made a bad decision by dropping out of college.

Trust me, if you stayed in college and didn’t drop out when you thought about it, you would be regretting not dropping out of college.

The trick here is simple; you will always regret any decision you make ‘unconsciously’. I have seen people make good decisions but end up regretting them just because they didn’t make them consciously.

Others have made terrible decisions but because they made them consciously, they have no regret whatsoever.

Don’t Regret Dropping out of College

Read my article 3 Reasons why Dropping out of College is a Good Idea to see why what you think was a bad idea is actually a good idea.

Dropping out of college will always come with advantages and disadvantages. If you expected only advantages, when you come across the disadvantages of dropping out of University, you will start regretting your decision.

But if you expected some disadvantages after dropping out, you won’t regret dropping out when you come across them.

The interesting thing about decisions we make is that we can decide whether they become decisions we celebrate or regret. I have seen serial killers brag about how they killed and raped women. Such an outright wicked act should make a normal person regret doing it but one can choose to be proud of it.

Normally, if your life after dropping out of college stabilizes, you will believe that dropping out of college was a good decision. However, if your life after college fails to stabilize, you’ll struggle to believe that dropping out was a good decision.

I’m choosing to portray dropping out of University as a good decision because you have already chosen it. I know you came to read this article hoping to find reasons that would support your beliefs that dropping out of college is a decision worth regretting.

Why should you inflict pain on yourself?

Change your Story

Instead of regretting your decision, why not change your story. Change your regret into a decision you will be grateful you made.

How to go about it, you ask?

It is simple; start by finding the advantages of the decision you made. Because you dropped out of college, you have more time to work on yourself. Take advantage of the time you have to improve yourself.

There is great knowledge about every topic you can think of on the internet. Start learning something new on the internet. You can get precise steps of how to identify your passion and what to do for a living in this other article that I wrote.

The steps listed in that article are the exact steps I followed to get out of the hopelessness I experienced after dropping out of college.

If you remain consistent in improving your life one day at a time, dropping out of college will start feeling like the best decision you have ever made.

Don’t compare yourself to others

You dropped out of college alone; don’t compare yourself to those who continued with college. The have their own struggles, which you have no idea of.

Right now you may feel they are doing better than you but wait until they graduate. Most of them will be as miserable as you are right now. They will bitterly regret having wasted their time in college if they fail to get a job.

If you are wise, by the time they graduate, let them find you pursuing your passion. I know they may heckle you for dropping out but once you have a passion, you’ll eventually make it in life.

In the end, future success depends on you; it barely matters whether you have a college degree or not.

Avoid Regrets after Dropping out of College

If you still feel terribly hopeless and lost in life, consider hiring a life coach. A life coach will help you find your passion and assist you in making crucial decisions about your life. Read more about why you need a life coach if you dropped out of college.

The stage you are in right now is critical in determining the success of your future. Don’t take chances and don’t just sit waiting for the ‘fog’ to disappear.

You have to rise up and tackle the hurdles that are before you. Every successful person you see went through the fog stage and came out successfully.

My own story is a perfect example of someone who went through a tough time after dropping out of college and here I am.

Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Don’t wait any longer. Rise up and conquer.

All the best!