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Feel like a Failure after Dropping out of College? Do this

Dropping out of College comes with diverse feelings. Sometimes you feel like a hero, other times you feel like a failure.

When I dropped out of college, I felt like a hero for taking the plunge. My friends had warned me that it was a dangerous move but as a man, the more dangerous something is, the more glory you get for doing it.

After dropping out, I began experiencing the roller coaster of emotions that comes after you drop out. I felt like a complete failure in life.

But I decided to deal with the negative feelings. I refused to sit down and pity myself. Eventually, I came out of the pit of feeling like a loser and here I am.

In this article, I will walk you through the same path I used to stop feeling like a failure after dropping out of University. The process itself takes time but if you want to speed it up, I’ll show you how to do it.

Create a Life Plan

Anyone who doesn’t have a life plan will always feel like a failure. The worthless feelings come because there is no plan.

So, how do you create a life plan?

A life plan is an endless process. You can’t sit down one afternoon and create a life plan. A life plan evolves with time.

All you can do is to lay down a structure for it then as time goes by, you fill in the missing parts. Creating a life plan is a complicated process. It needs time to develop.

I will give you a rough idea of how to come up with a life plan but the easiest way out is to hire a life coach to help you create one.

Know yourself

The first step to take if you want to develop a life plan is to study yourself. Everyone’s life plan is unique and its uniqueness is dependent on someone’s personality.

If you know what your likes and dislikes are, it will be easy to draft your life plan. For example, if you know you prefer working alone rather than in a team, you can easily eliminate work that demands that you work in a team.

The more details you know about yourself, the easier it will be for you to eliminate unwanted paths. I’m sure you have seen many people who hate what they do. Those are people who didn’t take time to craft their life plans before venturing into the world.

Right now, you are completely ‘green’, which is a good thing. Make sure when you start building your life, you are building the right kind of life that won’t need a complete overhaul later on.

The only way to make sure you pick the right trajectory for your life is by understanding your likes and dislikes.

If you find it hard to know your likes and dislikes, hire a life coach to study you and tell you what they are.

Read Self-help Books

Reading self-help books is part of knowing yourself. Shortly after I dropped out of college, I began reading self-help books to increase my knowledge.

The more books I read, the better I began feeling about myself. The knowledge I got from the books revealed many flaws I had. One by one, I began tackling the flaws and with each flaw that I successfully solved, I felt better.

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I had a wide range of flaws from dating to running a business. Eventually, I got to a point where I had fewer flaws than my age mates who were still in college. I began pitying them because they didn’t have the knowledge I had.

At that point, I stopped feeling like a failure for dropping out of college. Dropping out of college became a decision I was glad I made.

To this day, though I enrolled back to college, I’m still grateful to the 19 year old me for choosing to drop out of college.

Track your Progress

As you keep pushing to improve yourself, even if you will hire a life coach to walk you through the process, remember to track your progress.

You can easily feel worthless even if you are doing great if you don’t track your progress. Tracking your progress will make you feel great about yourself even if your progress is slow.

Knowing that you are better today than you were yesterday comes with great feelings of accomplishment.

When I dropped out of college, I was very poor at conversing with girls. I struggled to get a partner. At the same time, I was a poor writer.

But then I decided to improve one small area of my life at a time. I began reading books about dating and having a conversation with girls.

It took me a while but finally I began grasping the techniques. Before long, I had become courageous enough to start a conversation with a random girl.

The small wins were a great motivation to me. The small wins subconsciously assured me that I had made a good decision to drop out of college and focus on self-improvement.

On the other hand, I had begun free-writing and my writing skills were gradually improving. You can get all the details about my first writing gigs in my eBook where I narrate my experience dropping out of University.

Take Massive Action

From my experience dropping out of College, taking massive action is what salvages you from feeling like a failure.

If you sit back and pity yourself, you will continue feeling like a failure. Becoming a better person is a choice you consciously make.

It will take time to get out of the pit of feeling like a failure but if you are consistent you will eventually come out. I did it in three years and you can too.

If you hire a life coach to guide you through, you will take a shorter time to recover from your stressful state and with few mistakes.

You have a whole life ahead of you waiting for you to make the right decision now. If you mess up at this stage, the rest of your life will be a battle to turn your life around. But it is easier to start on the right path than to try and change your path later on.

Don’t wait any longer to deal with feelings of worthlessness. Dropping out of University is not a bad decision unless you choose to make it bad. Choose to make the decision good.

All the best!