3 Reasons why Dropping out of College is not a Bad Idea

Dropping out of college sounds like a bad idea but it is actually a good idea. Of course there are situations where dropping out of college is a bad idea but that does not mean it is always bad to drop out of college.

In this article, I will give you three factors that make dropping out of college a good idea and why you should consider dropping out.

Personally, I dropped out of college and though I faced some challenges, the overall experience was greatly beneficial in my life.

The points I give in this article are from my own experience. If someone had a different experience dropping out of University, he is free to stop reading my ‘biased’ opinion.

I will be using part of my story to elaborate the points I mention but if you are interested in reading my full story of how I dropped out of college, you can read it here.

Why Dropping out of College is not a Bad Idea

1. You’ll have time to Figure out your Life

Let’s be honest with one another here; a good number of people in college have no idea what they want to do with their lives. They are mindlessly doing what they are told to do.

It is no surprise that many students struggle to get jobs after graduating from college. If you never had time to figure out your life before enrolling in college, you’ll barely have it after you graduate.

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Life becomes busier and more complicated as we grow.

When you drop out of college, you get an opportunity to figure out your life. The advantage of dropping out of college to figure out your life is that you won’t be under pressure.

What do I mean…?

If you stick with college and decide that you will figure out your life once you are done with it, when you are actually done with it, people will expect a lot from you.

Your parents will expect you to find a job. Your friends may expect you to find a partner and settle down. Whoever funded you in college will be expecting you to start paying back the loan you took.

You can have many other expectations, which won’t give you time to figure out your life. You will easily become a victim of the quarter-life crisis.

On the other hand, if you drop out of college, people will have very few expectations of you if any. They will write you off, which is a good thing because it gives you space to focus on your life than trying to meet people’s expectations.

When I dropped out of college, most of my friends perceived that I was miserable and confused. Sure enough, I was confused but at least I had chosen to be confused so that I find direction.

A few months of confusion led me to find meaningful things that I could do. Within a year of dropping out, I had begun working to improve on several areas of my life.

Eventually, I found my passion in writing and that is why you are reading this awesome article.

My friends graduated and met the very confusion I had gone through. However, unlike me, people had high expectations of them, which made their situation tougher than how mine had been.

I don’t know if they managed to find direction considering the pressure that was piled on them.

Therefore, as much as dropping out of college is seen as a bad idea, it buys you time to figure out your life with little pressure.

2. You’ll Avoid Unnecessary College Expenses

Let’s face it; college is expensive. Not only are you charged thousands of dollars in tuition fee but also you need a lot of cash for upkeep. How can dropping out of college be a bad idea?

Such an expensive investment should not be undertaken unless it is very necessary. Anytime you are in college yet you don’t know how college education will benefit you in future, it is wise to take a break.

Continuing to sit in college will pile up debt fast and before you know it, you will have a huge debt to pay yet you have gained nothing.

Dropping out of college will save you the trouble of unnecessary expenses.

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I dropped out of University after my first year. I never wanted to continue spending money in college when I was not sure whether it would benefit me or not.

As a clever ‘businessperson’, you should only invest your money in your areas of interest. How many people do you know who are struggling to pay off student loans? It is a big crisis in many countries.

Purpose not to be among the students who will graduate from college yet they can’t use their college education to pay off their student loan.

If you choose to drop out, you won’t pile up debt and of course you will save yourself a considerable amount of money spent on common college expenses.

3. You can always go back to College

Surprise! Surprise! I enrolled back to college. You can get details from this other article. After dropping out and pursuing my own ventures, I eventually went back to college.

I didn’t go back to college because life outside college wasn’t working out but rather because I was more aware of myself; I knew what I wanted from college education.

I still could have moved on with my life without a University degree but I decided to have it because why not? I’m a full time blogger; I don’t need anyone to employ me.

I am back in college to improve my knowledge on the technical aspect of creating a blog. I’m taking a course in Information Technology.

The point I am making here is that you can always go back to college when need arises. It is the luxury of dropping out of college.

Students who push themselves through college when they feel like dropping out eventually graduate with poor results. Why not just drop out, figure out your life, and enroll back when you are ready?

Universities will always admit new students.


I have spoken out my mind on why dropping out of college is a good idea. How you use the information I have given you is up to you.

However, if you are still unsure whether you should ‘take the leap’ or not, read this other article to get an idea of what you can do to get a clear cut decision.

Before I leave, I want to explicitly mention that all the content written in this article is my personal view. I believe dropping out of college is not a bad idea.

Is it better to tell college students who want to drop out of college to drop out and figure out their lives or is it better to encourage them to stay in college even when they don’t want to?

I prefer the former choice and it is what I encourage.

I’m done!