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Dropped out of College and don’t know what to do? Read this

After dropping out of college, life can be very confusing. If you are not careful, you may completely mess up your future. But don’t worry anymore because you have come to the right place.

I dropped out of college and became utterly confused. I almost got into depression but I managed to come out of the confusion.

In this article, I’ll help you find direction in life using the same principles that worked for me. It takes a bit of work to get your life back in order but it is doable.

I want you to know that feeling lost in life after dropping out of college is a common occurrence. In fact, even people who graduate from University still experience some kind of confusion.

The confusion that young people who leave college experience is termed the quarter life crisis. Basically, it is the confusion that sets in after the structure of being in school since childhood is taken away.

When you drop out of college, chances are that you have no experience in any field. Deciding a career you want to focus on is hard because you feel you have no qualifications.

The confusion is made worse by the unlimited options that are presented before you. You may have some passions you want to pursue but you have several of them, which makes it hard to settle on one.

It was painful for me after dropping out of college. Before I settled on becoming a blogger, I surveyed many ventures. You can read my full story in this eBook that I wrote about my experience after dropping out of college.

Start with what you have

When you are looking to make your life better, you will most likely look for external factors. As humans, we are biased to believe that something from the outside will come and dramatically change our lives.

But the truth is that change happens from within. You are feeling lost not because of external factors but because of the disorganization within you.

If you can organize your internal system, your life will automatically get in order. External factors are subject to our internal system.

Of course the big deal after dropping out of college is figuring out how you can make a living. You have a disadvantage in that you don’t have a college degree, which can make finding a good job difficult.

But who said you need a job to make money? You can make way more money doing business. Not having a degree is not a big deal nowadays as most people make it look.

Identify a Skill

I want you to start here. Don’t ‘look’ for a skill. Simply identify a hobby skill that you occasionally do or you used to do. Of course you will have a number of them. List them down no matter how useless they may sound.

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Once you have listed them down, see which of them you enjoy doing. If you enjoy doing several of them, find which one requires the least effort from you.

Perfect your Skill

Whatever skill or skills you pick, spend conscious time becoming better at it. For example, if you love watching documentaries, gather more information about the specific type of documentaries that you watch.

Naturally, as you watch more of them, your interest in them will grow. If you love storytelling, the more you tell stories, the better you will become at telling stories.

Be consistent in perfecting your skill. You can create a simple method to track the daily activities you do to improve the particular skill you have chosen to perfect.

Learn a Presentation Method

Once you become good enough in the skill of your choice, find a suitable way of presenting it to others. For example, if you love watching documentaries, you can start recording small clips of yourself talking about the latest documentary that you watched.

If you love storytelling, you can train how to type your stories on a computer. Because you already love the skill that you do, it won’t be hard to present it whether in writing or in talking.

Keep perfecting your presentation method and increasing your knowledge about the skill you chose to perfect.

Create an Audience

If you are good at your skill and you can present it in a decent way, go ahead and create an audience. Instead of creating short clips that end up on your phone, create a YouTube channel and post them there.

Don’t worry about how you will get followers and subscribers; your work is to upload as many of those short clips as you can.

If you chose to present knowledge about your skill in writing, you can publish it on any social media of your choice.

The most important factor in this step is to be consistent in presenting information about your skill to people who are willing to listen to you.

If you do it consistently for a while, it won’t take long before people interested in the same skill start following you.

Choose a way to make money from your skill

Once you have a number of people who look up to you for information in a particular area, your next step is to decide on how you can make money from the value you are offering your followers.

If you are a storyteller, you can write small books and sell to your followers. If you love watching documentaries, you can approach companies that produce documentaries and tell them you have followers who love their documentaries. You can land unlimited deals with the company.

From there on, all you do is increase your knowledge in your chosen subject and present it to your followers. As you grow in knowledge, so will your authority in the field grow and with it comes big opportunities.

That is the advantage of the digital era we live in today. You’ll be surprised at how successful you become.

Deal with hopelessness

Lamenting about your ‘hopeless’ situation will not make it any better. You will only become better if you take the right action.

As much as what I have outlined seems easy and is actually easy, it does take discipline and commitment to make it work. I’m sure you know a good number of successful people who don’t have college degrees. It is not impossible to copy what they do.

I would highly recommend, if you have a bit of money on you, that you hire a life coach to help you find a way out of the confusion you are experiencing.

You may want to deal with the confusion and hopelessness alone but having a life coach to guide you will make your work a lot easier.

You can read this other article to see why it is important to hire a life coach if you dropped out of college.

Getting out of your situation is not so difficult. I did it and you can too.

All the best!