Why you need a Life Coach when Deciding about College

Who exactly is a life coach and what does he do? Do you really need the services of a life coach? Well, I am here to help you see the side of a life coach you may never have seen.

I want you to see how much you are missing by not having a life coach and I’ll also help you know how you can get the best out of a life coaching service.

It is possible to have a life coach and not see any difference but I want you to avoid that kind of situation. Deciding whether to enroll to University or not is a big decision that will impact a big chunk of your life.

You have to get it right. There are no two ways about it.

Also, you have to decide what you want to do with your life, which is never an easy decision.

In the current world where you have millions of options, choosing one thing to focus on is next to impossible.

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A life coach is a professional who will help you make the right decisions when it comes to deciding on crucial life choices.

A life coach is often an accomplished person in life and is able to see the broad perspective. Since we can’t be everywhere at every time to gain life experience, hiring a person specialized in getting direction in life is the logical thing to do.

Can a Life Coach Really Help?

Making decisions about College is hard. It has always been hard and it will always be hard. Do you know why? Because College costs a heck lot of money, takes a big chunk of your early adulthood life and determines the trajectory of your life.

How many couples do you know who met in College? Yet that is just one aspect of College. My own brother is an Engineer and he married a fellow engineer whom he met in college.

In other words, choosing the right course may just mean choosing the career of your partner too. At least it was true in my brother’s case.

I dropped out of school because I hated the course I was doing. It took me three years of stress and struggles to get back to University and pursue the course I loved.

One wrong decision took me three years of struggling to correct. I can’t even say how much it cost me.

As insignificant as some decisions about College seem, they carry a lot of weight. Despising them is literally despising your own future.

That is where a life coach comes in. I am not a life coach but I have interacted with a number of them. I used to think life coaching is a waste of time. I thought it was a scam career aimed at making money off people’s indecisiveness.

But after I went through the stressful journey of dropping out of College, I changed my mind about life coaches.

I wish I had sought advice of a life coach before deciding on the course to pursue in the University. That would have saved me four years of my time and unnecessary stress.

Anyway, I went through it so that you don’t have to. But that will only be true if you listen to what I advise.

A life coach is really helpful when you want to make big decisions in life. The only time when a life coach is not helpful is when you don’t hire one.

Now that you know why hiring a life coach is really helpful, let’s look at the main advantages you should expect when you hire a life coach.

Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

You Will Easily Plan for your Future

Planning for the future is hard. It is difficult to predict how events will turn out. Even the most experienced person can barely make the right guess. What chance then does a nobody like you and me stand when it comes to planning for the future?

Definitely, the chances of an average person making a perfect plan for his life border zero. However, when you add a life coach in the equation, suddenly, the chances of a perfect future plan go high.

Obviously, you can never guarantee a perfect future even if you get the best life coach in the world. What happens when you hire a life coach is that your future ceases to be a complete gamble and becomes clearer.

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To put it into perspective, assume you are driving to a town on the eastern border of your country. Assume also that you live at the center of your country. If you have completely no idea of direction, you stand almost no chance of picking the eastern direction.

However, if you have a compass direction, you will go in the right direction, which greatly increases your chances of stumbling upon the town you want to go to.

The person who tells you the direction of the town is an average life coach. If you choose to go with the top notch life coaches, they will give you direction to within a few miles of the town you intend to go to.

That is basically what life coaches do.

Surprisingly, most people prefer to roam around the country and get lost countless times hoping that a miracle will happen that they find themselves in the town they intend to get to.

In the process of getting lost around the country, they constantly worry and suffer many stressful events.

Have you not seen the rise in depression in this generation? What do you think is causing it? So many people have no direction in life.

All they do is wake up and hope to find something to eat. The issue is that they have found themselves in a place in life they never anticipated.

With zero anticipation, they have no strategy whatsoever to salvage themselves from the tough place. Don’t be like them.

The help of a life coach may seem insignificant but it has a huge difference as the years go by.

Getting direction for your life is critical. With direction, you can anticipate most of the challenges you will face. And with anticipation, you can plan in advance how to solve them.

All these will work in your advantage if you get a life coach.

You will build a Solid Foundation for your Life

Just as the size of a building is determined by its foundation, likewise, the size of achievement in life is determined by the foundation laid.

The tragedy facing our generation is that most of us fail to create a solid foundation but we get surprised when our life falls apart. Quack architects are in a better position because most of them usually know when they have laid a poor foundation for a house and when it collapses, they are not surprised.

The seemingly small decisions you make today will impact your life in big ways unimaginable. If you go to College and pile up debt, you must have a strategy of how you will pay it off.

If you choose not to go to College, you must have a strategy of how you will survive on the day a University degree is a pre-qualification for whatever you want.

Going to College with no direction will almost always get you into debt you can’t pay. Debt is not bad but if you don’t treat college as an investment, you will surely regret having taken the student loan.

Sometimes you may genuinely work hard in College but if you picked a course that is not in line with your passion, you end up struggling in a field you don’t like.

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That is why you need a life coach at the time you are making decisions about College such as the major you want to pursue.

Getting the foundation perfect will give you a head start; you will have an easy time dealing with future decisions.

Think of a guy who chooses to invest while he is still a teenager. If he follows all the investment principles, he will certainly have sufficient money in future.

Such a person will find it a lot easier to decide whether to buy a house or build. His counterpart who never invested will be worrying about whether to buy lunch and skip supper or skip lunch and eat supper.

Therefore, invest in a life coach now to help you build a foundation that will make your life decisions in future easy.

Life coaches have the right material for you to put in your foundation to make it strong. Once your foundation is strong, you will reap the fruit of it for the rest of your life.

In the Long run, you will Save a Lot of Money

It is surprising how foolish people are sometimes; they easily refuse to pay a few dollars in the moment to hire a life coach and end up making poor decisions that cost them tens of times the amount they would have paid the life coach.

Some are unlucky and never recover from the poor decisions they made. While hiring a life coach may seem expensive and unnecessary now, it will save you a heck lot of money in future.

Likewise, laying the foundation of a house costs a lot of money; almost half the entire price of the building. But if you think the cost of laying the foundation is exaggerated and you cut it down, your house won’t stand.

What you might not think at the time you are laying the foundation of your house is that it will save you years of paying rent. If you avoid building your house because you fear the cost of laying the foundation, you will spend the rest of your life paying rent.

Therefore, at this time when you are making a crucial decision about University, get the advice of a life coach. Pay a ‘small’ fee now willfully to avoid paying a heavy price in future compulsively.

Where to find a Life Coach

Life coaches are near you regardless of where you live. Most of them have physical offices near you but if there is none, you can easily find one online.

In fact, I recommend hiring a life coach online. Having coaching sessions online is flexible and cheaper than going for a face to face meeting.

The challenge with finding a life coach online is that there is a ton of them and deciding on which one to hire is difficult.

The scariest part of hiring a life coach online is that you can easily hire a quack. It is easy to fake qualifications online and get away with it.

Despite the risk involved with hiring a life coach online, you can leverage the services of a quality company to ensure you get a qualified life coach.

Of course it will cost a little more to get the assurance but it is worth it. Several online companies enroll qualified coaches and list them for the public to hire them.

To make your work a lot easier, these companies can pick for you the right coach if you submit your requirements.

All you have to do is tell them how much you want to spend and the problem you want to be helped with. They will pick from their own list of coaches one who fits your budget and is specialized in solving the type of dilemma you are in.

One of the best such companies and one that I recommend you use is called Life Coach Hub.

Cost of Life Coach Sessions

Hiring a life coach costs $500 on average. However, you can hire one from as low as $50 and as high as $3000. The big difference in the cost is down to several factors of which quality is the main one.

A $3000 life coach in most cases is specialized in very crucial areas of life such as finance and health. These are areas you can’t gamble with.

The $50 life coach is probably a fresh graduate from College looking for a way to make money online. It is rare that such a cheap life coach has any golden nuggets to offer.

Coaches around the $500 range are the average bunch. They are certified life coaches but they are not super specialized.

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If you have the budget, go for the super specialized coaches. If you aren’t sure, pick a coach in the average bracket.

In the end, it is a matter of balancing quality and cost.

How to Hire a Life Coach

Hiring a life coach involves many decisions. Apart from picking a coach within your budget, you should also consider the gender and specialization of the coach.

The age of the coach you hire also affects how effective the sessions turn out for you. Other factors such as the language your coach speaks is only applicable when you decide to hire a coach online.

In the offline world, it is rare to find a coach who speaks a language you don’t understand. The worst that can happen offline is picking a coach who has an accent that you struggle to hear.

But as I had mentioned before, you don’t have to scratch your head in confusion when choosing a life coach to hire.

Simply go to the Life Coach Hub website and fill the form requesting them to match you with a life coach who meets your needs. It is the simplest way out.

Once you get a matching life coach, make sure you follow their advice. It is vain for you to hire a coach and refuse to take their advice.

I hope deciding about college won’t stress you anymore. I also hope you will find clear direction for your life.

All the best!

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