NoFap: Should you Delete Social Media?

Nofap is not an easy challenge. Many people relapse. Others indulge in edging using social media.

On the journey to quit porn addiction for good, time comes when the urges to watch porn come strongly. While some people are able to resist them completely, others go to social media to look at seductive images.

Social media has many temptations that make your journey to overcoming fapping hard. That is why some nofap guys completely get rid of social media.

Unfortunately, social media has important benefits that most people need. It is advisable to join support groups on social media when you are fighting against porn addiction.

That means that by choosing to quit social media, you are also quitting your support system. That is what brings up the dilemma of quitting social media when you are practicing nofap.

I once read a comment of a guy in the nofap reddit thread who was quitting reddit because every time he would open reddit, he would end up going to porn sub-reddits.

The same thing happens on almost every social media channel you can think of. On Instagram, majority of the content is seductive. Going there is a death sentence to your efforts to beat porn addiction.

Right now you are reading this blog on Google. A few clicks away and you can land on a porn site. But if you choose to cut off searching on Google completely, you will also miss out on helpful blogs such as this one.

So, what should you do about social media when you are practicing nofap?

Social Media is Necessary

Cutting off social media completely is a bad idea. The benefits of social media are many and it is not worth trading them all just because you want to quit watching porn.

If you have other reasons for quitting social media in addition to wanting to get rid of porn addiction, that is justifiable.

But getting rid of social media for nofap’s sake is not worth it.

I know of people who make a living entirely from social media. Others make connections that change their lives completely.

People find jobs through the connections they get on social media. Cutting off social media will cripple many areas of your life especially in this era.

But that does not mean that social media isn’t deadly. It surely is. Many have ruined their lives on social media. We have seen cases of content that went viral on social media and destroyed a person’s life.

Therefore, as a wise person, you need to find a way to manage how you use your social media. At the end of the day, how much self-control you have is what counts.

Think of this; there are people who use social media just as you do but they don’t struggle with porn addiction at all. What do they do differently?

If you can copy their way of operation, you will most likely be able to use social media without getting tempted to watch porn.

That is what I want to talk about for the rest of this article.

Nofap Social Media Alternative

Now that deleting social media completely to practice nofap is not a good idea, what else can you do? I had the same question back then when I was hooked to watching porn and masturbating. Read my full story.

I installed porn blocking apps in an attempt to filter adult content from my social media and general internet use. But then on many occasions I would disable the porn blocking apps and satisfy my urges.

I came to realize that the porn blocking apps were 100% reliant on the strength of my resolution. If my resolve to stay away from porn became weak, the apps wouldn’t stop me from watching adult content.

At that point, I decided to deal with my resolve to stay away from porn and fapping. I knew that if I could reinforce my decision to quit porn, I wouldn’t need the porn blocking apps.

I began researching anything and everything about having a strong resolution. Several months passed and the digging grew deeper.

I discovered a few golden nuggets along the way but the biggest one was the discovery of the root cause of my addiction to porn.

Root cause of Porn Addiction

I learned that watching porn was a side effect of a problem that began during my childhood. Instead of spending my time trying to solve the childhood problem, I was busy wasting my time trying to block porn.

No amount of avoiding social media would take away urges to watch porn. I was a porn addict even when I was not watching porn.

My mind had learned to mask the emotional pain I got from my childhood with porn. As long as the emotional pain was there, I was going to watch porn and fap whether I liked it or not.

I wanted to go see a therapist to help me heal from the childhood pain but I didn’t know where to find one.

I ended up spending about two years learning how to heal from the childhood pain I had experienced. As I got closer to healing, urges to watch porn got closer to extinction.

I was amazed at how simple it was becoming for me to stay away from watching porn. I would no longer spend hours watching porn.

Anytime the urges would overwhelm me and I had to watch porn, it wouldn’t last for more than five minutes. Ejaculating once would completely take away the urges.

The frequency of watching porn and masturbating kept going down until when I would go for several months before getting an urge.

Before I knew it, the urges disappeared for good. To this day, I don’t struggle with porn anymore. And the amazing part is that I use social media freely.

I normally come across one or two suggestive images but they don’t trigger the urges. I can confidently say I overcame porn addiction.

Beat Porn Addiction for Good

Don’t waste your time wondering whether you should quit social media or not. As long as you are alive, you will come across suggestive content.

It is next to impossible to cut off all adult content on social media. Even if you manage to cut it off, you will still meet real girls on the street who are dressed provocatively.

That is why you need to deal with the urges from their source. Uproot them once and for all and be completely free.

Get an in-depth guide on how to get rid of porn addiction for good from one of the articles I wrote.

Good luck!