NoFap is Hard for many People: This is the Reason

NoFap is a hard challenge. You may have a few easy days but for most days you will be walking in fire.

A huge number of people are unsuccessful with the nofap challenge. There are no scientific studies that have been done to give the exact success rate of nofap but someone did a poll in his private Facebbok group and found interesting results.

Out of all his group members only 4% were successful with nofap which means 96% of the people failed. 20% of the people in the nofap challenge managed to cross the 90 day mark.

That means that 80% of people never reached the 90 day mark. I know these results are saddening to you who is striving to beat porn and fapping.

But don’t worry because I’ll give you a solution on how to navigate these crocodile infested waters.

Why nofap is hard

Nofap is hard because it requires you to deprive yourself of a primal desire. Our bodies are naturally sexual and they crave the excitement that comes from intimate interactions. Our minds will resist any attempt to cut off intimate feelings.

Think of it like food. Porn addiction is similar to junk food addiction. The difference is that with junk food, you put junk in the stomach while with porn you put junk in the mind.

If you want to quit junk food, it is easy if you start eating healthy food. For porn addiction, you also recover by feeding you mind healthy content.

Using NoFap to quit porn addiction is equal to using fasting to quit junk food addiction. Fasting is hard because our bodies get energy from the food we eat.

It is even more difficult if you are not used to fasting. Nofap has the same effects. Your body struggles to adjust to life without intimate expression.

While the intention of nofap is good, it is not a benefits-only practice. There are downsides to depriving yourself of sexual expression.

Most people will be comfortable to sit quietly for an hour but almost all of them will be uncomfortable if duct tape was put on their mouths for an hour.

While it is technically the same thing, keeping your mouth shut for an hour, our minds agree to the former but resist the latter.

The reason behind it is that our minds hate slavery. They always want to know that they have a choice. If you take away choices, they protest.

It is your very own mind that makes nofap hard in order to discourage you from doing it. And it is for a good reason. Your mind expects you to procreate and it will do everything in its power to make sure you procreate.

The same mind causes us to be attracted to girls for procreation purposes.

Should you yield to your urges during nofap?

Urges to have sex during nofap are normal. In fact, sexual urges are normal for every healthy person. However, they need to be controlled.

Unfortunately, nofap cuts them off completely. It may seem like a good solution in the short term but then in the long run, it damages your body.

It is like putting duct tape on a child to silence him. He will protest in the beginning but if the practice continues he will shut up completely.

In the future when you want him to be lively, he won’t be lively because his spirit is crushed. That is exactly what nofap does to your sexual ‘spirit’. It strangles it.

In future, you will have a hard time reviving your sexual feelings if you do nofap. That is why your wise mind is resisting nofap with all its might.

However, that does not mean that you should give in to the sexual urges and fap all day long. Instead, you are supposed to learn to control your sexual urges.

In other words, you should be able to comfortably put aside sexual urges and bring them up whenever you need them.

If you get sexual urges and you have no wife of your own, you should be able to calm them down without fapping. When you eventually get married, you are to bring them up and have sweet intimate time with your wife.

That is the ideal way of being sexual.

How then should you overcome fapping?

You overcome fapping by gaining control of your mind one section at a time. Fapping is a habit in your mind. If you can break it down into small portions and solve one portion at a time, you’ll finally be free.

To understand what I mean by breaking down fapping into simple steps, read my article how to stop porn addiction after failing miserably.

I was addicted to fapping for close to 10 years but I eventually overcame it without using the difficult nofap process. I have written my full story in this eBook.

I realized that wanking was not a stand-alone problem. It was a side effect of a deeper problem within me. Instead of fighting wanking as a stand-alone habit, I addressed its root cause.

Once the root cause was solved, the uncontrollable urges to fap disappeared. Nowadays, my sexual life is perfectly balanced.

I have a strong healthy desire for the opposite sex but the urges don’t push me to the point of fapping. I never count my days the way I see nofap guys doing. I know I am free and I don’t need to count any days unless I want to count my days till the day of my death.


Nofap is so difficult for a good reason. Don’t push your body out of what it was naturally created for. Neither should you allow yourself to be a leaf in the wind.

Instead, take your time and investigate the source of your fapping problem. Don’t be in a hurry to stop fapping.

Once you discover the root cause of your wanking addiction, you will easily come out of the addiction without any struggles.

Be gentle on yourself and solve the wanking problem like a gentleman. Nofap is like trying to kill a housefly on your head using a hammer; even if you hit the housefly, the end result will be a loss.

Be wise. Good luck!