Does NoFap Ever Get Easier?

Most supporters of the NoFap community will agree that it does get easier when you keep pushing into hundreds of days.

For anti-nofap guys, they will trash it and say nofap is always hard. So, who among the two is right? I am.

I am right because I am in neither camp. I struggled with fapping for close to 10 years and tried so many solutions, nofap included.

In the end, I overcame my addiction to porn and I am here to tell you the truth. Not only will I tell you whether nofap gets easier or not but I will also tell you what you can do to be completely free from porn for the rest of your life without straining.

Does nofap ever get easier?

NoFap never gets easy. However, as you keep following through nofap, your body adjusts to the challenge and you find it a lot easier to cope with the urges. But there is no point you will ever reach in nofap where the urges stop.

That is the bitter-sweet news that I want you to know. Now that nofap is bitter-sweet, what else is there to help you deal with porn addiction?

Well, that is the question I wanted you to ask.

NoFap Alternatives

Nofap is only one way of solving porn addiction. Just because it is popular doesn’t mean it is the best. I don’t discredit nofap neither do I deny that some people have found it useful.

But then I have another method that worked perfectly for me after nofap failed to deliver the results that I wanted. I have had a long history with fapping. You can get my full story in my eBook.

What I wanted was to be completely free from porn addiction and masturbation. But then I also wanted to have an easy time resisting the urges to fap.

I then found myself stuck between two options; I either cut off the urges completely or allow them to continue controlling me.

And that is the same place where most nofap skepticals are stuck. I knew I didn’t want to watch porn and fap but I wanted to get a wife and enjoy sex with her.

I knew if I cut off my sexual urges completely I would struggle to bring them back when I finally get a wife. But then if I allowed them, I would continue watching porn and fapping.

At that point, I began looking for a midpoint between the two extremes. And that midpoint is exactly what I want to share with you.

I hope you now see why I prefer another method over nofap. Who doesn’t like permanent solutions? To understand my nofap stand better, read my article why nofap is hard for many people.

Porn Addiction Therapy

The best way to overcome porn addiction and wanking is by using therapy. Some may argue that nofap is therapy but I will tell you why nofap and therapy are different.

The reason why I say therapy is the best way to beat porn addiction is because it delivers better results in a shorter time and in an easier way.

Fapping is a habit and all habits are created in the mind. What most people may not know is that our minds create habits in order to make the decision making process easy.

On your phone, there are apps. All music files are run by one music app, image files are run by another app and so on. The reason for having different apps on your phone is to make it possible to run different kind of files.

Likewise, our brains do exactly the same thing. They download ‘apps’ to run ‘files’. If they find a strange file that doesn’t open with any of the available apps, they download a new app for it.

Watching porn is an ‘app’ that your brain downloaded from ‘the internet’. It was downloaded to run a specific ‘file’.

Just as you will download a social media app for the purpose of connecting with friends, so your brain ‘downloads’ porn to suit a specific need. The need may vary from person to person but it is always there.

If you try to ‘uninstall’ porn from your brain, your brain will give you an error. And that error reads ‘file is in use’.

In other words, your brain is willing to uninstall porn but then porn is in use. Your brain then waits for you to install another ‘app’ to serve in the place of porn. And here is where nofap thrives.

Nofap will give you alternative ‘apps’ to be used in place of porn. But nofap doesn’t uninstall the porn ‘app’ from your brain.

That is why no matter how long your nofap streak is, there is always a possibility of relapsing. Your brain can at any moment choose to use the porn ‘app’ to run a file instead of the recommended file.

It is here that therapy comes in. Therapy will not only ‘uninstall’ porn but it will solve the problem that porn was ‘downloaded’ to solve. With that problem solved, your mind won’t ever need porn again.

And that is where true freedom from fapping comes from. Porn and wanking will be like chewing paper; it is pointless. Just the same way you never get urges to chew paper, you won’t get urges to watch porn and fap.

It just disappears from your life. You won’t have to count days, go to the gym, take old showers or do anything to keep it away. Porn itself will go away from you.

I hope you now get my point. That is where I am. I know I am no longer addicted to porn and I never use an ounce of my energy to resist it. I just enjoy life.

You can even see how freely I talk about porn because I know I will never fall back into it. Can you be worried that the sun won’t produce light? Neither am I worried about falling back into porn or what the nofap community calls relapsing.


I put before you an option; nofap or therapy? I won’t force you to use therapy neither will I advise you to use nofap.

Therapy has a cost to it too though it is monetary. The amazing thing about therapy is that it won’t go on forever. After a while, you won’t need it anymore because you will be completely free like me.

If you are interested in learning how to use therapy to solve your fapping problem once and for all, start with this article: How to stop porn addiction after failing miserably.

Good luck!