NoFap Cold Showers: Do they really work?

If you have tried nofap, chances are that you took cold showers. But then it is pointless to take cold showers if you are not sure whether they help in nofap or not.

I’m here to make everything about cold showers and nofap clear. Should you stop torturing yourself with cold showers or should you keep pushing?

Do cold showers help nofap?

NoFap cold showers don’t work. The cold shower you take reduces the temperature of your skin which forces your body to use much of its energy to regain the heat. In the process of regaining the heat, your urges to fap are cut down since your mind is engaged somewhere else.

However, after the heat is restored, the urges to fap will come back. You will need to find another distraction to continue keeping the urges at bay.

When I was still addicted to internet porn, I tried taking cold showers in the hope of cutting off the urges to fap. But then I would still fap after the cold showers.

Sometimes I would even fap while taking the cold shower. There is no guarantee of quitting wanking just by taking cold showers.

If it was that easy, many people would be free from porn addiction. Then there is also the question of sustainability; are you going to be taking cold showers for the rest of your life?

I don’t think I can endure such kind of torture. Even though I badly wanted to quit porn, taking cold showers every time I had urges to fap was not on my list.

It’s just too hard to sustain. With cold showers no longer an option, I embarked on looking for an easier way to quit fapping.

I’m writing this blog post because I finally managed to quit porn and masturbation without having to take cold showers. I take hot showers nowadays but I no longer watch porn neither do I fap. I don’t even get urges to fap.

You can read more details about my journey of overcoming porn addiction in my eBook.

What is the alternative of nofap cold showers?

Cold showers are only distractors in the fight against porn addiction. They may help you divert your attention from wanking for on a few occasions but they are not very helpful if you want to do away with fapping completely.

I have discussed in a previous article why I don’t like the nofap approach of quitting porn addiction. It may work for some people but then for people who are like me, it just doesn’t work.

When I thought of having to work out and take cold showers for the rest of my life just to beat porn addiction, I didn’t see it as worthwhile.

I knew people who never struggled with porn at all yet they neither worked out nor took cold showers. I knew from them that it is possible to live a normal life and still be free from porn addiction.

That is when I began my search for an easy solution to my porn addition problem. It wasn’t difficult for me to find the easy way since all I had to do was observe what normal people who don’t struggle with porn do.

It took me a few years to put all the pieces together but I finally got it right. As I have mentioned already, I am completely free from porn addiction and I never get tempted to go back to it.

I have accidentally seen nude pictures after I overcame my fapping problem but my mind discards them. If you are eager to know what method I used to kill porn completely, you are in the right place.

I’ll guide you through the method step by step until you get your freedom.

Therapy Approach to Quitting Porn

Your addiction to porn is a mental problem. Your mind has been programmed to use porn to fill a certain gap in your mind.

As long as that gap exists, your mind will always look for something to fill it with. NoFap gives you alternatives to fill that gap instead of using porn.

That is why there is the recommendation to take cold showers, work out, go out jogging etc But then all these activities are just alternatives.

At any time, your mind can choose to use porn to fill up the gap since porn is also an alternative.

Therefore, instead on focusing on finding alternatives to fill the gap in your brain, why not just do away with the gap once and for all?

That is exactly what I did. I took my time to study and know what my ‘gap in the mind’ was. I realized it was emotional pain from my childhood.

I’m a lastborn in a family of seven children and I struggled to find expression in the family. My mind was wounded and I always felt unheard.

The frustration led me to find something to cheer me up. Porn and fapping became the preferred activity to cheer me up.

Anytime something would happen to me that reminded me of my pain, I would feel so low and had to fap to feel better.

That is why no matter how hard I tried to quit fapping, I would still fall back into it. But after I learned of this new knowledge, I began working to heal from my past pain.

As I kept healing from my past, it became increasingly rare for me to feel low. With feelings of being low becoming rare, the urges to fap also became rare.

I never used anything to prevent myself from watching porn. It just began fading away by itself.

Eventually, I healed completely from my past and with it the miserable feelings. With my life free from emotional pains, I no longer need porn.

Porn lost meaning in my life and to this day, it has no meaning. I can’t really explain how changed I am now. I don’t even resist porn. It is just nowhere to be found in my mind.

For my blog readers, I recommend them to start with analyzing their lives to find the ‘gap in the mind’. Hiring a therapist to help you out will speed up your recovery.

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Don’t stress yourself to get rid of porn addiction. Your life will be much better when you stop forcing porn out of your life and start addressing the issue that is attracting porn in the first place.

You can have as many distractions as you want in your life but then you will still be a porn addict. Nofap will help you be distracted from porn but therapy will kill the root cause of porn.

Be wise. Good luck!