Prayer for Ukraine and Russia War

Prayer for Ukraine and Russia War

There is need for prayer for Ukraine and Russia as the war continues. As believers, it is our responsibility to pray during these evil times. However, prayer for Ukraine and Russia needs to be strategic. As Apostle Paul writes, we are not to throw empty punches in the air. Since many believers may be praying … Read more

How to become an evangelist

How to become an Evangelist (Requirements)

There are questions that arise when you are learning how to become an evangelist. Getting the right answer to the questions that arise determines how successful you become as an evangelist. Becoming an evangelist is both a theoretical and practical study. The qualifications of becoming one are both spiritual and physical. The intertwining can make … Read more

Benefits of evangelism you should know about

Benefits of Evangelism you should know about

There are great benefits of evangelism that you may not know about. Sometimes going out to evangelize can be very discouraging. During such times, you need to remember these benefits of evangelism to motivate yourself to go out. Not only does evangelism benefit others but it also benefits you. God designed evangelism to have benefits … Read more

how to evangelize to an atheist without arguing

How to Evangelize to an Atheist without Arguing

It takes courage to learn how to evangelize to an atheist. Atheists are normally intelligent. Evangelizing to them needs proper planning. While there are many ways of evangelizing to an atheist, there is a pattern that needs to be followed. This pattern will help you avoid arguments when evangelizing to an atheist. Though some may … Read more