God’s Purpose for the Family

This is God’s purpose for the family. He purposed that every child be born in a family. Families are crucial in God’s redemption plan. But not just any family is the kind of family that God desires.

There are specific rules that God set up to govern how a family should operate for it to be in His will.

Therefore, if you already have a family or you are planning to start one, it is important for you to know the purpose for establishment of families.

It is only after you know why families were established that you will be able to raise your own family in the pattern of God.

God’s Purpose for the Family

1. Establish Covenants

God’s first purpose for the family is to establish His covenant. God uses covenants to carry out majority of His plans. Covenants are reliable; they have guarantees. Anyone who gets into a covenant, whatever the agreements of that covenant are, will live by the agreement of the covenant.

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God introduced the covenant of salvation to get as many people as possible into it. This is why He began by calling the father of faith; Abraham.

Through the family of Abraham, God established a covenant of salvation. To this day, anyone who has faith is called a descendant of Abraham.

Before Abraham, God had established a covenant with Noah. In the covenant with Noah, God vowed never to destroy humanity again with water.

God wanted to bind Himself against destroying men. The easiest way was to establish a covenant that would stop Him from destroying men.

God established both those covenants with families.

God’s Covenants in Today’s Family

In families today, God still establishes covenants. There is an automatic covenant that forms between the child and the parents when a child is born.

Since the child is covenanted to the parents, God can easily influence the child using the parents. The covenant will keep the child in the ways of his parents.

But this strategy has a challenge; the devil can easily use the same covenant between the parent and the child to cause harm.

Actually, majority of the mess that the devil has caused in the world today has been done through the covenants that children have with their parents.

When a parent is wicked, the child is automatically born into the covenant of wickedness. Unless the child gets born again into the covenant of righteousness, the life of the child will be complete wickedness.

Unfortunately, many families never realize that there is a covenant that binds them together. This allows the devil to hold many families hostage for generations.

Therefore, whatever family you belong to, make sure you work with God to destroy any evil covenant that the devil established in your family.

If you have your own family, lead the way by helping your children to break free from evil covenants the devil might have trapped them with.

2. Family Builds Structure for God to Communicate

God’s second purpose for the family is to give a structure for communication.When God wanted to make a covenant with Abraham, He visited him. When God was calling Moses, He spoke to him from a burning bush.

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God had to reach out to these people Himself to make a covenant with them. But since it took a great deal of effort to get these men to the level where God would speak to them, God thought it wise to establish a system that would pass His message to all people even if they are not at a level of hearing directly from God.

The answer was the establishment of the family.

In a family, God can direct everyone simply by speaking to the head of the family. Just as in the days of Moses when the priest would enter the holy of holies once a year to offer sacrifices on behalf of everyone, God made the father in the family the priest to represent his family before God.

With this system in place, God only has to work on establishing connection with one person to influence a whole family.

The family is divided into many levels.

We have the family which we are physically born into, the family where we fellowship and the family of our fore father Abraham.

The faith we hold is a direct result of the encounter our fore father Abraham had with God. God doesn’t have to repeat the encounter He had with Abraham for every person.

All of us read of the encounter and through it we believe and join the faith of our fore father Abraham.

The churches we belong to are also families.

The priest in such families is the servant of God that leads the church. If God wants to pass a message to anyone in the congregation, He tells it to His servant and the message is passed.

With this family structure, God can speak to many people even those who don’t qualify to hear directly from God.

This is why God emphasizes through His servant Apostle Paul that we should not neglect the gathering of saints.

3. God’s Purpose for the Family: Portray His Love

God’s third purpose for the family is to portray His love. God has many attributes but by far the greatest is love. Love is such a mystery that communicating it in words is impossible.

Since God wanted us to know that He loves us, He had to find a way to communicate His love to us. He came up with different avenues of which family is one of them.

Through the family, God teaches us love.

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God equates His love for us to the love that a mother has for her breastfeeding baby.

Since we know how much mothers love their breastfeeding children, it is easier for us to understand God’s love when that analogy is used.

Jesus on several occasions used the family structure to pass His message. When He was talking about provisions, He asked if there is a father who when his child asks for fish will give him a snake and if he asks for bread will give him a stone.

Then Jesus asks if our earthly fathers are sinful yet they give good gifts, how much more will our heavenly father give us?

This teaching by Jesus was only possible to understand because of the reference He made to the family.

God has managed to express His love for us and teach us about it using the family structure.

God’s Purpose for the Family: Conclusion

Family is a core part of God’s redemption plan. As an individual, purpose to belong to a family. When you grow in the family, start your own family in the pattern of God.

Be an instrument in bringing to fulfillment the desire that God has for all humanity.

God bless you!