Does God want us to take Care of our Bodies?

Does God want us to take care of our bodies? Our physical bodies are a gift from God. It is through our physical bodies that our souls exist on earth. When our physical bodies die, we no longer have a right to be on earth.

Spirits can’t dwell on earth unless they have physical bodies. With our physical bodies playing such a key role, it makes sense that God demands that we take good care of them.

The Bible is clear on this matter; it says that whoever destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. Physical bodies are one of the most treasured possessions in the spiritual realm.

Demons seek to have space in our physical bodies for them to express their wickedness. The Spirit of God needs our bodies for Him to advance God’s work here on earth.

The devil knows that our bodies are important to God and that is why He seeks to destroy them with sicknesses and diseases.

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In this article, I want to highlight some of the key areas of our physical bodies that we should take care of. God requires us to be good custodians of the bodies He has given us. It is our responsibility.

Does God want us to take Care of our Bodies?

God wants us to take care of our bodies in these three areas:

Sexuality of our Bodies

If there is an aspect of our bodies that God really cares about it is our sexuality. I can’t remember an instance in the Bible where sin was mentioned and immorality was not on the list.

From the Old Testament all the way to the New Testament immorality is a big deal. The anger of the Lord boiled over and He sent a flood to destroy all creation primarily because men had become very immoral.

After the destruction of the flood, you would think that men would fear being immoral to avoid God’s punishment but the next major destruction we hear of is again a result of immorality.

The city of Sodom and Gomorrah are said to have been immoral just as the generation before the flood.

Even after God chooses Israel to be His people, they still struggle with immorality.

Today’s Reality

To this day, we know that immorality is one of the most rampant sins. This sin is so terrible that it has led to the destruction of many servants of God.

Our bodies were created for God. We were designed to have intimacy with God. For us to understand intimacy with God, He decided to allow us have intimacy with one another.

God was very specific about how we are to handle the intimate feelings He gave to us. The Bible clearly states that one man shall marry one woman and remain faithful to her.

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Sadly, the mess that exists today is huge.

God requires us to take care of our sexuality. He categorically mentions in the Bible that our bodies are not meant for sexual immorality.

God is very specific about His stand when it comes to our sexuality.

As an individual, strive to keep yourself sexually pure. Avoid all forms of immorality. There are hundreds of ways that people defile themselves.

If you are not sure if a certain act is immoral, avoid it. It is better not to do what you suspect is immoral than for you to do it assuming it is not immoral.

This is a high calling. Living a life free of immorality in this day and age is not easy. You must be guided by the Holy Spirit for you to make it.

God wants us to take Care of our Bodies: Health of our Physical Bodies

Jesus performed many miracles. Healing miracles were common. We are told of the opening of the blind eyes, healing of lepers, curing a woman of an endless flow of blood and even raising of the dead.

All these miracles are directly related to our health. This shows that God really cares about our physical health.

God knows that we can only serve Him if we are in good health. Because of that, God sent His only Son Jesus to be flogged with thirty nine stripes as payment for us to be free of diseases.

It is so serious that God had to document it in the Bible.

Despite God’s far reaching efforts to keep us in good health, we still struggle with sicknesses. Part of the reason is because sometimes we don’t take good care of our bodies.

Yes, Jesus paid the price for you to be in good health but if you live on junk food, you are likely to experience health complications.

If we remain ignorant of good health practices, we will suffer many illnesses. God has the knowledge that can help us live in perfect health but it is our responsibility to get the knowledge from Him.

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God has appointed doctors to help us keep our bodies healthy. There are many nutritionists that can guide us on the healthy diets to eat.

If our illness is caused by a spiritual attack, the blood of Jesus will work for us. If the illness is caused by our ignorance, God has given us knowledge to get our health back on track.

As a child of God, know that God has given you the responsibility to stay healthy. God has provided all the resources you need to be in good health but it is your responsibility to make use of them.

God want us to take Care of our Bodies: Cleanliness of our Bodies

Do you remember your elementary school teacher telling you ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’? It turns out your elementary school teacher was right.

God actually requires us to be clean in our physical bodies. We have a tendency to assume that what God requires from us is spiritual cleanliness alone. But the truth is that God requires physical cleanliness as well.

If God created for us physical intimacy to help us understand spiritual intimacy, why would He not require physical cleanliness to reflect spiritual cleanliness?

Our bodies get dirty as we go about our daily business. It is irresponsible for us as children of God to care little about the cleanliness of our bodies.

Remember the physical bodies we have are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Do you think the Holy Spirit prefers a clean house or a dirty house?

Jesus Teaching on Cleanliness

At one point, Jesus was teaching and He said that when a foul Spirit is cast out, it goes wandering in the wilderness and if it doesn’t find a place to rest it goes back to check if the house it left is occupied.

Jesus then said the foul spirit finds the house swept and clean and it goes to call seven other foul spirits worse than it to come and dwell in the house.

The fact that Jesus is referring to the temple of the Spirit and He talks about it being swept clean after a foul spirit leaves tells us that a foul spirit is responsible for defiling the body.

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The foul spirit will definitely defile the spiritual aspect of our bodies but the truth is that it will manifest physically too. The physical manifestation of the spiritual dirt is to help us know that something is wrong.

It is definitely pointless to clean our physical bodies when we are spiritually defiled but it is unwise to leave our physical bodies dirty after becoming clean spiritually.

Therefore, strive to keep your body and environment clean. It is not a pass to heaven but it is a wise thing to do.

May God help us!