God’s Purpose for Every Woman

This is God’s Purpose for every woman…

In the beginning, God created man. Later on, God created a woman for the man. When God was creating man, He gave clear instructions to him.

God required man to name all the animals in the garden, till the garden and avoid eating fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden.

But when God made the woman out of man, we don’t see instructions given to her. We only know that the woman was created to be a companion to man.

Apostle Paul emphasizes this point when he says man was not created for woman but the woman for the man.

In this article, I want to explore the purpose of God creating woman. I feel the phrase ‘be a companion to man’ is too ambiguous for women to know exactly what to do.

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God’s Purpose for Every Woman

I’ve broken down God’s purpose for women into three:

1. Bear Children

The fulfillment of a woman lies in her ability to bear children. A woman who can’t bear children is like a man whose hands are tied; he can’t do any work.

Bearing children is a core role for the woman. God commanded both the man and the woman to multiply and fill the earth. The man provides seed for the woman and the woman nurtures the seed until a child is born.

God put a strong desire in women to have children. From a very young age, girls start assuming the role of being mothers. In the games that they play, more often than not they use objects to act as children.

Sometimes they assume dolls are their children and they use them to imagine themselves having children.

By the time a girl gets to her 20s, her desire for having children is clear.

This strong desire to have children was designed and put into all women by God. The purpose is to drive women to get children.

Have you ever asked yourself why childbirth is so painful yet a woman will get pregnant over and over?

Raising a child is a lot of work but women will do everything in their power to get a child. It is the desire that God put in every woman that drives them.

Corruption of the Woman’s Purpose to Bear Children

Sadly, the devil has corrupted the ideal purpose that God had for women. For some women, the devil has deceived them that having children is a bad idea. For other women, the devil has convinced them that children are an unnecessary burden.

There are all manner of deceptive philosophies that the devil has brought up to corrupt God’s purpose for women.

Most women end up frustrated in life because by the time they realize they need children, it is already too late.

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When such women were in the age bracket of bearing children, the devil deceived them that children are a burden. The devil emphasized that life is best enjoyed without children.

The aim of the devil is to kill the offspring of man. God already declared that the seed of the woman will destroy the serpent.

Ever since that time, the devil has been working to make sure women don’t give birth to children. To this day, the devil is still working to destroy the offspring of man.

Therefore, as a woman, you have to wake up and wage war against the devil. Make sure that you get children and you teach them the ways of God.

Avoid forms of evil that will hinder you from getting children. The devil has plenty of evil schemes to hinder women from bearing children.

Be wise!

2. God’s Purpose for Every Woman: Serve Her Husband

God’s other purpose for creating a woman was that she may be a helper to her husband. When the woman caused the man to sin against God, another helper was introduced; the Holy Spirit.

Despite the Holy Spirit being a helper to man, women are still helpers to men. Women are primarily helpers to men in physical matters.

For physical intimacy, a man needs a woman. For physical help in the house, a man needs a woman. Women still have the qualities of a helper that God gave them only that they are not perfect.

The Holy Spirit fills up the gaps that women leave in their duty of being helpers to men.

Therefore, as a woman, you need a husband. God’s purpose for you to serve a man was put in you through a desire to have children.

God put in you a desire to have children then he put the seed in a man. He did this so that you may go to a man to get the seed to fulfill your desire.

And when you have gone to the man, He expects you to serve the man and help him accomplish the duty that He gave him.

Corruption of God’s Purpose for Women to serve their Husbands

The devil has been keen on destroying the purpose the God created women for. In the area of serving a man, the devil has come up with deceptive philosophies that deceive women to see men as trash.

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A considerable number of women have vowed never to serve a man. There are women who intentionally put down men because they have subscribed to the evil philosophies of this world.

The idea of women being independent is a scheme of the devil to cause women to refuse to be helpers to men.

When men lack a physical helper, they are more likely to fail to do the assignment that God has for them.

Therefore, as a woman who knows God, be on the front line to advocate for girls to get married and serve their husbands faithfully.

A big portion of a woman’s fulfillment is tied to her service to her husband. If her husband is pleased with her, she will get fulfillment.

3. Manage Resources for Man

God’s third purpose for every woman is that they may manage the resources that the man provides. For a woman to fulfill this purpose, she must have subscribed to the purpose of serving a man.

Managing resources is only possible if a woman has a man who has provided the resources.

When God created man, He gave him resources. Adam was given the entire Garden of Eden to manage. Eve only came to help Adam to manage the resources.

The instructions of how to manage the Garden of Eden were given to Adam. Eve only got the instructions from Adam.

Likewise, it is only men who get the instructions of how to manage resources. God expects women to learn to manage resources from their husbands.

A woman who wants to have her own resources and manage them is going against God’s design and as you know it, no plan, no wisdom can succeed against the Lord.

As a wise woman, choose to be a manager of the resources of your husband. Let your husband show you how to manage resources.

To each man, God gives a unique set of resources. It is only the man who knows how to handle the unique set of resources that God has given him.

As a woman, you will only get to know how to manage the resources of the man God has given you if you listen to him.

Corruption of God’s Purpose for Women to Manage Resources of Men

The devil has introduced destructive habits that make women poor managers of resources. Instead of women being of help to their men, they have become the downfall of men.

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We know today of a business model nicknamed ‘gold digging’ where women seduce rich men so that they get to enjoy the riches that those men have.

Other women purposefully get married to rich men and then divorce them so that they get a portion of the riches that the men have.

Worst still, other women seduce men to spend a lot of money on them in the name of love. These women know so well that they are seducing men to waste their resources but they never relent.

God’s Purpose for Every Woman: Conclusion

As a woman who desires to walk in God’s purpose, make sure you stay away from the evil philosophies that the devil has introduced in this generation.

Turn your heart to God and pursue the purpose God created you for. What I have discussed above are the general aspects of God’s purpose for women.

For each woman, God has more specific instructions which you can only get through prayer. Therefore, spend more time in prayer to know exactly what God wants you to do as a woman in this generation.

May God help you!