What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the purpose of life? The purpose of life is to prove to God that we have faith in Him. Proving our faith in God takes many forms.

It is impossible to live on earth without faith. Every occurrence that a person goes through is either a test of faith, a display of faith or both.

This applies to believers and non-believers. Even those who claim to have no faith in a greater being go through the same tests.

An evaluation of faith is done at the end of everyone’s life. Those who pass the evaluation are given the right to enter into eternal dwelling. Those who fail the evaluation are sent to eternal condemnation.

Men have come up with many schemes in an attempt to define the purpose of life. No matter what theory people come up with to explain the purpose of life, the truth remains that the purpose of life is for us to prove our loyalty to God.

God created us and had intentions of keeping us in His eternal dwelling. But through Adam and Eve, we all disobeyed God. We deserved to be sent directly to eternal condemnation but God gave us a chance to redeem ourselves.

After years of failed attempts to redeem ourselves, God sent Jesus to redeem us. Today, we can only be redeemed to God through Jesus.

This also explains why the purpose of life is to know Jesus and Him crucified. Knowing Jesus culminates in us taking up the character of Jesus in every way possible.

If we love one another as Christ loved us, we will be fulfilling the purpose of life. Different people will show love in different ways but eventually, love is love.

Obeying parents, listening to teachers, getting married, raising children, building a home and many other activities are all a means for us to be like Jesus; to show love to others.

When we follow the example of Jesus, we prove our faith in God and we fulfill the purpose of life.