Love One Another as I have Loved You Reflection

‘Love one another as I have loved you’. Jesus spoke these powerful words to summarize the whole law. The law went into specific actions that we were to do to show that we loved one another.

But since memorizing all the actions that the law required was hard, Jesus asked us to love one another and we would have fulfilled the whole law.

But still it was hard for us to know what ‘love one another’ means. This is why Jesus came; He became an example.

Loving one another is ambiguous and hard to put into action. But Jesus put it into action and asked us to copy the actions He had done.

This is why we are reminded every so often to ask ourselves in every situation ‘what would Jesus do?’ Jesus lived in the same conditions we live in and was tempted with the same temptations we face. But He overcame them.

Jesus had compassion on those who were suffering and healed them. He had compassion on the widow on Nain whose only son was dead and raised him back to life.

Jesus taught many about the Kingdom of God with the intention of helping them overcome the evil one. In John 17 we see Jesus praying for those who believe in Him. He also encouraged His disciples before He went to back to the Father.

All these actions of Jesus are actions done out of love. In the same way, we are to emulate them for us to fulfill the command of ‘love one another as I have loved you’.

Jesus sent His disciples to share the good news to all nations saying ‘As the Father has sent me, I send you’. We know that Jesus obeyed the command of His Father and it is expected for us to obey the command of Christ.

That way, we will fulfill the command of ‘Love the Lord your God’.

With these two portions of Jesus’ commands, the whole law is fulfilled.