Is Watching Football a Sin?

Is watching football a sin? No. Watching football is not a sin but it is not a good use of the little time we have here on earth.

Unlike what we have been led to believe, life here on earth is short. Yes, we may live for 70 years and 70 years is not a short time. But when you consider how much of the 70 years are used up on mundane things, you realize just how short our time on earth is.

Watching football is a common form of entertainment in our age. But where do we find time for entertainment as believers?

God has given us assignments and He wants us to do them with urgency. The evil one knows that his time is short; he works with urgency. Why not us?

If you are a football fan, don’t enjoy watching football with the mentality of ‘can’t I have some play time?’ rather, ask God to help you be more focused on His assignment.

Though you may still serve God while occasionally watching football, you will be more effective in serving God if you completely do away with watching football.

To avoid watching football is a sacrifice. God has called us to deny ourselves earthly pleasures in exchange for heavenly pleasures.

To the extent that you deny yourself earthly pleasures, the Lord will reward you. Why not be wise and invest in God as much of your time as you can?

Is watching football a sin? It is unwise.