Can Christians Watch Movies?

Can Christians watch movies? Yes, Christians can watch movies but it is wiser to avoid watching movies. When I say Christians can watch movies I’m referring to movies that uphold godly standards.

Any movie that has satanic scenes is a complete no for Christians. Christians should not watch horror movies and movies that have violence. If a movie begins with a disclaimer, avoid it.

The recommended movies for Christians are movies made out of Bible stories. The passion of the Christ is by far the best movie for a Christian to watch.

Romance movies should also be avoided. As a Christian, Jesus is our example of love. Romance movies distort the perfect pattern of love. Learning love from romance movies is a sure way to distort your love life.

Since all movies are scripted by men, there is the element of humanity. While it is not necessarily evil, relying on it will lead you astray.

There will be concepts in the movies that are inconsistent with the truth of scripture. Watch too many of such movies and you will start doubting the truth of the word of God.

There are movies that assume all people should be treated equally whether they believe in God or not. But scripture advocates for a specific treatment for believers and non-believers.

If you watch such movies, you will have conflicting ideas of how to treat people. Many more movies have ideas that are not consistent with the truth in the Bible.

Watching such movies as a Christian will make it hard for you to believe scripture. Superhero movies exalt superheroes to a point that those who watch those movies revere superheroes more than Jesus. Some end up comparing Jesus with superheroes.

As much as you can, minimize watching movies. Focus more on reading the word of God and praying. You don’t need entertainment, God is your fulfillment.