What is the Purpose of Marriage?

What is the purpose of marriage? The purpose of marriage is to offer physical companionship. Marriage was ordained by God when He saw that it was not good for the man to be alone. God created a woman to offer companionship to the man because she was at the same level with man.

To this day, marriage is a system that provides companionship.

However, it is worth noting that marriage between Adam and Eve was no longer perfect after they allowed the devil to access it.

Since the day the devil was granted access to marriage, being married is not a smooth sail as God intended it to be.

There are countless schemes that the devil uses to break up marriages. The attacks of the devil have become so bad that many opt not to get married at all.

While it is a personal choice whether to get married or not, there are consequences that come with each decision.

For those who choose not to get married, there is the temptation to be immoral. Since God created us with the desire for companionship, if we are not married, we are tempted to be reckless with casual partners or struggle with loneliness.

For those who get married, it is a challenge to maintain unity in the marriage.

Either way, the purpose of marriage in this age is to demonstrate the love that Christ has for the church. It doesn’t matter whether those married are believers or not. God has designed marriage is such a way that it can only be enjoyable if it reflects the love that Jesus has for the church.

It is widely known that women are the weaker partners in a marriage. Women represent the church which is also weaker when compared to Jesus.

But Jesus overlooks the weakness of the church. In the same way, husbands are expected to overlook the weakness of their wives.

Children are expected in a marriage. This is equivalent to the expectation that the church should bear fruit by inviting unbelievers to believe in Jesus.

There are many more parallels between Jesus and the church and a husband and a wife. In the end, an enjoyable marriage will reflect the relationship between Jesus and the church.

Therefore, what is the purpose of marriage? To reflect the love that Jesus has for the church.

God bless you!