What does God say about Sports?

What does God say about sports? Sports is a creation of man. Sports exist for entertainment and making money. God has not directly spoken about sports but through the Spirit of God we can know the mind of God concerning sports.

So, what does God think about sports?

Sports is an unwise use of our time on earth. If you understand the purpose of life, you will know why sports is not a good way to spend our time on earth.

There is nothing wrong with sports themselves except those that violate God’s standards of holiness but there are better things we can do with our time than engage in sports.

Some love sports because of the thrill that it gives. But the thrill is usually short lived. There is eternal joy and fulfillment in serving God.

The more you immerse yourself in the service of God, the more thrill, joy and fulfillment you get. You soon realize that sports is just a way that men try to find joy and fulfillment but it is a futile endeavor.

We have examples in the Bible of people who enjoyed the thrill, joy and fulfillment in serving God. Apostle Paul’s service to God was thrilling. He wrote about ship wrecks he encountered, how he was persecuted in some cities but eventually Christ was made known among gentiles.

He wrote about his experiences in sports terms saying ‘I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race and I have kept my faith.’

Believing that serving God gives you more than what sports offer you can be hard but that is the truth. If you are wise, ask God to help you embrace serving him.

At the end of your life, it is your service to God that will count. Many may choose to find thrill through sports but why should you when you have known this truth today?

God is persuading you to believe that serving Him is far better than being involved in sports. It is a sacrifice and God will reward you.

God bless you!