Must We Go To Church?

It is not a must for us to go to church. Failing to go to church is not a sin. But going to church is recommended.

Apostle Paul encouraged us not to forsake the gathering of brethren. The modern day churches are equivalent to the home fellowships that the early disciples used to have.

The purpose of the fellowships was accountability. An individual believer can easily be deceived by the devil. If that believer is in a fellowship, other members of the fellowship can correct him.

If you go to church, in case you need spiritual assistance, there are believers who can help you. If you have battles you are fighting, other believers can help you fight.

But of course this is only true if the fellowship is upright. In some cases, a fellowship can be misleading. In such circumstances, it is better for a believer to avoid going to the fellowship.

Going to church is not a law but rather a recommendation. Different churches have different strengths and weaknesses. Each believer has different spiritual needs.

It is only an individual believer and God who know whether the believer should go to church or not. And if the believer should go to church, it is only the two who know the church the believer should attend.

Therefore, the best you can do as a believer is ask God to guide you when it comes to going to church. Ask God if you need to go to church and if yes, which church should you go to.

Sometimes God moves believers from one church to another for many reasons. It is hard to pin point.

Some believers do well without going to church while others fall because of failing to go to church.

The best solution is to find a church that suits your needs so that attending services doesn’t feel like a chore. That church that suits you is known to God. Ask Him.