Is it Right for a Christian to Kiss before Marriage?

It is not right for a Christian to kiss before marriage. Kissing is an intimate act and it should only be practiced in marriage.

Marriage is a covenant. All intimate activities should only be practiced within the covenant.

Kissing is sweet and it can be enticing to try it out when you are still dating. But Apostle Paul recommended that it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

Kissing before marriage will ignite flames of passion. Those flames are hard to put out. And if they are not put out, it is only a matter of time before they cause sexual sin.

In the book of Songs of Solomon we are asked not to awaken love before its time. We are also told that love is as strong as death.

If you awaken the flames of love, its power will overwhelm you and cause you to sin. This is why it is strongly recommended to preserve kissing and other intimate acts for marriage.

God gave us the gift of intimacy with our partners so that we can understand intimacy with Him. The strict laws that govern how intimate we can get our partners before marriage help us know the structure of intimacy with God.

For example, kissing is intimate and only permitted in marriage. Likewise, for anyone to get intimate with God, he must have been covenanted to God.

If we allow kissing before marriage, it will be hard for us to understand that God demands a relationship first before intimacy.

What we do in Christian relationships is basically an image of what intimacy with God should be.

If you can faithfully handle a Christian relationship without kissing before marriage, then you can be patient to build a relationship with God before you start enjoying intimacy with Him.

That is why kissing before marriage is not allowed for a Christian.