5 Advantages of Using Blogs in Campaigns

Blogs can yield great results when used in a campaign. Be it a campaign against injustice, a political campaign or a business campaign, blogs can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Blogs have great advantages that make them good avenues for running a campaign. There have been great revolutions in the past that began by letters of protest.

In fact, majority of great revolutions heavily depended on the written word. In this age, blogs represent the written word.

Gone are the days of writing letters. Books are too long and not many people read through to get the message. But blogs are short, simple and anyone can read them.

Since blogs have the characteristic of letters that started revolutions in past ages, they can be counted on to run campaigns.

Advantages of Blogs in Campaigns

1. Readers have Passion for Blogs

The single most important weapon you can get in a campaign is passion from supporters. If you want to rally people against a corrupt regime, you need people who passionately hate the corruption of the regime.

When you have passionate supporters, your work becomes easy. All you need to do is give direction and they will act out whatever you want.

Readers of blogs have passion for the blogs they read. Their philosophy aligns perfectly with the blogs they follow.

If you can get a blogger to ask his readers to support your campaign, you will enjoy the passion of his readers.

The challenge may be in convincing a blogger that your campaign is worth the support of his followers. Once you have a blogger’s support, your campaign has high chances of success.

2. Freedom of Speech for Blogs

Blogs are exclusively owned by individuals. The owner can write anything they want on their blog. Some campaigns that news websites may not want to air can be spread through blogs.

Most big news outlets want to be neutral. They fear taking sides. Taking strong stands comes at a price. Unless you are passionately involved in a campaign, it is hard to take a hard stand.

Bloggers have the freedom to campaign for anything they are passionate about. Though some of the campaigns may land them in trouble, some bloggers are willing to pay the price.

If you can find bloggers who are willing to get in trouble for your campaign, hold on to them. Such bloggers will rally their followers in support of your campaign at any cost.

The great freedom to publish whatever they want on their blogs is a great advantage if your campaign is not accepted on mainstream media.

3. Many Forms of Call to Action

At the heart of every campaign is a call to action. Maybe you want your supporters to stand up against injustice, contribute money to push for your agenda, buy products from you etc.

For you to achieve your desired goal, you must call your supporters to action. Blogs offer a wide range of call to actions.

On blogs, you can collect donations from your supporters, you can ask your supporters to sign a petition, you can tell your supporters to boycott a service etc.

Since blogs offer a wide range of calls to action, you can run any type of campaign successfully.

If you find bloggers who are passionate about your campaign and they agree to ask their supporters to take action, your campaign has a great chance of success.

4. Easy to Pick a Demographic

Blogs come in different shapes and sizes. Different blogs have different types of readers. If you want to run a political campaign, you can easily find political blogs that can push for your campaign.

If you have a legal campaign, there are hundreds of legal blogs that you can use to push your campaign. There is literally a blog for every topic imaginable.

There are religious blogs that will push for reforms if you have a campaign against a religious philosophy.

Running a campaign on blogs allows you to pin point the type of people you want to reach. If your campaign targets men, you can find blogs that primarily address men.

Such blogs will rally men to support your campaign.

Blogs are further important in running campaigns because you can choose to run a campaign on blogs that address residents of a particular country or city.

There are blogs that are dedicated to specific countries. Others focus on specific cities. You can find the exact demographic that you want if you run your campaign on blogs.

5. Round the Clock Outreach

Blogs are twenty four hour machines. Once you put up the message of your campaign, it is accessible twenty four hours a day.

The continuous outreach throughout the campaign period is a huge advantage for any campaign. The more readers are exposed to your campaign, the quicker they develop passion for it.

Before long, your campaign will become a wild fire that no one can put out. Revolutions often begin with a single person’s protest. When the protester is shut down, then others come up in support of him.

Before long, there is a mass of people rallying for the thing that the individual was pushing for.

If you can get blogs to publish your campaign message and be in front of your supporters twenty four hours a day, you stand a great chance to succeed with your campaign.

Advantages of Using Blogs in Campaigns Conclusion

Blogs are great tools to use in marketing a campaign. They offer great flexibility that is critical in the success of campaigns.

No matter the type of campaign you have, you will find blogs that are willing to push for it. Once you have a blogger who passionately supports your campaign, all you have to do is hold on to your stand.

Remember that great revolutions begin with a single person who stands up against the status quo. The way of operation will never change unless one man chooses to resist the establishment.

Harness the power of blogs to run a successful campaign. Enjoy great benefits.

All the best!