1000 Word Blog Post: Is it Enough & How to Write it

1000 word blog posts have become common in this age of blogging. Gone are the days of 500 word blog posts that bloggers used to write.

In the old days, short blog posts performed well since there was not much information on the internet. But as the number of blogs has increased, so has the length of blog posts.

People no longer find 500 word articles enough to answer their questions. 1000 word blog posts seem to be the new standard.

In most blogging courses, bloggers are advised to aim for at least 1000 words per blog post. Some bloggers advocate for 2000 and even 3000 word blog posts.

But that level of blogging may be hard for majority of bloggers to sustain. You can write once in a while long blog posts but most of the time 1000 words for a blog post are enough.

Is 1000 words Enough for a Blog Post?

1000 words are enough for most blog posts. Unless you have unique requirements you want to meet, 1000 words in a blog post is all you need.

The two main purposes of blog posts is to pass information to the reader and to make the blogger money. If the purpose of your blog post is either of the two, you don’t have to bother going beyond 1000 words.

On some days you may write longer articles but 1000 word blog posts is a good standard.

1000 word blog posts are great in that they can convert a reader into a buyer, they are easy for a blogger to write and they don’t take too long to read.

The balance that 1000 word blog posts carry is appealing to both bloggers and readers. There is no point of writing a 2000 word article when half of it is fluff.

In writing, we are encouraged to pass our message in the least amount of words possible. An uncommon quote in writing says ‘If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter’.

If you cannot convince a blog reader to buy a product from you in 1000 words or less then you need to improve your writing skills.

It takes about seven minutes to read a 1000 word blog post. That is equivalent to holding a 7 minute conversation with a stranger. If you cannot convince that stranger to buy a product, you need to improve your communication skills.

The internet is flooded with content. It is not easy to retain the attention of a reader for 7 minutes. That is why you must learn to convince readers within a short time. And how best can you do it as a blogger other than writing compelling 1000 word blog posts?

How to Write a 1000 Word Blog Post

For a 1000 word blog post, it is best to have three sub topics. Each of the sub-topics can cover up to 300 words. That way, you will have the heading and the conclusion covering the rest of the word count.

In writing, it is encouraged to write an odd number of points. In most cases, three points are enough. Three points perfectly fit a 1000 word article.

If you have five points, consider writing a 1500 word article. Each sub-topic in your blog post must not exceed 300 words.

Sub-topics that exceed 300 words need to be sub-divided further. These guidelines are both psychological and editorial.

Based on veteran writers, these guidelines hit a sweet spot in the hearts of readers.


When researching what to write for a 1000 word blog post, aim for three points. Make sure you can write at least 250 words for each sub-topic.

You can sub-divide a sub-topic into two to make it easier to write 300 words for it. The rest of the word count will come from your introduction and conclusion.


Once you have come up with three sub-headings, write an introduction and expound the three sub-headings you came up with.

Once you have the layout of your blog post, expounding the sub-headings is not difficult.

The conclusion is often the call to action or an emphasis of the main idea of the article. The introduction and the conclusion can be anywhere between 70 to 150 words.


1000 word blog posts are not hectic to edit. Since reading through them takes a couple of minutes, it is easy to find and correct mistakes.

If you can get a text-to-speech reader, you can put your article in it so that it is read out to you. That way, you can easily notice errors that you could have skipped if you were reading through the article manually.

In terms of images, one image per sub-topic is enough. But if you have in-article ads, then it is best to use only the featured image.

How much a 1000 Word Blog Post Costs

A 1000 word blog post ranges from $10 to $75 but the industry average is $30. The price ranges depending on the writer and the niche of your blog.


A writer who charges $10 to write a 1000 word article is most likely not a great writer. Many of such writers are beginners. Their fluency in writing is often not great.

Writers who charge $30 per 1000 word article are often fluent in their writing and affordable for bloggers.

Writers who charge higher than $30 for a 1000 word article are often experienced writers who have many clients. To manage the number of requests, they raise their charges above the industry average.


1000 word blog posts about general topics are cheaper when hiring someone to write them compared to technical topics.

The more technical a topic is, the higher you are likely to pay for the article. Finding a writer who understands a technical topic can be difficult.

If you can only find one writer who understands a topic you want to write about, the writer will hike the price of the article.


1000 word articles are the industry average. They perform well in SEO and in converting readers into writers. They are also fairly affordable to outsource.

You can pump out a number of 1000 word blog posts per week that are of great quality. If you are thinking of writing 1000 word articles on your blog, go ahead with it. They are great.

All the best!