My Blogging Journey so Far

At the time of writing this article, it has been roughly five years since I started my blogging journey. A lot has happened in the five years that I have been actively pursuing blogging. This post is meant to help you get a rough idea of what to expect in your blogging journey. Several times … Read more

Blogging Anonymously: What you need to know

Not everyone is comfortable showing their face on their blog. Some bloggers don’t want readers of their blog to have a clue of their identity. Welcome to the world of anonymous blogging. There are thousands of successful anonymous blogs online. A blogger who chooses not to show his face can still be successful although there … Read more

Why Blogs have so many Ads

Majority of blogs on the internet don’t have ads. I know this is surprising given that almost every blog you visit has ads. The explanation is simple; most blogs that have many readers also have many ads. But since only a small fraction of blogs get many readers, majority can’t afford to have ads. It … Read more

5 Advantages of Using Blogs in Campaigns

Blogs can yield great results when used in a campaign. Be it a campaign against injustice, a political campaign or a business campaign, blogs can help you achieve your desired outcome. Blogs have great advantages that make them good avenues for running a campaign. There have been great revolutions in the past that began by … Read more