3 Reasons Why Nofap is not Worth it [And Alternative]

You have tried nofap but it seems it is not worth it? Well, you are right. It is definitely not worth it.

Of course this can be dismissed like any other opinion on the internet. But I have a concrete explanation to back my claims and an alternative to seal the argument.

I was addicted to fapping since I was 11 years old until I turned 22. That is over a decade of fapping. During that time, I tried several ways to break free from the fapping addiction.

I did nofap on several occasions. It gave me some results but they were not worth the effort I was putting in. I wanted a permanent solution not some mere cult that makes my life miserable.

In this article, I have summed up my argument against nofap into three points. This of course doesn’t deny the benefits of nofap but as you will see, there is a better approach to this whole matter.

Let’s dive into the reasons…

Urges won’t go away

Nofap is beneficial in some aspects but by far the worst drawback of nofap is the fact that urges to watch porn and fap don’t go away.

No matter how faithful you are with following the nofap guidelines, you won’t eradicate the urges to watch porn and fap.

Most participants in nofap have been fooled into believing that urges to watch porn and masturbate are natural and that they can never end.

In the end, they have accepted a lie that has enslaved them in a never ending struggle. They count days with which they have managed to avoid fapping but they never think about for how long they will have to count.

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When I did nofap during the period I was addicted to watching pornography and masturbating, I asked myself when all the struggles with urges would end.

I’m not the kind of person who works on a project without knowing what is in it for me. I can’t choose to be a slave of some cultic movement unless I know exactly what I will achieve in the end. That is if indeed it has an end.

In my own mind I knew there has to be some way to end the urges to watch porn. It can’t be that there is no way to completely kill urges to fap.

That is when I began having second thoughts about nofap. Since it never promised to end urges, I became skeptical of following its advice.

To this day, I see many people on nofap who are still struggling with urges to fap even after going for hundreds of days without fapping.

If that is the best that nofap has to offer, I don’t think it is worth it. I can get the thrill that people in nofap talk about by working out. I don’t necessarily have to be in nofap to get the benefits of working out.

If nofap can’t kill urges to watch porn and fap, is it really worth it?

It ends in a Relapse

When a member of nofap says he has gone for 400 days without fapping, indirectly he is saying ‘I know I’ll relapse someday.’

The way I see it, if indeed I have managed to stop porn addiction, I shouldn’t bother to count days of my freedom.

Anytime you are with a friend and you hear him say, “It has been 18 hours since I was in bed” of course you know he is thinking of going to bed.

If he didn’t care about going to bed, he wouldn’t be talking about it.

I only came to realize this truth when I finally managed to end my addiction to pornography. I realized I didn’t have to keep track of anything because it was pointless.

When I was doing nofap, I once managed to have a five month streak. Within the five months, I believed I was free from porn and fapping.

However, I had some days when I doubted my freedom. My mind couldn’t comprehend what a life free from porn felt like.

Eventually, my fears came true when I relapsed. Though it was only for a day and I watched porn for less than three minutes before ‘getting back on track’, my fears had come true.

You can read my full story of my addiction to porn and fapping in my eBook

Show me someone in nofap who is 100% sure he is free from porn and I’ll show you someone living in denial. There is no other way a nofap challenge can end except in a relapse.

It is like a living person saying his life will end in some other way apart from death. We can discuss how his death might come but we can’t discuss whether it will come or not.

I have proven with eternal principles and it is engraved in stone that the end of nofap is a relapse no matter how long it takes.

Unreasonable Strain

Nofap is inefficient and a total waste of energy. I can’t believe how foolish someone has to be to participate in it.

Honestly speaking, quitting porn and masturbation shouldn’t take much straining. The way I know it, the more knowledge someone has the more things they can accomplish with less energy.

Being in nofap to me is a level of foolishness that my friends shouldn’t have. I would be okay to see teenagers doing nofap.

Their level of thinking permits them to participate in such a challenge but not an adult who is older than 20 years.

Working out, fasting, meditating and all manner of things that people do in the name of nofap are not necessary if you want to quit watching porn and fapping.

I say this because when I eventually overcame fapping, it took me way less energy than I had imagined. It proved to me just how strenuous nofap is.

Trust me, quitting porn is not as hard as many nofap guys make it look. All you need is proper knowledge.

I know quite a number of people who stress themselves out trying to keep up with the challenges in nofap when they can sit down and solve their addiction problems with half the energy.

That is what makes me conclude that nofap is not worth it.

Nowadays, I work out but it is not to help me quit porn addiction. I am free from the addiction. I work out because it is a good thing to do.

I’m willing to strain in my workouts to build muscles but working out as a way of beating porn addiction is the most absurd thing I can imagine myself doing.

Don’t waste your time with all the 80% of work in nofap because it only delivers 20% of the desired results. Let me show you the proper method to quit porn and masturbation addiction…

Nofap Alternative

I have emphasized that nofap is not worth it, so, what is the alternative? Therapy!

I have explained in detail why you need a therapist to help you beat porn addiction in a previous article.

Therapy is well worth your time and money because you can rest assured that your addiction to porn and fapping will eventually come to an end.

You will realize that porn addiction is a mental problem. And with a therapist, your mind will be reprogrammed to get rid of porn and fapping.

I have a long story to tell about my own therapy experience and the process of recovering from porn. The full narration is in the eBook I linked to earlier on in the article.

I don’t see why anyone would waste his time on nofap when they can have a clean and proven way of treating porn addiction.

No matter what you do, you will need to address the underlying issues before you can get rid of pornography and masturbation addiction. And there is no way to address the underlying issues without using therapy.

A problem of the mind can only be solved by a mind specialist. Who else fits the title other than a therapist?

Be wise and save yourself unnecessary stress.

Good luck!