Why Buying Backlinks is a Good Idea

Buying backlinks is the taboo topic few bloggers are willing to talk about. The fear that most blog owners have is that Google will penalize them if they openly state that they buy backlinks.

Well, I am here to break the silence on this topic with a rather unusual answer.

Before I forget, I saw Google ads advertising companies that sell backlinks. That should tell you that buying backlinks is not as evil as Google wants it to appear.

Why would Google allow companies that sell backlinks market on their platform if they had a strong stand against buying backlinks?

After this discovery, I decided to post strong reasons why buying backlinks is still a good idea if you want to have a successful website.

Reasons to Buy Backlinks

1. Backlink building Companies are Known

If you search on Google for link building services, you will get a long list of companies that offer them. This already proves to us that Google knows these companies and they are willing to even promote them.

It is impossible that the department at Google responsible for managing link building don’t know these companies. These companies are known and Google has silently looked the other way.

To a website owner, this is good news. If Google did not stop link building companies from using their platform, what makes you think they will penalize anyone for using their services?

Google makes money when link building companies advertise themselves through Google Ads. If Google hits hard websites that buy links from such companies, those companies will lose customers. If those link building companies go down, Google will lose revenue.

It is a balancing act that Google plays. If too many blogs buy links, Google will hit some of them with an algorithm update but make sure that the business doesn’t die completely.

Of course I am talking about legit link building companies not those that generate 500,000 links in a day.

2. Backlinks are a huge Ranking Factor

Backlinks will make you rank higher in Google. This is not news if you have been in this industry for some time. A few people say backlinks don’t matter anymore but we all know the truth.

Backlinks have not lost their value as a ranking factor. Rather, other ranking factors have come up to compete with link building as a ranking factor.

For example, the introduction of article snippets meant that any website on the first page of a search term could come up on top.

The top website may have done proper link building to get to the top but a website that is ranking lower gets ahead with an article optimized to get the snippet.

Despite many ranking factors coming up over the years, link building remains one of the most important ranking factors. From my own research, I have found that keywords and backlinks determine a great deal where a website ranks on Google.

Since backlinks are still a huge ranking factor and getting them is not easy, why not buy them?

3. Bad Backlinks will always be there

When buying backlinks is mentioned, there is a tendency to assume that the links being bought are black hat. Well, that is not a wrong assumption but that is not always the case.

Most backlinks that are bought are categorized as grey hat. These are links that you could still earn free of charge with a little more work than paying cash.

The advantage of paying cash for such links is that it saves you time to do other important work on your website.

Debating whether buying backlinks is black hat or grey hat doesn’t matter that much. This is because black hat links are all over the internet.

Almost every website receives some of these black hat links. A few nasty people send these black hat links to websites with malicious intentions.

Since this is the case, Google cannot blindly hammer websites with black hat links. I’m pretty sure Google has set a percentage of black hat backlinks that if a website exceeds it will be penalized.

A small percentage of all the backlinks to your blog can be black hat without causing you any harm.

Though I don’t recommend buying black hat backlinks, it is good for you to know that you can get away with a handful of black hat links. This is if you consider some grey hat links as black hat.

Since any link profile of a normal website will have grey hat and black hat links, does it harm to buy grey hat links?

4. Search Engines are Computers

Never forget that search engines are computers. Computers don’t know ethics. That is why if a computer has been programmed to rank a website with more links higher than one with less links, it will do exactly that.

It is hard for a computer to differentiate between a paid link and a free backlink. This is where grey hat links come in handy.

Programmers at Google may program their computers to detect unusual behavior around a link but computers will never know exactly whether a link is paid for or not.

This is why you will always get away with grey hat links. Computers will still use grey hat links to rank websites because they can’t definitively tell whether a link is paid for or not.

Link exchanges too are difficult to catch. Humanly speaking, if someone links to your website, it is good manners to link back. Some will say link back only if it makes sense but others will link back no matter the case.

How will Google computers tell whether the links exchanged was an agreement or a coincidence? They may use factors such as when those links were generated but still it is difficult to draw a line between good and evil in such a case.

Since paid backlinks fall under grey hat links, you will always get away with them.

5. Backlinks are Expensive

If website owners can get away with buying backlinks, why are many bloggers not doing it? Well, because it is expensive.

Buying backlinks is as expensive as getting content on a website or even more. Some backlinks fetch in excess of $1000. How many bloggers can afford that?

If you have a healthy budget for your website, take advantage and buy quality backlinks. With quality backlinks, you will outrank other bloggers even if your links are bought.

The huge price tag of getting some backlinks tells you that backlinks are important for any website. The fact that a company spends thousands of dollars on buying backlinks should tell you that backlinks matter a lot.

When it comes to buying backlinks, buy expensive ones. You will be safer with few expensive backlinks than many cheap backlinks.

All the best!