When will Jesus Return?

No one knows when Jesus will return to earth to take the elect. But we are given clear signs that will alert us when the return of Jesus is imminent.

Jesus said that His coming will be like a thief in the night. The owner of the house never knows when a thief will come. The best the owner of the house can do is put measures in place to ensure that when the thief shows up he is safe.

It is true that there have been people who predicted the return of Jesus but all the predictions have been false until now. Actually, the predictions of the coming of Jesus are a sign of the return of Jesus.

We are told that in the last days there shall arise many false prophets. We are also told that many will say ‘Here comes the messiah’ but those will be false alarms.

Jesus emphasized that His coming will be clear to everyone. As lightning strikes are seen from the east to the west, so shall the return of Christ be.

It is not our duty to predict the return of Jesus. We are called to pray and watch. Like the five wise virgins that Jesus talked about in a parable, we are to keep our oil and patiently wait for the bridegroom.

The assurance is that Jesus will return to take us home. It doesn’t matter whether we will still be alive at that time or dead. If we prepared ourselves for His return, He will take us home.

Forget about people who set dates and claim that Jesus will return to earth on those specific days. Those people are bound to come but as mature believers we know that no one knows the hour that Jesus will return.