What to Say in your Mother’s Funeral Speech

Knowing what to say at your mother’s funeral can be a challenge. Not only are you overwhelmed by the emotions of losing your mom but also you have many experiences which makes it hard to decide which one to say and which one to leave out.

Since you have only one chance of speaking at your mother’s funeral, you have to get it right. If you mess up your speech in your mother’s funeral, you will live with the regret for the rest of your life.

This is why it is important to know exactly what you need to say without taking too long. You don’t want to give a speech at your mother’s funeral then regret later not having mentioned a particular aspect about your late mother.

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In this article, I will guide you on how to organize your speech so that it is short, sweet and memorable.

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I gave a speech in my mother’s funeral way back in 2014 and to this day I still remember the content of the speech.

Two years after I made the speech, one of my relatives told me she really loved the speech.

I am by no means an expert in curating speeches but I know how to formulate a speech that will be remembered for a long time.

What to Say at your Mother’s Funeral

1. Speak Simple Truths

In your speech at your mom’s funeral, speak simple truths that mourners can relate to. Talk about how your mother was a good cook or how much she loved a specific type of dress.

If most mourners know that your mom loved a particular dress, talk about your mom’s love for that dress. Such simple truths that resonate with your audience will prompt the audience to applaud you.

The applause of the audience is what gives you fulfillment when you are offering a speech at your mother’s funeral.

Pick one or two tiny bits about your mom that many people knew her for. Mention how she will be missed in those areas.

My mom was known for making tea that had a strong concentration of milk. Everyone who ever visited our home knew that the tea my mom made was sweet.

In her funeral, several relatives mentioned how they would miss the sweet tea that my mother used to prepare.

Such simple small truths are unforgettable.

2. Give Details of Experiences you had with your Mother

In your mother’s funeral, you won’t have much time to give a full speech. It is better to pick one experience you had with your mother and go into detail than touching on many experiences yet being shallow.

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Avoid being general by saying statements like ‘My mother did many good things for me’.

Instead, pick one thing and explain it in detail.

In my mother’s funeral, I chose to mention an experience one evening when dinner had been prepared. Our servant had prepared beef but I was allergic to it.

My mom sent our servant to go to the shop at night to get eggs for me. She then apologized to me for not remembering me when she bought the beef.

This simple experience showed how much my mother cared for me. Mourners can easily relate to such an experience.

Everyone knows that mothers love their children but not everyone remembers the little things that mothers do.

3. In your Speech at your Mother’s Funeral, Mention your Last Memories with Her

After mentioning how good your mom was, remember to mention the very last encounter you had with her.

Make the encounter very brief. Remember to include any promise she made to you before she died.

The last memories you had with your mom are powerful since they are the ones you will remember the most for the rest of your life.

Mourners want to hear the last memories you had with your mom so that they mourn with you.

If you spoke to your mom for the last time on the phone, mention also the last time you spoke to her face to face.

4. Express how much you will Miss her

You can say all good things about your mother and be applauded but if you don’t mention how your mom’s departure has left a void in you, your speech will appear shallow.

To show that you really loved your mother and that you valued her, let the mourners see genuine expressions of loss from you.

If you truly loved your mom, you will naturally express emotions of loss when you give your speech in her funeral.

This is not a drama event where you have to act according to a script.

Some people, because of the overwhelming love they had for their mother, may have no words to speak. That too is a good expression of honor for your deceased mother.

The most important thing is for you to show genuine loss for your late mother.

As you give your speech, you can kneel down for a few seconds and remain silent to honor your mom.

The expression you use to honor your mom will be remembered for a long time.

5. In Concluding your Speech in your Mother’s Funeral, Console Yourself in God

While it is good for you to express how difficult your life after the loss of your mother is going to be, it is not good to appear helpless.

Mourners will appreciate that you will sincerely miss your mother but they also expect you to be strong enough to carry on with your life.

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This is why in concluding your speech, you need to mention how you will find comfort in God. God is the only one who can fill the void that your mother has left behind.

You can ask mourners to pray for you that God may give you strength to carry on with life. When you show your willingness to carry on with life after your mother’s loss, mourners will appreciate it.

Avoid begging mourners to do you favors in your speech during your mom’s funeral. If a mourner wants to do you a favor, let him do it out of his own will and not because you begged him.

Once you have promised to push on with life after your mom’s death, thank the mourners for coming to mourn with you.

After that, you can take your seat.

What to say at your Mother’s Funeral: Conclusion

Delivering a memorable speech in your mother’s funeral is not easy. But with this guideline, you can eliminate most errors and give a speech that will be remembered for a long time.

It will also be fulfilling for you to know that you gave your mother a memorable sendoff.

Sorry for the loss of your mother and all the best in your speech!