What to do when you Feel Stuck in your Blogging Journey

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If you are a blogger, you know this. If you want to start blogging, let me tell you the harsh truth, you will feel stuck many times.

I have had days that I didn’t do anything at all. I looked at my notebook and the post I was to write and just walked away. I was fade up with this blogging thing that never seemed to go anywhere no matter how hard I pushed it.

My blog was dead. Completely dead! No traffic, no comments, no nothing. It felt like a grave. And you know what, I had written over twenty high quality blog posts just like this one.

After all that sweat, all I was getting was a blank stare. Things might have been better with one or two visitors. But I was barely even getting impressions on Google.

That was my second month blogging. And then someone asked me how much I was making from my blog. Meeen! The anger that boiled within me, only God knows.

So after experiencing such low moments in my blogging journey, I wanted to motivate someone out here who may be in the same shoe. Just to clarify, I still do feel stuck once in a while but not as bad as before.

I have found a few triggers that cause that feeling of being lost. On most days, I am usually excited to write. I hope my little analysis will help you overcome those bad days in blogging.

I believe those who fail in blogging quit on such days. Even the pros in blogging can succumb. It is no joke.

What Makes Me Feel Stuck in Blogging

After careful observation, I came to realize a pattern in how often I would feel stuck. In most cases, I feel stuck when I have too much information to work on.

As a blogger, you have to consistently learn. You need to learn about marketing, writing, selling, and many other things.

A few days after learning something new, chances of feeling stuck increase. I remember one time I was learning about Quora marketing.

I wanted to become a pro at Quora marketing. Then I came across a video on YouTube talking about Pinterest marketing.

I had tried Pinterest without any success but the person made it look so easy. And because my Quora campaign was barely getting any success, I thought of going back to Pinterest.

The dilemma led me into hours of thinking. I began asking myself whether I loved creating images and if I will be consistent.

Pinterest is a big world that I didn’t know where to begin tackling it. Add that to the fact that my site at that time was barely getting a single visitor in a day. All of a sudden, I felt overwhelmed and stuck.

Anytime you feel stuck, chances are you are consuming too much information too quickly. Just the same way taking a big bite on a burger can choke you, so will taking a big bite on new information.

Unfortunately, getting the balance of how much information is enough is difficult. Getting little information will also lead you to the same place.

I remember at some point while working on my first blog, I learned about how to get long tail keywords using Google auto suggest.

I went on to shut off all other methods of finding keywords. For about three months, I wrote articles strictly following what I had learned.

The result was burnout. I didn’t see any tangible change and that discouraged me. Before knowing it, I was feeling stuck.

It’s now about four months without writing anything on that blog. I am clueless at what I can do to that blog to make it better.

Here are common triggers that make bloggers overthink and feel stuck. The few students I have helped got stuck at these triggers.

Niche selection

Picking a niche to focus on in blogging is one of the hardest hurdles to jump. Many times I have seen bloggers struggling to figure out what they want to write about.

The result is often disastrous. Many bloggers give up. While trying to figure out what to blog about, I felt stuck almost daily.

Reason being, every time I would settle on a specific niche, it would only take a few days before I find a more lucrative niche. It is hard to tell what you are best at.

In the end I used an ingenious way to settle this niche selection dilemma. I created five very broad topics. I then began writing whatever blog idea that came to my mind.

After a few weeks of writing, I realized that two of the five topics had almost twice as much posts as the others.

With that information, I began excluding topics I didn’t feel motivated to write about. I am still using the same method to narrow down as I grow.

When I create a blogging course, I will explain this niche selection technique in detail. Make sure you subscribe to this blog to get notified.


I felt stuck at some point in my blogging journey for being undecided about how many images I want to use in a blog post.

Images have many details that you need to figure out. From the Alt description, to editing the images, positioning them etc.

I felt overwhelmed with all the nitty gritty stuff about images. The images I used looked generic and I didn’t like that. I decided to use my own images.

I never want this blog to look like it is written by a robot. I want my readers to see my images and hear my voice when they are on my blog.


After I had written several articles, I realized I was barely linking out to other blogs. My internal links were also not well done.

Like in many other cases, I became undecided. I didn’t know whether to go back and edit my previous posts or just make the change in my future posts.

I tried editing a few posts and it proved to be too much work. I felt crammed with work that had very minimal impact.

It made me feel stuck and hopeless. But then I decided that if I made a mistake in a previous article, I would not go back to correct it.

I will only avoid repeating the same mistake in my future articles. That has helped me greatly.

These are just a few triggers that can cause a blogger to feel stuck in their blogging journey. But now the big question is how do you deal with feeling stuck in blogging? What do you do when you are stuck?

How to Break Free from Feeling Stuck as a Blogger

From my own experience, the best thing to do to avoid feeling stuck in blogging is to come up with a work plan.

A work plan is simply a list of the most essential tasks that must be done. Make sure tasks on your work plan are super vital.

In short, if you are to remove any task from your work plan, your blog should fall apart. With such a plan in place, you can go ahead to try out other new information.

If it doesn’t work, you will fall back to your plan. In my case, my work plan demands that I publish three articles a week. This cannot be negotiated.

No matter how low I feel, no matter how crappy I may think my articles are, I must hit the publish button three times a week.

On days that I feel lost and clueless, all I have to do is switch back to my default mode; posting three articles a week.

I have tried out several things that didn’t work out but since I had a solid work plan, I didn’t panic. I know that the most important thing I can do on my blog is to publish content.

If I can’t decide on what image to use, I will publish my articles without any image until I figure out the type of image to use.

If I don’t know what keywords to target, I will write whatever article I want and publish it. The thing is at the end of every week, I want to see three articles published.

I know that by publishing consistently, I will grow no matter how long it takes. One day I posted an article I had written in a Facebook group and got about 400 visitors in two days.

A few days later I posted another article in the same group and only got about 10 visitors. I was about to feel devastated when I remembered that I had actually posted three times that week.

That alone, convinced me not to worry because I had made progress. If you constantly feel stuck, chances are that you don’t have a basic work plan in place.

One that you will fall back to whenever you feel overwhelmed by external things. Currently, I don’t have any specific marketing plan for this blog.

I am still trying out many platforms to see which one works best for me. I have a YouTube channel with three videos and it has been like two months without posting any other video.

I have a Quora account with over 60 answers but I’m inconsistent in answering questions. My twitter account is new with less than 10 followers.

The main source of traffic now is from Facebook. I have been using Facebook for some years that is why it is easy to get traffic from it.

My Pinterest account is almost dead. I will keep trying out each of these platforms until I find the one that works best for me.

Anytime I have tried to settle on one platform, I almost gave up immediately. I know it is a problem to be divided this much but as long as I am posting three articles a week, I am not so concerned.

That’s my style of working.

Therefore my advice for any blogger who feels stuck often is get a solid work plan that you can fall back to whenever you are stuck.

The rest of the things you can try them out to see which one works for you. Allowing too much information into your head will make you feel stuck.

Having a consistent pattern of working will break through any wall of resistance in blogging. One of my favorite bloggers gets about 1.5 million visitors to his blog and the only thing he has been doing consistently for the last 10 years is posting articles.

Right now he has over 1500 blog posts.  He has grown his social media channels too. His secret is that he kept on writing regardless of how he felt.

Some of his first articles are crappy but his consistency finally paid off.

Parting Shot

Don’t give up. We all feel stuck once in a while. We get confused many times in this blogging journey but giving up is not an option.

Those who keep pushing will eventually show their income reports to those who gave up. Just keep writing. A blog is 80% the words you write. You can get success without the 20%

That is why I am not so worried about SEO and Social Media marketing for now. Eventually, I know I will get traffic from Google.

Don’t stress yourself with much stuff, keep to the basics and do them perfectly well. You will have a story to tell.

See you later!

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