What is the Meaning of Psalms 95:1-2?

What is the meaning of psalms 95:1-2? Psalms 95:1-2 is an invitation for us to praise the Lord. We are invited to shout to the Lord because He is the rock of our salvation.

We know that God created us perfect and gave us a peaceful garden but we chose to rebel against Him. As a result, God allowed us to suffer the consequences of our sin.

But out of His great mercy, He provided a way out of the suffering He subjected us to. We are therefore invited to celebrate the great mercy of God through which He provided salvation for us.

Psalms 95:1 is only possible when we understand the great mercy that God has shown to us. The joy that prompts us to sing to God is a result of understanding God’s mercy.

Psalms 95:2 asks us to go before the Lord with thanksgiving. What are we to thank God for? The salvation He has given us.

Salvation comes in different forms. Remember the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman; the Samaritan woman was burdened but a short conversation with Jesus liberated her and gave her great joy.

In response, she went to call others that they too may experience the liberation she found in Jesus. She spoke about Jesus to other Samaritans in amazement.

That is the kind of situation the Psalmist is inviting us to in Psalms 95:1-2. The liberation we experience in God will lead us to shout for the Lord and go before Him in thanksgiving.

The experience of salvation must be genuine for us to experience joy that causes us to shout for the Lord. Trying to shout for the Lord without understanding the salvation we have in Him will burden us more.

If you have not experienced the great salvation that prompts you to sing for joy as recorded in Psalms 95:1-2, ask God to help you understand His salvation.

The understanding of God’s salvation will cause you to do heed to the call of Psalms 95:1-2.